• Jeralyn Glass

  • Vibrance Release Date: 8/7/2020 UPC 687051870587 ISRC USPXQ2080701-10 WORLDWIDE Genre: New Age

  • Arranged and Produced by Laurence Hobgood

    Laurence Hobgood - Piano | Jared Schonig - Drums/Percussion | Matthew Clohesy- Bass

    Jeralyn Glass - Vocals feat. Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls


    Recorded at Sphere Studios, Los Angeles.  Engineer - Xavier Stephenson

    Mixed by Craig Bauer at Hinge Studios, Los Angeles. Mastered by Dave Collins


    Crystal Alchemy Singing bowls courtesy of CrystalCadence.com

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  • 1. Peace   7:31

    (Horace Silver)

    See all things in you and see yourself in all things...

    2. Imagine 10:54

    (John Lennon)  

    Imagine entering into the sacred stillness, quiet your mind, slow down your breath...breathe in Harmony, breathe in Peace...

    3. Can’t Help Falling in Love 5:52

    (George Weiss, Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore)

    You are the One...

    4. Out of this World 6:06

    (Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer)

    Love is from the Infinite...

    5. You’ll Never Walk Alone 7:49

    (Rodgers and Hammerstein)

    When the darkness comes, the stars begin to shine...

  • 6. Vibrance   8:06

    (Jeralyn Glass and Laurence Hobgood)

    Everything is Energy, Frequency, Sound Vibration, and Light. The Music of the Universe

    7. Color My World 8:03

    (James Pankow)

    Dream...Awaken...Let Love flow like a river...

    8. Landslide 8:47

    (Stevie Nicks)

    There is only one thing happening and it’s good...What lies ahead is endless possibility...

    9. Medley: See You Again / Dust In The Wind  10:57

    (Carrie Underwood, Hillary Lindsey, David Hodges ,and Kerry Livgreen)

    A tear falls in the ocean, joining the waters, it is transformed into a wave of joy.

    10. Gymnopédies No.1 (Bonus Track) 8:55

    (Erik Satie)

    Breathe, You Are Pure Consciousness.


  • This spectacular new recording will change the way you think about music. It begins as the intriguing partnership of two world class musicians in separate domains — Jeralyn in the world of classical and Broadway singing, and Laurence in the world of jazz. In their first-ever collaboration, there is a merging of intention and musical spirit that goes beyond musical style. The unification is uplifted by the crystal alchemy bowls that Jeralyn plays like a virtuoso, infusing the music throughout, and pairing fully arranged, known songs with purely meditative/vibrational sections. 

    I was struck by the uncommon purity to the tones that Jeralyn produces with her crystal  bowls and voice, and in the tones Laurence Hobgood liberates from the piano. These are sounds that may be familiar, but resonate with a spiritual timelessness that goes beyond what we've heard before. Add to that Jeralyn's voice, one of the foremost interpreters of Mozart, and Laurences deeply inventive harmonic sense, and you've got not just an album, but a guided journey.
    The power of music to heal the mind, body, and spirit goes back 20,000 years to when ancient shamans used music to treat a wide range of ailments, from depression, to wounds, and illnesses. Modern science has taught us that music is medicine, and this album is perhaps the finest and highest demonstration of that. Listen. Become uplifted. Heal. And above all, enjoy. -
    Dr. Daniel J. Levitin, NY Times best-selling author 

  • The making of the New Age album VIBRANCE explained by Jeralyn Glass feat. Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls