• The New Bardots

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    Digital Single (worldwide)

  • Johnnie Get Your Drum is a fun, party,  step outside the rock & roll box for The NEW Bardots….

    It shows the bands versatility and ability to shine in a outside genre…Mon!

  • "We were just jamming as we usually do at rehearsal…..Gar started this reggae thing then Dan started a bass run to match then JR started a drum beat…..we jammed for a while then went on to work on some other songs.

    The next week JR brought a special edition Pearl Snare/Timbale combo drum to rehearsal…. he said it was for the “Reggae song”..….he put it in our equipment room at our rehearsal space.  After we played for about an hour Gar started the reggae cords and Dan started playing his bass line …then Im not sure who said it but someone said “Johnnie get your drum”……so every time the next few rehearsals we stared the song we all would say “Johnnie get your drum”….and so the title came to be.....or so the legend goes…The next week we were in our home away from home Sky Lab Studios recording it ….John Croot came in the following day and put the cherry on top with his keyboards."

    Wayne Olivieri (lead Singer The NEW Bardots)

  • “Wasted Blind” is a song that tells the story of overcoming addiction.

    I received a call from my friend Troy Burbank who is a Indi film maker….He was finishing up a new short film he wrote, directed and produced called “Wasted Blind”, a story of addiction and redemption.  He said he was looking for a song that he could use in the credits and asked if we (The NEW Bardōts) could write something that would fit.

  • I mentioned it to Gar (our guitarist/ cowriter) and sure enough , the next rehearsal he came down with an idea…The band spent the rehearsal on arranging the tune then I put the lyrics together  and voila   we had our song.

    The following week we went into Sky Lab Studios (our home away from home) and put it down.  I sent it to Troy who was extremely happy with it and  put it in the film as the end credits roll. - Wayne Olivieri,  Lead Singer  of The NEW Bardōts.

  • Litle Left Behind (single) - Release date: 01.26.24

    The NEW Bardōts newest single “Little Left Behind” on Bongo Boy Records.

    Is a lighthearted rocker with rock and roll emotions;  this one makes you wanna get up and dance from the first crash of guitar.  Add some signature harmonies, an upbeat groove and a down home harmonica; you have the recipe for a fun rock and roll experience.

    “Gar brought this one down to rehearsal, with chorus intact and it came together immediately.

    I added the verse lyric, the guys worked their magic and presto…instant song!!...lol”   - Wayne Olivieri lead singer  The NEW Bardōts.

  • “Little Left Behind” on Bongo Boy Records
    Songwriters: Gar Francis/Wayne Olivieri
    Performed by: The NEW Bardōts
    Johnnie Rago: Drums
    Dan Skye: Bass
    John Croot: Keys
    Gar Francis: Guitars
    Wayne Olivieri: Vocals/Harmonica
    Recorded at Skylab Studios Roosevelt N.J.
    Engineered by Dan Skye
    Produced by Dan Skye, Gar Francis, Wayne Olivieri

    Release Date: 01.26.24 (Friday)
    UPC: 655469763401
    ISRC: USPXQ2401261

  • TV Spot (Feb'2024)

  • Special thanks to Tim O'connor and The DuCret School Of Art for supporting our artistic creativity...it is really appreciated!!!! Also thanks to David Boyd and the Catalyst Theater Company for use of stage. Thanks to Vicki Blasucci for all her work and dedication to the band. Thank You to all our fans...we love you!!! We want to say a special thank you to Richard Hall for his contribution to our creative undertakings....we always appreciate your commitment to help our creative endeavors

  • Official Music Video

  • Video Concept: Wayne Olivieri/John Croot Jr/Nick Koontz Jr.

    Executive Producer: John Croot Jr.

    Director: Wayne Olivieri Camera/Green screen / co director Richard Hall.

    Final Editting/Special effects: Nick KoontzJr. Invisual Post inc.

    Performance: Alexa Marie Rutigliano.

  • Christmas Music Be Tonight

    Release Date: 10.27.23 | UPC: 655469606432 ISRC: USPXQ1027231

    Songwriter: Robbie Robertson (The Band)

    Publisher: SONY/ATV Music Publishing LLC - Universal Music Publishing Group.

