• Music Release Services – Albums, EPs & Singles


  • 2024 ALBUM+ SINGLE BUNDLE Distro,Promo,Radio,TV, ISRC, UPC

    With Special Discount 1x time DIY Fee $1,150.00USD

  • Your Music Released By Bongo Boy Records NON-EXCLUSIVE

  • DIGITAL ALBUM DISTRIBUTION WORLDWIDE including ASIA and PROMOTIONS with BONGO BOY MUSIC GROUP / BONGO BOY RECORDS USA INCLUDES AN ARTIST DIGITAL ALBUM RELEASE with up to 15 Tracks. Includes Single Bundle Package for Single Digital Release as A PRELUDE SINGLE and includes 1 FEATURED SPOT ON Physical & Digital MULTI-ARTISTS ALBUM. Digital Radio Campaigns, Music Reviews, Social Media Marketing, and Label Live Support; all for a digital single and digital album release.

    The DIY sponsorship for the digital album release in Asia, and World.
    Artist/Band will provide to Bongo Boy Records the following items: Album Cover (JPG) (Specs: 3000x3000 pixels) Band Press Photo (JPG), Mastered WAV Files, and a Short Bio.

    Asian digital distribution NON-EXCLUSIVE (With online sites like iOmusic, Fryday, MyMusic, and many others in Asia. (All Mandarin Speaking Countries). If you don't want your music to be distributed in these countries, please let us know via bongoboyrecords@aol.com

    Worldwide Distribution is non-exclusive to get maximum distribution for your music.
    Promotions for Digital Album include digital Radio Campaigns WORLDWIDE, Music reviews, Social Marketing Media push, and Press Releases/Email Blast Campaigns.

    This is a total mother lode of promotions for your digital music.
    Digital Album release Code UPC is included and will be provided to the artist by Bongo Boy Records.
    The artist will provide to Bongo Boy Records with their Metadata Coding and their ISRC for the Digital Single and Digital Album.



  • Distribution
    All Bongo Boy Records artists are DIY sponsored and together with the label, we all promote your music. This is a digital distribution market in Asia and the World. Bongo Boy's official representative in Hong Kong, China works on all of Bongo Boy's digital album distribution for Asia.

    Digital Radio campaign with digital Dropbox download (MP3).
    With over 14,500+ radio contacts Bongo Boy Records schedules 4 email blasts campaigns over 4 a 5 weeks (WORLDWIDE). Radio play is recorded on all social media with tags to the artist when Bongo Boy Records has received notifications of radio play for your music.

    Bongo Boy Records encourages radio DJs to accept digital downloads which we provide with each release via Dropbox.
    The Dropbox file is also available to music reviewers and radio DJs via direct download links worldwide and includes one sheet, cover photo and artist press photo, WAV, and MP3.

    The Promotions For Your Digital Album
    Includes at least 3 independent professional music reviews or more, press releases, social media marketing/share, and promotions, if there is an interest from a radio DJ; we connect you with radio interviews (phone/skype) information and lots more to promote your music.
    Website Artist page for the artist/Band on Bongo Boy Records official website.
    Which will include a direct sale of Digital single and Digital album and Physical album.
    Bongo Boy Records will submit your album release to The Recording Academy™ and if they accept your album, your album will be placed on their 1st round voting ballot for a Grammy® Nomination round.
    No Guarantees are given of the outcome of this submission nor award wins from receiving your music at The Recording Academy™.

    Prelude Digital Single Release which will be released on its own before the album release. (for the best promo potential)
    Comes with all the services as an album just for 1 digital single release.


  • 1 Feature Spot on one of Bongo Boy Records' compilation album.
    Physical and digital album release.
    Feature Spot on Compilation - Which you are familiar with as you have featured songs on compilations.
    The DIY Sponsorship for the featured spot comes on a Physical and Digital album by Various Artists.

    Bongo Boy Records will create an artist website on their official Bongo Boy Records website and update the artist webpage with news, reviews, placements etc..

