• Rykers Law

  • GET REAL August 6, 2019

  • Digital Down

    Both singles by Rykers Law will be featured on the physical album Kryp II Knight by Various Artists. The album collection for Hard Rock and Metal. 



  • CHANGE May 21, 2019

  • #HardRock Music News! From LA, Rykers Law signs with Bongo Boy Records. Their spankin' brand new Hard Rock single "'Change" will be released by the New Jersey label as a digital single worldwide on 5.21.19. Plus "Change" will also be featured on Emidio's Rock Den Vol.3 by Various Artists together with another upcoming new track titled "Get Real". Rykers Law is an uncompromising Mechanized Metal outfit from Los Angeles...the members of Rykers Law, having played in bands throughout LA and OC decided to come together and do something special and never before heard - thus Mechanized Metal was born.

  • The song "Change" from Rykers Law is an observation. Some may suspect it is an observation from above - that is for the listener to decide. "Change" is a story of honesty, reality and clear vision. "Change" is also a warning. "Change" is THE song for the times: the words describe the perceived slow and incremental decline of civilization. This decline is implied to be hastened by the egocentric, heightened self-importance and narcissism of the individual. This pervasive individual self-importance in-turn creates a selfish view of the world based on one's own desires and requirements - ones own entitlement to behave as they please.

  • Finally, "Change" is a call to action - a call to the individual to look around and ask the not so obvious and difficult questions - and then behave accordingly. "Change" was written and demoed over the course of several months - during a time of personal darkness - as if the observer was carrying the world's problems as an anchor chained around the neck. That initial outline was brought to a small studio where it was demoed. Once the demo was completed, they trucked the Ryker's Law machine to a world-class studio in Los Angeles to record the song for this release. Every facet of the song "Change" was performed so as to keep a strictly mechanical, almost machine-like and unsettling quality. The performances echo the nature of the observations. From the opening battlefield crossing to the strict cadence of the monotone-like, stark and angry vocal performance, the intent was to paint a mood and a feeling - to transport the listener to the writer's emotional and logical point of view.