    Arranged by The NEW Bardōts
    Gar Francis-guitars and vocals
    Dan Skye- bass and vocals
    John Croot- keyboards
    Johnnie Rago- drums and percussion
    Wayne Olivieri- vocals, harmonica and percussion

  • Turn Your Head and Cough

    Release Date: 07.14.23 | UPC: 655469670525

    ISRC: USPXQ2371101-14

    All songs by Gar Francis and Wayne Olivieri except God Can You Hear Me by Dan Skye and Wayne Olivieri

    Arranged by The New Bardots
    Gar Francis-guitars and vocals
    Dan Skye- bass and vocals
    John Croot- keyboards
    Johnnie Rago- drums and percussion
    Wayne Olivieri- vocals, harmonica and percussion

  • Turn Your Head And Cough - CDS and Download

    1) Rock and Roll With Me 3:36
    2) Love You So Hard 3:13
    3) Little Left Behind 3:38
    4) Wasted Blind 3:56
    5) I Wanna Know Why 3:47
    6) Rain Rain Rain 3:47
    7) Thrill Of The Night 3:03
    8) Way Back Home 2:56
    9) Johnnie Get Your Drum 3:35
    10) I'm A Man 3:46
    11) Cosmic Girl 3:27
    12) Policy Of Truth 3:50
    13) It’s My Life 3:27
    14) God Can You Hear Me 4:59

  • THE NEW BARDOTS - Single

    Policy of Truth (Single)

    Release Date: June 6th 2023

    UPC 655469908581

    ISRC: USPXQ2360601

  • Policy of Truth is the second single from New Jersey Rockers The NEW Bardots …from there forth coming LP “Turn Your Head and Cough” on Bongo Boy Records.

    Policy Of Truth …a Depeche Mode hit from 1990 is reworked with a no-frills Rock and Roll twist. High energy right out of the box with just enough savvy to make this remake their own…The NEW Bardots once again show their ability to take mild mannerism and turn it into high energy.

    “At the request of our agent in London…we took an hour at rehearsal to listen and get an arrangement we all could agree on …… we were back in studio 3 days later recording the track….finished the song in less than a day …we all were pretty surprised how well it turned out. Especially after John (keyboards) put his Moog touches on it.” - Wayne Olivieri (Lead Vocals)

  • Songwriter: Martin L. Gore

    Publishing Company: Grabbing Hands Music Ltd/EMI Music Publishing Ltd

  • THE NEW BARDOTS - Single


    Release Date:  March 14, 2023

    Thrill Of The Night (Single)

    UPC: 655469552265

  • “Thrill Of The Night” is the first single from the up coming full length LP by New Jersey Rockers “The NEW Bardots “

      This catchy, rhythmic, lyrical smorgasbord is a out of the box look at the world with a rock and roll twist.   A bit off the beaten path of a straight forward rock song Thrill Of The Night delivers a brainfreeze sip of a musical frozen Slurpee.

     “The lyrics just kind of fell out of my head in a matter of  minutes…..the music that the band created just lit some sort of mental fire in my mind that I had to put out on paper”…Wayne O (Lead Singer The NEW Bardots)

  • Thrill Of The Night ON Bongo Boy Records Written by Gar Francis, Wayne Olivieri with Dan Skye, Johnnie Rago, and John Croot Jr. Video concept Nick Koontz Jr./Wayne Olivieri

    Audio /Video performances: Guitar: Gar Francis Bass: Dan Skye Keyboard: John Croot Jr. Drums: Johnny (JR) Rago Vocals: Wayne Olivieri

    Road Manager: Bozak (AKA Gary Olivieri)

    Edited and special effects Enhancement/titles: Nicholas Koontz.Invision Post Concepts.

