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  • CABO SAN LUCAS 7.3.20

  • UPC 687051870525 | CAT# BBR687051870525| USPXQ2007031 |WORLDWIDE

    Cabo San Lucas, is a resort city on the southern tip of Mexico's Baja California peninsula, is known for its beaches, water-based activities and nightlife.

    Playa El Médano is Cabo's main beach, with outdoor restaurants and numerous bars. Past the marina is Land's End promontory, site of Playa del Amor (Lover's Beach) and El Arco, a natural archway in the sea cliffs.
    "...Cabo has a very relaxed feel and was written after a wonderful vacation there..." - Jeremy and Christine Stork

  • Press Release: From Victoria, Australia comes Bongo Boy's power duo STUDEO with a brand new single release. Studeo's "Cabo San Lucas" is from their 3rd studio album which was released on June 23, 2020 titled "Dancing On The Beach". The single is written by Jeremy and Christine Stork and produced by Paul Rockwell. Paul not only produced the album but contributed creatively as well. He is a key part of team Studeo! "Cabo San Lucas" is a very cool tune with a latin jazz flavour, penned whilst Studeo (Jeremy and Christine) were kicking back after a busy schedule in the US 2019...... The song "Cabo San Lucas" captures the ambience of what is one of their favourite vacation destinations. It describes the package of beach, food, romance, sunsets and not forgetting those wonderful Pina Coladas!". With bilingual lyrics, this single "Cabo San Lucas" will be submitted to The Recording Academy for the upcoming FYC season for the 63rd Grammy Awards® consideration in Los Angeles, California. 

  • YOU'RE THE ONE - 2019

  • You're The One by Studeo 8.12.19 Worldwide

    UPC680665829750 | Release Date: 8.12.19 | Worldwide

    Songwriters: All songs on this album were written by Jeremy Stork and Christine Stork, with the exception of “On The Border” which Studeo have covered and was a previous hit by Al Stewart.

    Studeo’s new album “You’re The One” is the second album from Australia’s award-winning duo. This album is a further development of the sound that Studeo has been building in their previous recordings with their focus on harmony, harmony guitar and big sounds. Again, they have included mix of genres and some brand new songs, along with a couple of songs that have been previously released on compilation albums on Bongo Boy Records.

    This new album has been submitted for to The Recording Academy in Los Angeles for consideration for the 62nd Grammy Awards® in Pop Duo/Group Performance and Pop Vocal Album.



  • 1. Can’t Stop Loving You 3.38
    2. I’m Falling For You 4.26
    3. These Are Our Days 4.22
    4. Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day 3.59
    5. This Time 3.41
    6. Our Perfect Place To Be 4.07
    7. I've loved you from the start 4.55
    8. My Superman 5.25
    9. Don’t Say Goodbye 3.45
    10. Anymore 4.25
    11. Island Paradise 4.15
    12. Even Misery 4.33

  • Studeo combines a wealth of musical experience and talent delivered by the two founding members of this exciting new band Christine and Jeremy. Whilst they are long time colleagues (married), who came together in the Australian covers band, Casablanca, in the late 70’s, they have joined up once more to build a new band with the goal of writing and recording their own material for a broader global distribution.

  • ALBUM RELEASE 8.1.18


  • 4.3.18

  • Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day & These Are Our Days - Singles 4.3.18 WORLDWIDE