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    JULY 2018

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  • Each album release going forward starting here with the Christmas compilation, Bongo Boy Records will publish a magazine. Besides the official web page on www.bongoboyrecords.com our team will publish an official magazine featuring the artists on the album. First issue hits the Christmas morning 12.25.16. 
    Each magazine will include Album Reviews, Press, Artists stories behind their music, Lyrics and more. 
    Also as of today Bongo Boy Records officially adopted a charity and in each magazine together with Natalie Jean "foster mom" to Pitbull (the dogs not the rapper) and together with the Friends of the Associated Humane Society-Newark NJ we will promote and support the need for permanent homes of this breed of dogs. 

  • Garage rocker/ surf guitarist Susan SurfTone will be covering her love for music and feature an editorial piece, starting with the next issue of Bongo Boy Magazine OUT OF THE GARAGE Vol 3. 
    Bongo Boy Records doesn't think any other record label company out there is doing this ...... yet. Maybe Bongo Boy will start a trend in the music industry. We love to be a trendsetter as it goes well with our flow of things. #indiemusic 
     As a summary each album release in 2017 on Bongo Boy Records or Bongo Boy Records Asia will have a published magazine to go with plus a web page of course. Happy New Year !