  • Thrill of the Night by The NEW Bardots

  • Audio Recorded at Sky Lab Studios Roosevelt NJ

    Recorded by Dan Sky

    Produced/Mixed by Gar Francis/DanSkye/Wayne Olivieri

    The NEW Bardots on Social Media:

    Facebook: The NEW Bardots


    Twitter: @wethenewbardots

  • You can argue that rock’ n’ roll found its perfect form a long time ago, any time from the late 60’s to the early seventies. You could posit that all people can hope to do with it now is make interesting, fun, exciting, and exquisite copies based on its iconic template. And why not? It’s a great springboard from which to launch your music into the public conscience. But just because the heavy lifting has already been done, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t carry on ploughing that musical furrow. And why not stand on the shoulders of giants? The view is pretty good up there,

    So, let’s be honest; it isn’t really about the mechanics of the music any more; it’s more about what you hang on those timeless structures. It’s about less tangible elements such as swagger and attitude, vibe and excitement, groove and grit…things which are more about the musical chemistry of the band itself rather than anything fundamentally new that you can bring to the format. And, you could argue that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

    I say all this in my long, rambling and verbose fashion so that I can tell you that The NEW Bardots are everything that I have advocated above, and Thrill of the Night, their latest release, might be following in some familiar footsteps. But there is also a freshness, a modern take, a new and energetic polish added to the sense of edge and excitement that has long been the hallmark of rock and roll.READ MORE

  • The NEW Bardots have been making waves with their raunchy blues numbers. Corporation Businessman was jagged and biting, with a strong backbeat, powerful vocals – and memorable lyric to boot. Thrill of the Night is the band’s latest anthem and its performance brings all of the same intensity, offering up some hard-hitting riffs of its own, superb hooks, and delightfully twisted social commentary. The single was released by Bongo Boy Records on the 14th of March.

    The verses are shaped by some very melodic bass playing, and Wayne Olivieri (vocalist) delivers a frantic, angst-ridden vocal over the sour, minor-key progression. His dialogue covers everything from mental demons to dystopian realities and philosophical preaching while overdriven guitars ring out underneath.

  • When we reach the chorus, however, the atmosphere changes – the band change lanes, switching out minor chords for major ones and borrowing from the seventies rock playbook to craft some ultra-catchy harmonic hooks. This, combined with Olivieri’s suddenly relaxed demeanor provides a perfect counterpoint to the dark and gritty verses… “Just have some wine / Take a chill / Get a thrill of the night”.

    There is some brilliant songwriting on display here. The start of each chorus features an ascending melody line that is mirrored by the guitars and vocals. Rather than climb in tandem, the bass stays anchored on the root note, setting up a dramatic release in tension when the band moves to the dominant chord. It sounds exactly like something Paul McCartney would have done.

    Thrill of the Night is angular, rockin’, and ultimately very fun. The NEW Bardots have a knack for crafting tunes that capture the essence of yesteryear’s rock’n’roll and they’ve certainly hit the nail on the head with this one. An essential listen for fans of rock and blues everywhere.  PUBLISHED ONLINE HERE

  • A fresh single release from The NEW Bardots brings together a bit of funk and a bit of pop rock to create an atmosphere that's colorful with touches of Edge and even a cool classic and progressive rock feel at times but it all gets swirled into this positive vibe and makes you want to dance around with your fists in the air.

    "Thrill of the Night '' is an endlessly fun soiree that takes you for quite a ride and comes off as a really strong groove with these almost fuzz tone guitar sounds and some really addictive progressions that make for a bright soundscape.

    This track has a way of grabbing at you and getting your attention from across the room and would be an amazing party song.



  • This is mainly because you pretty much have to dance to this track. You really can't sit still to it. Your ass starts shaking your seat almost immediately and that bass line is just such an evident driver behind it all.
    It's amazing how this one song can run such a gambit of colors and textures, sounds, grooves and all with this rock backbone that has you bobbing your head up and down from the very first second.
    You really get such a solid and genuine classic rock influence that seeps through a lot during the course of the track and it gives it an almost welcoming and familiar feel.
    Even if you're not a big classic rock band, kind of warm and that pop-oriented approach is undeniable.
    Cool that the track also goes from a sort of minor to major note between the verses and the choruses which really makes it even more impactful.
  • Another amazing thing is the lyric video that accompanies the song itself which is incredibly fun and also shows a little bit of a different creative side to the project.
    You get a little bit of their presence as a band live because you can see them do their thing but it's also really fun to see how colorful the video is as well because it really works well with the song itself.
    This uplifting and sort of fun vibe is always there, and I think that's the point of the song.
    It's the thrill of the night, all kinds of things are happening. They're just singing about it but they're doing it in a way that sticks with you for hours after the song has ended and the only way to satiate it is to play it again, smart song writing if you ask me.
    This was an awesome single and I'm now going to spend some time digging into this band's back catalog.
    Check this one out for sure.

