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  • Taipei - Bongo Boy Records artists will be featured at “Sound of Design” the first exhibition that combines auditory sense, vision and tactility. The main idea of the exhibition, including the conceptual area and brand stores area, is to assemble a wide variety of design-styles and music. It mainly consists of five different design brands, accompanying with a group of selected design products. What kind of music fits your life style? How can music transfer a space? It will be a truly visual and auditory feast for you to experience and enjoy in exhibition “Sound of Design” . 

    September 30, 2016 in Taipei hosted by AddMusic  10:00am - 3:00pm

  • Back in 1985 from the EP by Gar Francis SHINE ON - Sense30

    AddMusic already has choosen Gar Francis “Back in 1985” for the brand “ sense30”
    Sense30 will make a suitable space to show this song, and make a souvenirs for the exhibition.
    The exhibition is open on 9/30. When AddMusic is  finish all the designs, they will send the picture and video to Bongo Boy Records and we will update this page.  AddMusic thinks Sense30 is a nice brand to promote Gar Francis "Back in 1985".
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