    Your TV SPOT for your Digital Single Release and Digital Album Release will be broadcast on 72+ TV Channels in the USA via Bongo Boy TV. If you have an official Music Video (MP4) we can add with a discounted DIY Sponsorship to this album bundle special within the first 6 months of the album release.
    Email for details: bongoboyrecords@aol.com

    When you opt. in for music placement, pitching and monies earned for the placement of your music it is split 50/50 between artist and label. Payment received from the music placement company aka music supervisor will be made via PayPal as soon as possible.
    All music is placed on a Non-exclusive basis. Non-Exclusive music placement only.
    Your music release will be presented and supported by Bongo Boy Records.

    All DIY sponsorship must be paid in full before any release date is reserved.

    By completing this agreement you will be prompt to the payment option via Stripes bongoboyrecords@aol.com
    ( All Major Credit Cards Accepted). Any questions please call the office of Bongo Boy Records at (908) 455-1576

    Revenue Earnings and Reporting
    All music releases' revenue from digital downloads and streaming is yours at 100% after 75% of the earnings are received from Bongo Boy's distributors. Bongo Boy Records receives 75% and 100% of monies received from sales, downloads and streaming will go to the artist after their $200.00 USD threshold is received.
    The 25% is kept by the Distributors and Bongo Boy Records does not have any control over their percentages. Keep in mind that we do not hold any earnings when received, however, your threshold must be reached before the distribution of monies earned is transferred to you. No Exceptions. We are not delaying or holding your money when the threshold is met.

    The terms of the digital distribution agreement for your music is 24 months (auto-renewal after 24 months, either party can cancel in writing before the automatic renewal of 24 months within 45 Days Prior Notice) Please Note: Compilations/ Multi-Artists albums are auto-renewed each year as one individual track on a Various Artists album release can not be individually cancelled.

    No money is due from artist with renewal

    The music will be supported and promoted for 24 months when released on Bongo Boy Music Group/ Bongo Boy Records.

    Revenue Activity Reporting is done when the artist reaches the $200.00USD threshold for download sales and streaming combined. No reporting is done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis until that threshold is reached for that release. These are our distributors’ reporting procedures and guidelines which Bongo Boy must follow.

    100% guarantee
    Bongo Boy Records cannot give a guarantee that your music will be picked up in radio rotation with all radio stations other than Bongo Boy iSpin Radio, however, Bongo Boy Records does guarantee that your radio campaign will be launched and is supported by the label with emails and or contacting via phone the radio stations to push your music to the DJs and station music directors.

    No guarantee can be given to an artist that his/her music sells; as a label, we support 100% of the release and continue to push your music under the terms of the agreement.
    Bongo Boy Records guarantees at least 4 a 5 weeks or more for radio rotation on iSpin Radio via Bongo Boy Radio Network WORLDWIDE. As of September 2017 Bongo Boy iSpin Radio grew to 1,000,000 listeners. Bongo Boy iSpin Radio is also on Bongo Boy TV ROKU CHANNEL streaming music for FREE worldwide.

    All distribution and promotions are guaranteed under the terms of the signed agreement.
    All our deals are non-exclusive and non-refundable.
    Bongo Boy Records never takes any publishing % on distribution. The artist keeps all the publishing and revenue earnings. There is no split between the label and artist. All revenue earnings will be disbursed to the artist when the threshold is reached.

    We strongly recommend that each artist register with www.soundexchange.com after your music is released.

    We can assist with the admin for this.


  • 2024 SINGLE BUNDLE Distro,Promo,Radio,TV, Music Video, Featured Spot on Album, ISRC, UPC

    With Special Discount 1x time DIY Fee $595.00USD


    *MUSIC VIDEO is provided by the artist to Bongo Boy digitally MP4 via upload at www.dropbox.com or similar services like that within 6 months of the Digital Single release.

    The DIY sponsorship for digital release with 1 music video which the artist provides in HD and must be rated for ALL AGES. Include all promotions and distributions listed below.

    ARTIST/BAND must provide a Single Cover Artwork JPG.
    - Artist will provide artwork and logos and title of single
    (Specs: 3000x3000 pixels)

    ASIA and WORLD digital distribution NON EXCLUSIVE (With online sites like: iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Omusic, KKBox and many others worldwide.

