• Inches From Sin

  • Single Release 06.30.20 WORLDWIDE - COME SEE ME feat. Lyia Meta

  • Album Release 03.19.20 WORLDWIDE - ENOCH

  • “Enoch” shows off Inches From Sin’s uncanny ability to craft a universe that is uniquely their own.


    1. Listen to Me (4:42)
    2. 11:11 feat. Ira Heyward (3:33)
    3. Heart Broken feat. Don Jones II (3:23)
    4. These Girls feat. Gar Francis (3:14)
    5. Lying to Us feat. Natalie Jean (3:28)
    6. They Came from Mars feat. Cadillac Blue (Lisa Ewing-Baker & Terry Baker) (4:00)
    7. Disaster (4:18)
    8. Truth Be Told feat. Jordan O’Donnell (4:15)
    9. And Now You Know feat. Anita Lewis (3:32)
    10. If I Could feat. Suzanne Grzanna (3:27)
    11. Make Up Your Mind (2:51)
    12. Recognize feat. Bryant Hamilton (4:15)
    13. Why Don’t We Get Married (2:19)
    14. Count on Me feat. Jonathan Yudkin (3:39)
    15. I’ll Try (3:32)
    16. Broken Hearted (3:52)

  • Inches From Sin embraces a hybrid style on the playful “Enoch”. Full of a tremendous passion, the fire they sing with feels outright potent. Stylistically Inches From Sin draws from elements of country rock, the blues, gospel, folk, and a southern fried rock. By merging all of these into a singular, coherent whole Inches From Sin delivers something straight from the heart. Impressive chops dominate the whole of the album while track opt for a unique physically, letting the sheer massive sound wash over everything. Lyrically the songs focus upon relationships, loves gained and lost, and all the other elements that come from a life lived to the absolute fullest.

  • “Listen To Me” starts things off on a high note, letting the vocals that introduce the piece simply burst into full bloom with electronics that just won’t quit. On “These Girls (feat. Gar Francis)” incorporates dance and funk into an infectious groove. Things slow down on the reflective “They Came From Mars (feat. Cadillac Blue)”. Fantastic flows with incredible poignant insight are the hard truths of “Truth Be Told (feat. Jordan O’Donnell)”. Going for a hint of giddiness is the carefree, sun-drenched “Make Up Your Mind”. A big band spirit ties together the rollicking “Why Don’t We Get Married”. “Broken Hearted” ends things off on a triumphant note, letting the glowing organ give it a classic rock sound.

  • New Digital Single 11.11.19 WORLDWIDE - They Came From Mars feat. Cadillac Blue

  • Bongo Boy Records International Recording Artists, Inches From Sin, Robert Brewer and Karen Holloway Brewer will be releasing their first single “They Came From Mars feat. Cadillac Blue” on 11/11/19 from their newest upcoming album “Enoch”.
    Their legion of fans thrives on the diversity of their music, which spans across multiple genres that include; R&B, Country, Funk, Americana, Rock, Blues and Hip-Hop. The universal themes, powerful & inspiring messages and captivating lyrics delivered in the eclectic collection of songs reach into the depths of human emotion and undeniably stimulate the imagination. Their music reflects real-world life experiences bringing truth to their listeners.
    The synergy, distinctive flavor and harmony-laden vocals of Robert Brewer and Karen Holloway Brewer shine like heavenly light. This harmonious songwriting team began their careers in the historical city of Elmira, New York. These relentless songwriters continue to expand their catalogue of musical masterpieces.

  • Bongo Boy Records is thrilled to release Inches From Sin’s second studio album on their independent label. This prelude digital single will be available worldwide including the hottest music market Asia.
    Bongo Boy Records is a full-stack music company with distribution and promotions for independent artists worldwide. Since 2010 the label has released many genres of albums and digital single. Known for their compilation album Inches from Sin latest single will also be featured on VOLUME XVII by Various Artists as a digital and physical album.

