• Lyia Meta

  • Worldwide Release 7.14.20 We Are Lords (Digital Single)

  • Lyrics:

    Copyright LYIA META

    There in the dark
    we hear them cry
    wheels set in motion
    Worlds collide
    The might of thousands begin to ride
    Against a world that needs aright

    They will fall
    And (Yes)hey'll fall
    When we rise

    Ride ..ride
    Ride and rise

    Where river flows behold a man
    The scattered vultures feast his land
    there stands his Queen
    The Magicians wand
    The Temptress smiles
    Fate's in her hands



    Release Date: July 14, 2020

    For Your Consideration

    for the 63rd Grammy® Nomination Awards (2021)

    Song and lyrics: Lyia Meta
    Music/Producer/Engineer: Anthony Noel Yap
    Co-Producer: Zack Meta.
    Rearranger: Big A Productions

    Lead Vocals - Lyia Meta
    Drummer - Matt Data
    Bassist - Daniel Foong
    Guitar - Brandon Gomez
    Keyboardist - Dennis Law
    Backing Vocals - Natalie Fong
    Backing Vocals : Lyia Meta

    Worldwide | Digital Single | UPC687051870532 | ISRC USPXQ2007141 


    (Radio Friendly)

  • lyrics continue

    they will fear
    They will learn
    When they burn 

    We are Lords
    We are son and daughters named
    We are numbers
    And we rightfully lay our claim
    We are LORDS

    And judgement falls upon our land
    As rulers hold no fear of God
    But wrestles flesh and blood from clans
    Where terror serves the might at hand

    They will fall
    Yes they'll fall
    When we ride
    They will fall
    Yes they'll fall
    And We'll rise


  • Television Broadcast of The Official Music Video


    Release Date: 8.4.2020 Worldwide on Social Media

    Television Broadcast on 72+ terrestrial TV Channels in the USA in August 2020.

    Music Video Director: Lyia Meta

    Music Video Clip Director: Monique Grimme for Bongo Boy Records


  • Slumber is about an awakening and discovery of oneself when one is presented with odds that are overwhelming and suffocating. I believe that no matter how low you sink in life, how bad things may seem that there is always a way out.  We just have to listen to our self.  We are all built to survive but when things go awry we often forget that.  It is about strength, belief and hope.
    SLUMBER Won The Gold Medal Award for Best Rock Ballad at the Global Music Awards, in California.
  • Press Release 7.2.19

    Singer, songwriter and visual artist with a penchant for speaking through song and turn of phrase, where freedom is found through voice that's "big, bold and beautiful".  
    This Malaysian born spent her childhood in a small town in the state of Malacca where her music and art were the mainstay of her everyday life.  
    Her debut EP 'This is Lyia' which garnered 6 nominations from  Voice Independent Music Awards (VIMA) in May of 2016 saw her win the award for BEST OVERALL FEMALE ACT.  The debut offering which is described as "raw", "organic" and "bold" is a reflection of her roots in rock, blues and pop.  
    That same year, Lyia Meta was nominated top 5 for  Anugerah Industri Awards (A.I.M) for Best New Artist.  Selected from more than 700 entries and touted as Malaysia's very own Grammy, the nomination gained her recognition on a National level.  
    In December of 2016, out of 600 acts,  Radio Wigwam UK selected 13 acts/songs for their 'Bandwagon Songs of 2016'.  
    This was soon followed by her garnering another nomination and subsequently winning the title and an Award from Radio Wigwam (UK) for BEST FEMALE ARTIST  for their RADIO WIGWAM ONLINE RADIO AWARDS 2017.  
  • In January of 2018 she released her latest single WITHOUT WALLS. It aired for the first time as a global exclusive on Radio Wigwam UK. The Malaysian Singer-Songwriter won "WORLD MUSIC ARTIST of the Year 2018 at The Josie Awards; she was the only Malaysian out of 13,000 contestants. 
    Her music has been well received among the independent groups and has been getting regular airplay on internet radio and radio stations across the globe.
  • Official Music Video Release 09.13.19

  • Television Broadcast via Bongo Boy TV Network | Vimeo Worldwide | Episode 10 Season 8 Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show Series