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  • Rising Star Nominee!!!!

    I'm so excited to give you all the first notice about my nomination for RISING STAR in the Nashville Universe Awards!!!! I want to thank my label Bongo Boy Records & especially Monique Grimme for their help with getting me hooked up with this nomination. 

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    So, now I need all of you to help spread the word and start to vote for me. Voting starts September 9th. It's very easy & quick to put in a vote. All you have to do is (1) sign up, (2) make a quick membership and (3) vote. (I'll make sure to email you all with the link once I receive it). You can start making your membership pages now so when Friday is here, you can start to vote & spread the word. 


  • His Music Is All About Positivity, Love & Hope aka Spoken Life.

    Belvidere, NJ
    For Immediate release
    November 3, 2015

    From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Anthony started writing songs for Spoken Life in the spring of 2012, with his debut release Truth Be Told, followed by 2013's release Learn it, Live it, Love it. With a melodic and unique song-writing style that's portrayed in his music, Spoken Life has been able to build a good following of listeners, while performing at well-known music venues, getting noticed in local press and gaining radio airplay around the tri-state areas (PA, NJ & DE), as well as many online radio stations around the US.

    His latest EP will be released by Bongo Boy Records in Asia on 11/03/2015.
    Reality a 5 track EP will be made available in China, Taiwan, Singapore and other countries sin Asia. 

    "Music has been a passion of mine since I was a teenager! Being able to finally write my own songs and have people connect with them is the greatest feeling in the world. My fans/supporters mean everything to me!" Anthony's hard work and dedication is proven to be showcased in his music and personality as a person.

    With his new release, "Reality", Anthony plans to once again push the envelope with his musical craft and reach out to fans all over! "I always try to make each album better than the last. Not only to give my fans something new, but to enlighten them about staying positive and never loosing hope." Check out a song, come out to a show and follow the journey of Spoken Life.

  • Review by Rusty Barnacles

    Spoken Life review by Rusty " Artistic, melodic and smooth acoustical rocker, Spoken Life, has given us a wonderful EP of songs! Talented and highly visual in the writings, this music is dramatic and fulfilling. Seriously contemplative and massive kudos go for unique style. I am impressed. Six FlashBombs that may even under-award this delicate musicianship." - Review by Crankit-Up Magazine.

  • What Music Critics Are Saying About "Reality"

    Solid progression, heavy atmospheres and emotions outline the new EP from Spoken Life, a one-man project from Anthony Irvin based out of Brookhaven, PA. You'll find yourselves surprised at the direction that the music takes...it starts out with a bright, electro-infused, gentle-melody that's close to an Owl City kind of sound on the opening title-track "Reality" but the music won't stay in that vein throughout this short ride of emotions.


    I dig "Reality" and I pretty much dig the entire EP throughout really...I appreciate the honesty in the way these melodies are recorded. "Reality" is actually the furthest from the norm by comparison to the rest of the songs on the new Spoken Life record, but certainly a welcome inclusion. I can see an argument for Irvin's voice sounding a little bit pitchy...the sound/tone of his voice doesn't make quite as much sense on the opening track as it will throughout the other four. Not saying it's a bad fit - not at all and far from it; there are spots you can hear that struggle and reach for the top of his scale, but give the guy some credit here - he's written a HUGE song and an extremely tough one to fully live-up to in the vocal department. Again though...for the record, there's no struggle here so much as there is stylistic choice. You'll hear that "Reality" is a beautifully produced and wonderfully realized idea, but you'll also hear how Anthony's approach better suits the music he's made to follow.


    JER@SBS - http://sleepingbagstudios.ca/ | Skope Magazine