• Inches From Sin | WorldWide Release

  • Official Music Video by Inches From Sin "They Came From Mars" 
    Release Date: 11.21.19
    National Television Broadcast in Major Cities like New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, Portland, Austin and many more this Fall via Bongo Boy TV Broadcast Network. Plus distribution in the hottest music market Asia and streaming Roku in the USA, Canada and The UK and in HD on Vimeo.

  • Writers: Karen Holloway Brewer & Robert Brewer
    Performers: Karen Holloway Brewer, Robert Brewer; Jeff Contreras, Cadillac Blue: Lisa Ewing Baker & Terry Baker
    Engineers: Jay Fernandes, Saucer Sound; Terry Baker, Sharp Demarko & Semaj Wright
    Producer: Jay Fernandes & Robert Brewer
    Mastering: Jay Fernandes & Semaj Wright
    Videographer/Editing: William Joseph George Hall-Esquire
    Photography: David Balch III

    Release Date: 11.11.19 Worldwide (D)
    Record Label: Bongo Boy Records


  • Music Placements via Bongo Boy Records for their recording artist Inches From Sin Karen Holloway and Robert Brewer.

    The award-winning musical group Inches From Sin, who've captured the attention of fans and industry insiders in multiple countries globally, including the USA, Hong Kong, Japan, China and Malaysia have released a brand new single from their upcoming album "Enoch." The song "Why Don't We get Married" is destined to add further impact to the group's previous exposure on USA national television via the NBC Universal Comcast network, alongside 10 additional major cable TV networks, coast to coast.



  • "Why Don't We Get Married" showcases Inches From Sin's trademark sound. The undeniable song writing style of the group reaches a new pinnacle, with this latest song release capturing the hearts of fans across the globe. As always, the synergy, distinctive persona and rich harmony laden vocals of Robert Brewer and Karen Holloway Brewer, shine like a heavenly light on "Why Don't We get Married." A catchy and emotionally charged track that is spreading like a wildfire. An Olympic sized flame of hope and positivity, uplifting listeners everywhere.

    Official added to Music Placement Library at Bongo Boy Records and available soon for download and streaming worldwide on Bongo Boy Records.

    Album Cover (Single) by Monique Grimme and Karen Holloway.

    59th Grammy Consideration

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