    Promotions for Digital Single include Radio Campaigns, Music reviews, Social Marketing Media push, Press Releases and digital promotions and TV distribution for artist-provided music video.

    For the Digital Single release, the Bar Code UPC is included and will be provided to the artist by Bongo Boy Records. If you have your own ISRC, please provide to the office.

    TV Promotions Music Videos (1) in National Distribution including NYC Region One and National Region Two, all come with music video reviews and press releases.
    The Music Video must be suitable for Television Distribution and All Ages.
    You must complete a separate online music video distribution release form prior to broadcast on National TV.
    DIY Sponsorship includes the Broadcast and Promotions of your music video.
    The Music Video agreement is needed to be completed by you separately as the TV networks need written permission from you to broadcast your music video on National Television.
    Music Video Specs:
    MOV, MPEG, MP4
    Audio: 320 Kbps, 48,000 Hz, 32 Bit, Stereo, AAC
    Video: 29.970 fps, 1920x1080 Progressive, YUV, 10 Mbps
    Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.000

    Discounted Digital SINGLE BUNDLE for all 1x $595.00 USD (Auto renewal after 24 months at no cost)
    Normal List Price:
    1 Music Video Distribution and Promotion USA $355.00USD
    1 Music Video Distribution in ASIA $295.00USD
    1 Digital Single Distribution and Promotion $485.00USD
    1 Featured Spot on Compilation Release $159.00USD


  • Distribution W O R L D W I D E
    All Bongo Boy Records artists are DIY sponsored and together with the label, we all promote your music. Bongo Boy Records has an office representative in London, The UK for the European digital distribution market, and also an office representative in Hong Kong, China that takes care of the digital distribution in Asia for digital releases and music videos. As you may know, not all online retail outlets are available through the USA distributor CDBABY bundle, therefore Bongo Boy Records partnered with 2 additional distributors to give each release the mother lode of distribution through Bongo Boy Records network of support with promotions and distribution including Television and Radio.

    Includes 1 music video distribution with promotions, Rotation on 72+ TV channels.
    Artist provides music video in HD.
    Your Music video will get reviews, press release, magazine coverage and promotions with the TV episode is will be placed in.
    Distribution is on terrestrial TV channels. Since 2014 Bongo Boy TV is also on ROKU via their own TV channel on BONGO BOY TV ROKU for music (mp3) streaming and Music Videos via Go Indie TV.

    Asia Distribution for music videos is also added to this bundle package.
    This is a new service provided by Bongo Boy Records and include online music video distribution sites in Asia.

    Radio campaign with digital dropbox.
    With over 15,000 radio contacts Bongo Boy Records schedules 4 email blasts over a 8 week period. Starting with one week before its release if possiable. Radio play is recorded on all social media with tags to the artist when Bongo Boy Records received notification of radio play.

    Bongo Boy Records encourages radio djs to accept digital download which we provide with each release via dropbox.
    The dropbox file is available also to music reviewers and radio djs via direct download link worldwide and includes one sheet, cover photo and artist press photo, WAV and MP3.

    METADATA is very important and we double check your audio file before distribution and promotions.

    The Promotions For Your Digital Single
    Includes at least 2 independent single music reviews or more, press releases, magazine coverage can include in Steel Notes Magazine, Skope Magazine, and others, social media share and promotions, radio interviews (phone/skype) and lots more to promote your music. 

    Web site page for the artist on Bongo Boy Records official website. Which can include direct - sale of single download.


    Bongo Boy Records can Digial Submit to the Grammy Awards® for consideration if you like.
    No guarentees can be given if your single qualifies and will be accepted by The Recording Academy™.
    There is a submission fee that The Recording Academy™ for the Grammy® consideration implemented for the 1st round of ballot (AKA as the 1st round of voting for nominations round). The fee schedule is announced by The Recording Academy™ each year and has been $125.00 per entry. The submission period to the Recording Academy™ starts each Summer.

    Bongo Boy Records is an active member in good standing of The Recording Academy™ but is not connected to or affiliated with the GRAMMY Awards®, and has no influence over the selection of GRAMMY Awards®; nominees or winners.