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  • Digital Single Release 7.23.21 | Worldwide

  • UPC 688130658140 | ISRC USHM82168275

  • Swirling guitar rock Oblivea – ONE MORE TRY:  Veteran rockers will feel the pulse pumping for sure, and have flashbacks to Robin Trower as they listen to the swirling guitar rock that Oblivea creates for you on this scintillating single.  Benjamin Kyle originally wrote the tune, then David Ivory, James Sparks and Tommy D contributed too…

    Their guitars just soar throughout this 4:16 gem… while it’s not fully in the “psychedelic” realm, more on the rock side of the spectrum, the lyrics truly tell the story of the angst that outcasts often feel… here’s an example that I thought well written:

    No one knows the pain I hold
    All I ask is please give me a chance
    All I need is one more dance
    Please give me one more try, one more try

    This is the kind of song that will have you coming back again and again, hitting “replay” over and over again… I predict DJ’s of many persuasions will be plugging this fantastic flight of fancy into their playlists frequently…

    Clear talent, high energy and penetrating lyrics make Oblivea a band you’ll want to follow… I give them a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98.  Listen to the song on the Oblivea HearNow site for the song.        Rotcod Zzaj

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  • Oblivea – One More Try (single)

    Bongo Boy Records is an indie label with a real knack for finding underrecognized talent in the ever-crowded music scene of today. Rock artist Oblivea is by no means an exception to the rule. This dynamic group has recently released a single titled One More Try. With plans to be included on one of Bongo Boy’s upcoming multi-artist compilation albums, the label has recognized the skill and passion in this group – and we think you’ll be inclined to agree.

    Complex electric guitar riffs and gritty distorted interludes lead us into One More Try. The vocals have a hint of that classic early ’00s rock tone with a bit of an edge – gritty and fiery. There’s some strong melodic writing here in both the guitar and vocal parts – memorable guitar riffs and powerful, soaring melodies that complement the intensity of the track. The breakdown at around the two-minute mark shows off some impressive drum chops, segueing smoothly into an equally impressive and intricate guitar solo.

  • This track clearly comes from a place of emotion for the lead songwriter, Benjamin Kyle. The raw emotion and intensity in the lyrics are present in every measure, radiating through production to performance. The bulk of the chorus a particularly compelling lyrical moment that evokes authentic feelings of hurt and longing:

    “No one knows the pain I hold
    All I ask is please give me a chance
    All I need is one more dance
    Please give me one more try”

    For fans of gritty, hard-hitting alt-rock, Oblivea will be right up your alley. One More Try is a highly successful blend of hard rock, alternative, and even hints of emo and metal tones – making this a very accessible blend of sounds that will resonate with a variety of modern rock audiences. This powerful track is available now on Bongo Boy Records – and look for it on their upcoming rock compilation album Kryp II Knight Vol. III coming soon.

  • Artist and songwriter OBLIVEA injects a heavy and heartfelt alternative hit into the modern rock scene with this cascading, distorted yet melodic new single ONE MORE TRY.

    Co-written by Benjamin Kyle, David Ivory, James Sparks and Tommy ‘D’, the song brings together the fierce embrace of hard rock with a clearly contemporary vocal influence and an ultimately creative, passionate core.

    OBLIVEA puts in a genuine and mighty performance throughout the changing stages of the track. Mellow verses allow the rasp and vulnerability of the tone and concept to reach out. Then there’s the sudden weight and ache of the hook 

  • – an outcry loaded with authenticity thanks to a clear connection to the subject matter.

    It’s a voice born to perform in this way, and it’s elevated all the more so thanks to a multi-layered rock soundscape complete with crashing drums and soulful solos to round things up.

    Ultimately declaring a need for one more dance, one more chance – ONE MORE TRY is every bit as hopeful and longing as its title implies. A strong introduction to the artist.

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  • Digital Single Release 7.21.20 | Worldwide

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