  • Writers: Karen Holloway Brewer & Robert Brewer
    Performers: Karen Holloway Brewer, Robert Brewer; Jeff Contreras, Cadillac Blue: Lisa Ewing Baker & Terry Baker
    Engineers: Jay Fernandes, Saucer Sound; Terry Baker, Sharp Demarko & Semaj Wright
    Producer: Jay Fernandes & Robert Brewer
    Mastering: Jay Fernandes & Semaj Wright
    Videographer/Editing: William Joseph George Hall-Esquire
    Photography: David Balch III


  • New Digital Single 9.17.18 WORLDWIDE - FYC for the 61th Grammy Awards® FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION

  • COUNT ON ME feat Jonathan Yudkin Written & Performed by Inches From Sin Robert Brewer & Karen Holloway Brewer

  • FYC 61st Annual Grammy Awards® Consideration - Count On Me feat Jonathan Yudkin

  • Music Review

  • Songwriter Gar Francis

  • FYC eBlast

  • Active Members NARAS

  • Song Review by The Grouch: "This song is interesting. On the one hand it sounds so cheery, but there is a menacing machine like sound grinding just underneath the pleasant keyboards. I am really curious, given the name of the band, is this a simple love song or do the singers have some darker nefarious purpose in mind for the person they are encouraging to make up their mind?"

  • Inches From Sin aka Karen Holloway and Robert Brewer, teamed up with Nominated Producer and Songwriter Gar Francis. They signed with Bongo Boy Records their latest new single MAKE UP YOUR MIND. A perfect song for this summer. Written by award winning songwriter Gar Francis. You will find this new song featured on the Open Genre compilation VOLUME XII which is scheduled for WORLDWIDE release on 6.16.17 on Bongo Boy Records. MAKE UP YOUR MIND is a summer vibe, smooth song recorded by Inches From Sin at Saucer Sound Studio (Florida).

  • FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION 60th FYC Grammy Awards®

    Best Pop Duo/Group Performance 


    by Inches From Sin

    Featured on their studio album ENOCH released  3.19.2020

  • Bridgewater Triangle - Asia Album Release

  • Inches From Sin | Bridgewater Triangle | Now In Asia on Bongo Boy Records Asia

    Bongo Boy Records recording artist based in the USA ...
    Inches From Sin, whose debut album titled "Bridgewater Triangle", has garnered attention worldwide with three singles from the record earning hot single status in multiple countries across Asia that include Hong Kong, Japan, China and Malaysia. This dynamic songwriting team is also enjoying radio airplay in the USA.

    The groups music video releases representing the songs "Raised In The Hills" and "Laid My Heart Out", are airing on National Television across the USA via the NBC Universal Comcast Cable Network, alongside 10 additional major cable networks coast to coast. Inches From Sin also captured the finalist award at the United Kingdom (UK) Songwriter Contest and received glowing reviews in multiple magazines, including: Skope, Crankit-Up, Steel Notes Magazine and Nor'easter Entertainment Magazines.

    Their legion of fans thrive on the diversity of their music, which spans across multiple genres that include; R&B, Country, Funk, Americana, Rock, Blues and Hip-Hop influenced rhythmic raps. The universal themes, powerful & inspiring messages and captivating lyrics delivered in the eclectic collection of songs on the "Bridgewater Triangle" album, reach into the depths of human emotion and undeniably stimulate the imagination. Reflecting the real world life experiences of their listeners.

    The synergy, distinctive flavor and harmony laden vocals of Robert Brewer and Karen Holloway Brewer shine like a heavenly light on this 14 track studio album. This harmonious songwriting team began their careers in the historical city of Elmira, New York, where they were vocalists in the outstanding Southside High Concert Choir. Robert Brewer brings to the table his expertise gained from sharing the stage with Edgar Winter, Steppenwolf, April Wine and Dan Aykroyd of Blues Brothers fame, ensuring Inches From Sin truly connect with their audiences on multiple levels. The group says, "We are all about building momentum, embracing our fan base and performing across the USA and beyond." With showcasing opportunities on the horizon, the band looks forward to performing at select music industry conferences across North America.

