• The 66th FYC Album

  • Release Date: February 4th, 2024

    UPC:655469661578 | ISRC: USPXQ2420401

    Digital and Physical - Distribution Worldwide -Promotions

    This Double Album will include only the music that was indeed on the 1st voting ballot with no exceptions.
    These artists are a part of History of Independent Music and Musicians® by being featured on this album.

  • This is Double Album that captures the moment in History that Talented Independent Artists' music was accepted on The 1st Voting Ballot.
    Each year Bongo Boy Records releases a volume to feature these talents.

    Bongo Boy Records is continuing to capture the moment that Talented Independent artists' music was accepted on the 1st GRAMMY Awards® Voting ballot.

    The 66th FYC Album(cds) by Various Artists (Double Cd Album)
    This Double Album release date: February, 4th, 2024, and is made available worldwide as a Digital and Physical album(cds) release on Bongo Boy Records.

  • Double CDs Package Shipped in The USA $18.40USD

  • DISC ONE (42:07)


    DISC ONE (47:07)
    1.KICK THE WICKED - Paradise by the Dashboard Light 8:18 (Rock Performance)
    2.The NEW Bardōts - Wasted Blind 3:58 (Rock)
    3.Frank Piombo - Luca’s Groove (Radio Edit) 3:36 (R&B Performance)
    4.Angie Wells - Where the Livin’ Is Good 4:55 (Jazz Vocal)
    5.Clark Ford - I Believe in You feat. Underground Treehouse 2:55
    6.Simonne Draper - ECLIPSE (Jon Kennedy Remix) 4:38 (Remixed Recording, Non-Classical)
    7.Maryann Stefanik - Sharpen Your Knives 3:13 (Rock)
    8.Ban Brothers - Nothin’ Gets Lost 2:47 (Alternative Music)
    9.Gar Francis - Blue Cadillac 4:23 (Children’s Music)
    10.Mercy Alu - JERUSALEMA 3:22 (Global Music)

  • DISC TWO (43:28)


    DISC TWO (43:28)
    1.The NEW Bardōts - In The Year 2525 (Extended Version) 5:04 (Rock)
    2.KICK THE WICKED - FireFly 5:08 (Rock)
    3.OBLIVEA - DEEP INSIDE 4:25 (Rock Performance)
    4.Angie Wells - Talkin’ All Under My Clothes 5:02 (Jazz Vocal)
    5.Clark Ford - Written in The Stars feat. Underground Treehouse 3:13 (Traditional Pop)
    6.Ban Brothers - Phire Elaam 4:04 (Global Music Performance)
    7.Grayhawk - To Ask A Blessing 4:51 (Music Video)
    8.Mercy Alu - African Queen 4:09 (Global Music)
    9.STUDEO - Find Your Destiny 4:27 (Pop Duo/Group Performance)
    10.Inga McDaniel - Ain’t That It! 3:03 (Global Music)


  • Grayhawk - To Ask A Blessing

  • Find Your Destiny by STUDEO