• Arthur Jae

  • Arthur Jae

    Award Winning Singer-Songwriter Arthur Jae developed a passion for singing very early in life while singing with the youth choir. He developed an unwavering love for the Lord and a passion for singing. Inspired by his father’s support and advice, he taught himself how to play the piano.


    By the age of 20, he wrote and composed his first song titled “God Is On My Side”. Arthur collaborated on the album MANNA with Producers Gregory S. Jones and Larry Funk.



  • In the year 2000, he recorded his first album titled “I Can Feel Him”, with Producer Ivan Johnson. Arthur’s Sophomore Album “Continuous Praise” was recorded in 2004. The hit single “Continuous Praises.” was remastered in 2018 with the original Producer Ivan Johnson.

    Arthur wrote his latest single titled “God Will Make It Better".

    Arthur is an active member of the San Francisco Chapter Recording Academy and the Indie Collaborative. Arthur’s single titled “Abide In Me”, from the album “Continuous Praise” won the 2018 ATLAS ELITE ENTERTAINMENT’s Gospel Song Of The Year.

    Arthur Jae is rooted in his love for Christ and a rising star.


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    Written Bernadetta Johnson-Carter - 5/30/19

    From childhood to manhood
    Arthur was born for this,
    Writing, singing, and playing music
    Which was to his benefit.

  • That propelled him to reach beyond
    The mediocre and mundane,
    That pushed him to advance
    Roadblocks and barriers he overcame.

    From a musical family,
    He was definitely inclined
    To fulfil his life’s purpose
    To become better was in his mind.


  • As a child singing publicly
    Not bashful or even shy
    With harmony and ease
    Causing joyful cries.

    With no piano lessons
    At the keyboard, he sat
    Playing for those who sang
    In a sharp or a flat!

  • They showed thankfulness and gratitude
    That he had been blessed
    With the ability to bring others
    Peace, Joy and Happiness.

    Arthur found out firsthand
    That God would make him better,
    So he practised and progressed
    Prayer and faith working together.

    God made it better for Arthur
    Who in music excels
    Being musically endowed by God
    Who does all things well!