    These relentless songwriters are currently writing and recording material for their new upcoming follow-up album release. The best is yet to come as Inches From Sin, who continue to expand their catalogue of musical masterpieces, build tours, perform live and grow their brand worldwide.


    Artist: Inches From Sin
    Released: 2015/Oct
    Genre: International, Rock/Alternative
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  • Inches From Sin | Bridgewater Traingle

    • Adult Contemporary Semi Finalist - Weight Of The World
    • Adult Contemporary Commended Entry - See You Again
    • Semi Finalist - Laid My Heart Out - Music Video


    Inches From Sin review By Rusty | Inches From Sin | Bridgewater Triangle. "Here is an above-the-grain rock duo that, like in their videos shot around beaches and sea air, bring back a loving, peaceful set of feelings. I could picture sipping on a cool drink mixed with pineapple, while we all enjoy the small fire and peace, stillness. A groove, and unique sound with tints even of some of the greats of Motown, I beg you to not FEEL this music. It is gonna happen and you will probably be all smiles. Classy and likely not to raise waves of street punkery and random misdeeds, this is love music. Overall, I edge most of the cropped and over-the-top aside for this duo to receive a Six FlashBombs." - Review by Crankit-Up Magazine.


    Inches From Sin  came to Bongo Boy earlier this year with their music video "Raised In The Hills" which broadcast on Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll TV Show Episode No.1038 and was on Television in New York City and a second episode No.1039 with National Broadcast on NBCUniversal Comcast and 10 major cable companies coast to coast. The music video received great reviews as reviewers were impressed with their music and style of songwriting. This music video was also selected in The UK Songwriter Contest and became The Semi Finalist in 2014. 
    Also you can find the music of Inches From Sin on Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Six which was released on August 18, 2015 in Asia. Three songs "Murder", "Out Of Reach" and "Move On" were labelled hot tracks in Asia only a few weeks after its release date. The compilation is called "showing off the cream of the crop of indie rock" Review by Beach Sloth | Skope Magazine


    Inches From Sin, featuring the talents of Robert Brewer and Karen Holloway, give it up with their track, "Murder" that has a cool retro R&B sound that takes the listener back in time. The individual solos and harmonies are spot on and done to perfection! The line, "I smell perfume and it ain't mine" sums it all up! 

    "Out of Reach",  a funky blues based number that tells a story that has implications about what is happening in our country today. Love the retro guitar picking! UP FRONT & COOL! 

    "Move On", is a fun-sounding track that rocks you out from the door. Robert Brewer's vocals are strong and Karen Holloway adds nice harmonies as a compliment. The guitar's are talking BIGTIME!  Review by Michael McKenna | Nor'easter Entertainment Magazine


    Inches From Sin from Lincoln, Rhode Island. Their music video “Raised In The Hills”. Episode 1039 National Television
    Robert Brewer was raised in the beautiful mountains of Hazard, Kentucky until his earlyteens, when moved to Elmira, New York where he completed his last years of high school. Brewer and Karen Holloway began singing together when they first met in high school. Robert has opened for Edgar Winter, Steppenwolf, April Wine, Teenage Head, Wild T and the Spirit. Robbie has also appeared on stage with Blues Brother Dan Akroyd. Music Video Director William Hayes.


    Inches From Sin Episode 1065 New York City Rotation

    Bongo Boy recording artist Inches From Sin start this episode with their latest music video “Laid My Heart Out”. A gentle, classic country tinged folk rock song, the distinctive vocal harmonies of this duo set them apart. The waterfront and back porch imagery of the video provide a visual accompaniment that adds to the down-home feel of this song.

    Video Director: Amanda VanSandt


    Inches From Sin-“Laid My Heart Out” Episode 1066 on National Television
    Artistic devotion in voice and visuals, Inches From Sin is truly unique music. Constant scenery mixed with a love, with added music you are sent Inches away from your own escapade.
    Music Video Director: Amanda VanSandt