    Release Date: 11.25.22 (P&D)

    UPC 655469574649



    1. Corporation Businessman 4:03 Francis/Olivieri
    2. In The Year 2525 (Radio Mix) 3:59  Evans
    3. Just Another Dance In The City 3:31  Francis/Olivieri
    4. On Our Own 2:33   Francis/Olivieri
    5. Put A Little Love In Your Heart 1:41  DeShannon/Holiday/Myers
    6. Why Don't We Do It In The Road 2:09  Lennon/McCartney
    7. In The Year 2525 (Extended Version) 5:02   Evans
    8. Never Too Much Christmas (Bonus Track) 2:49  Francis/Olivieri/Skye
  • The NEW Bardots New Single ‘Corporation Businessman’ Hits The Street on 11.01.22 – A New single From Their Upcoming Studio EP 'Singles Night'

    UPC: 655469792135 | ISRC: USPXQ2211101 |Songwriters: Gar Francis And Wayne Olivieri


    Johnnie Rago: Drums, Dan Skye: Bass, John Croot: Keyboards, Gar Francis: Guitars, Wayne Olivieri: Vocals/Harmonica

    Recorded and mixed at Skye Lab Studios Roosevelt, New Jersey, USA.

    Engineered by Dan Skye, Produced by:Dan Skye, Gar Francis and Wayne Olivieri

    Available as Digital download/streaming single worldwide

  • This rocker has you grooving from the first cord…….a solid, paced out rock song reminiscent of Creedence Clearwater Revival…..captures your ear and your imagination as you listen to the story told.


    For many …Greed, power and the almighty dollar seems all they are interested in ….but remember…they are human and will not be able to take it with them when their time on earth has expired..”

                  -Wayne O…Lead Singer The NEW Bardots.

  • You give your soul to the dollar / He’s your friend / Your politician will take what you pay” growls singer, Wayne Olivieri. He also calls out company wage gaps. The message is clear in this one; the rich get richer, and the rest get thinner.

    The rest of the band brings some real firepower to the mix. There are two separate solos sandwiched between the verses – lead guitar first, then harmonica. Tight, backing harmonies are employed in the refrain and give the section a real boost and help bring home the song’s retro vibe.

    Corporation Businessman is classic blues rock. It’s simple, straight up the middle, but uncompromising and the lyric certainly takes no prisoners. The NEW Bardots quip that they have stepped in to save rock’n’roll from extinction, and this track stands as proof that they are certainly doing an excellent job so far.

  • About The NEW Bardots

    This fast-paced Ramone esk remake is a get-up and shake-it version of the classic Jackie Deshannon’s “Put A Little Love In Your Heart”.


    “With everything that’s going on in the world today and all the hate in the world and on both sides of the political isle we thought this song was a perfect catalyst to not only send a message of “LOVE” but just an overall fun, rip roaring rock and roll version to forget all your troubles and bounce to!” - Wayne O  (Lead Singer The NEW Bardots)

  • Some History about The Song

    "Put a Little Love in Your Heart" is a song originally performed in 1968 and released in 1969 by Jackie DeShannon, who composed it with her brother, Randy Myers, and Jimmy Holiday.

    In the USA, it was DeShannon's highest-charting hit, reaching #4 on the Hot 100 and #2 on the Adult Contemporary charts.

    In late 1969, the song reached number one on South Africa's hit parade. The song rivaled the success of her signature song, "What the World Needs Now is Love".

  • UPC 655469706354 | ISRC USPXQ2203081 | 03.08.22

  • Santa Don’t Like Politics ….from New Jersey Based international recording artists The NEW Bardots is their second Christmas release following If Santa Clause Were President released 12/20/2020.

    Wanting to catch the wave of political satire for the second year in a row, The NEW Bardots put down this  fun, retro, rock & roll ditty with the hope of bringing us all together( no matter what your political leanings) for the Holiday season.

  • With another seasonal playlist of Christmas tunes upon us, The NEW Bardots hope to change it up a bit and bring a fresh new dish to the same old overstuffed holiday music table.

    So, grab your significant other, pour an eggnog, beer or whatever…….turn up the volume and enjoy a little rock & Roll for Christmas!!!

  • Release Date: 11.19.21

    UPC 688130658188  ISRC: USPXQ2111191

    Label: Bongo Boy Records, LLC

    Songwriter: Wayne Olivieri, Gar Francis, Johnnie Rago, Dan Skye and John Croot 

    Recorded by: The NEW Bardots

    Format: Single (digital)

  • Featured on Let’s Have A Rockin Christmas Volume 6 by Various Artists 11.23.21 (Digital and Physical Holiday Album Release on Bongo Boy Records 2022©

    2 SWEET AS HONEY  2:57
    3 SIMON SAYS  2:39
  • 2 & 4 written by Gar Francis/Wayne Olivieri with Dan Skye, Johnnie Rago and John Croot Jr.; 1 written by: Arthur Resnick/ AARF Records and Joey Levine; 3 written by Elliot Chiprut; 5 written by Joey Levine and Rich Cordell; 6 written by Robert Hazard and the Heroes.

    All Songs Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Dan Skye at Skylab NJ Recording Studio, Roosevelt, NJ (www.recordme.com).

    All Songs Produced by: Dan Skye, Gar Francis & Wayne Olivieri. All Songs Mastered by Gar Francis. Studio Dogs: Hobby, Sly and Mojo.

    Cover Artwork: John Cregar. Record label & USA Press: Bongo Boy Records. European Promotion: E-Grapes. 

  • Buy Now Download Direct $5.70USD

  • Buy Now Download Direct $5.70USD

  • Buy Now Download Direct $5.70USD

  • Buy Now Download Direct $5.70USD

  • FREE Digital Single - We're In This Together feat. Gar Francis by Wayne Olivieri

  • "We're In This Together"

    Is a solo release by Wayne Olivieri release by Bongo Boy Records on 4.20.20.Written by the long time songwriting team of Gar Francis and Wayne Olivieri and band mates in the Group "The NEW Bardots. They decided to create a "Feel Good" song to uplift the spirit of the current situation and any further situations that might come our way.And as a tribute to all the healthcare professionals who are on the front lines making a difference and also to everyone who needs a little encouragement to get through their situation.

  • FREE DOWNLOAD | 684417877037 | USPXQ2042001 | 4.20.20 Digital Single

  • Credits:

    Writen by Gar Francis/Wayne Olivieri
    Recorded at: SkyLab Studios, Princeton N.J.

    Gar Francis: Guitar, Drums and Keyboards
    Dan Skye: Bass
    Wayne Olivieri: Vocals

    Produced by: Gar Francis
    Co Producers: Dan Skye, Wayne Olivieri
    Engineered by: Dan Skye, Gar Francis

  • Change Reaction - Digital SIngle

  • New Studio Album 5.3.19

  • French Kisses by The New Bardots

  • Digital Single Release - Great Balls of Fire

  • The New Bardots New single release “GREAT BALLS OF FIRE “from the forth coming LP The NEW Bardots are a newly formed group of seasoned Musicmen on a mission to keep Rock and Roll alive. Coming back together from their early roots of the NYC music scene (CBGB’s, Max’s Kansas City, China Club and more) to write and record together again.

  • Lifelong friends and former band mates Gar Francis and Wayne Olivieri (Rockids) along with former band mate Dan Skye (Olivier’s Twist) and new drummer Johnny Rago….are 4 New Jersey veterans out to save Rock and Roll from extinction! Taking one of Rock and Rolls most classic tunes and making it their own……This foursome’s collaboration of sound is a fresh throwback forward into the future preservation of Rock and Roll!!! Coming soon to LIVE venue near you.