• Volume XVII

  • Release Date January 28 2020

    1. Sharon Lia Band - Why Can’t We Pretend
    2. Val Kinzler - Everyday
    3. uMan ERA - Gimme A Pint
    4. Sofie Elezaj - I Never Knew feat. Dranik Souf
    5. Jonah Whale - Dance
    6. Kay Morris – Abba Oh
    7. Todd Barrow - Guadalupe River
    8. STUDEO - Counting Stars
    9. Sofia Elezaj - When It's Over
    10. Jose Calarco - Spirit Eagle feat. Ana Forrest
    11. Arthur Jae - God Will Make It Better
    12. uMan ERA - Selfie Queen
    13. the oOhz - Pearl Diver
    14. Inches From Sin - They Came From Mars feat. Cadillac Blue
    15. The Cravens - Dakota Rose

    Full Details

  • Sharon Lia Band goes for an epic, sprawling scope with the fiery passion of “Why Can’t We Pretend”. Featuring a fantastic buildup, the way the song washes over the listener feels majestic. Best of all are her vocals which soar up into the sky.

    Hyperkinetic tempos take hold with Val Kinzler’s rush of “Everyday”. Pop with a theatrical flair emerges with powerful lyricism. Volume is an absolute must while everything merges into a singular stream of consciousness.

    uMan ERA offers shouted communal choruses on the celebratory “Gimme A Pint”. Aptly named the commanding presence of the vocals feels satisfying. The whole of the piece demands attention while it has incredible massive riffs leading the way.

    Ambient trance pop bliss reigns supreme over the soothing “I Never Knew feat. Dranik souf”. Delicate textures set the tone for the song opts for a careful balance. Nimble percussion skitters above helping to propel it forward.

    Wild, unhinged rhythms rule with Jonah Whale’s carefree “Dance”. Incredible guitar heroics show off their impressive chops. For the final stretch they let it all loose resulting in a gorgeous wall of sound approach.

    Tropical-influenced melodies waft through on Kay Morris’ “Abba Oh”. Within this singular work Kay Morris goes for a playful disposition. Everything merges into a virtual kaleidoscope of color.

    “Guadalupe River” embraces a sprawling, country quality courtesy of Todd Barrow’s soulful voice. With such poetic lyricism everything the whole mood is set. The easy-going rhythm further adds to the incredibly meditative quality.

  • STUDEO delves into a beautiful bloom of color on “Counting Stars”. Dreamy to its core the psychedelic washes feel potent. Vocals rest at the heart of it all from which all else flows.

    A shining polished pop perfection defines Sofie Elazaj’s “When It’s Over”. Luxurious sound comes in and out of focus giving the song an intimate setting. Full of so much life the piece virtually bursts at the seams.

    The traditional folk take of Jose Calarco’s “Spirit Eagle feat. Ana Forrest” has a raw soulfulness. Flutes help to lend it a bright and airy disposition. Vocals intermingle to help infuse it with life.

    Arthur Jae employs an EDM template to great effect with “God Will Make It Better”. Giving faith-based music a much-needed facelift, the song radiates with hope. Indeed, the joy that rushes through it all proves to be its strongest selling point.

  • Featuring an incredible sprawling scope is uMan ERA’s “Selfie Queen”. Everything about it has a multi-faceted, multi-layered approach. Their vocals grab the listener in the best way possible.

    The oOhz choose a spaced-out, shoegaze tact with “Pearl Diver”. Distortion proves to be an important element for it possesses such a faded-out take. Highly infectious it all swirls about in a gorgeous array.

    Inches From Sin goes for a patient groove on the driving rhythms of “They Came from Mars (feat. Cadillac Blue)”. A bit of a bluesy vibe runs through it giving it a timeless appeal. The instrumental vibrancy reigns supreme as the groove grows.

    A wild snarl of a guitar introduces The Cravens playful “Dakota Rose”. Going with an early 90s lo-fi aesthetic the track is an unbridled joy to behold. Everything about it demands to be played as loudly as possible.

  • Free Swag Bags for Each Featured Artists on This Album is Included with this Project