• Clark Ford

  • MEANT TO BE 06.01.23 Clark Ford feat. Underground Treehouse




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    ISRC - USPXQ0601001-USPXQ0601014

  • Song Titles

    1. I Believe In You 2:55
    2. I've Been Waiting For You 3:45
    3. Meant To Be 3:47
    4. A Dream Come True 4:06
    5. For Better or Worse 3:09
    6. Baby-On-Board Blues 3:15
    7. Live It Up! 2:58
    8. Tonight 3:02
    9. Everything We Dreamed 2:27
    10. Every Moment 4:01
    11. Adieu 3:15
    12. I Gave My Heart To You 3:13
    13. I Miss You 3:30
    14. Written In The Stars 3:13

  • About Clark Ford (BMI) - an award-winning songwriter from California, living in Iowa. He writes songs in several genres, including pop, country, rock, sacred, jazz, and blues. He has released several albums, including "In My Heart" (pop/country/rock relationship songs, 2018), “Anthem” (country, blues, folk, jazz, and sacred anthems, 2019), “We Must Have Angels” (sacred and meaningful songs, 2020), “You’re The Best” (country, 2021), and "I'm Lookin' At You" (pop, 2022). Awards include: The Halloween song "Spiderwebs In My Hair!" won the 2018 Dallas Songwriters Association award for Novelty song; The country love song "In Your Eyes" was nominated for a Josie Music Award (2021); the fun country song "I Don't Want To Work Today" was picked for a 2021 Spotify/M&Ms curated playlist of 20 songs about work, advertised on packages of M&Ms candies: and the country/pop crossover song "Unconditionally" was voted #15 in the 2022 best songs chart on Museboat Live internet radio; Many of Clark's songs have been accepted on the first ballot of the Grammy awards®. Clark's songs have been recorded by Underground Treehouse, Nashville, featuring a variety of singers. Many singles have been released on Bongo Boy Records on Multi-Artist albums and by the artist himself. Artist Website: http://www.clarkfordmusic.com/


  • Celebrate The Sun 03.22.22

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    Official Video for "Celebrate The Sun", a fun pop/country song about summer and laying out in the sun. Music and lyrics by Clark Ford, 2022. Recorded by Underground Treehouse. Video by Clark Ford and Frans Moritz using CCO videos and stills from Pixabay and Pexels. #summer #sun #beach #fun #sunbathing #popmusic #countrymusic #Americana #clarkfordmusic

  • Official Music Video


    It's a perfect day
    The sun is shinin' and the sky is blue
    I want to spend the whole day with you
    Just layin' out in the sun

    It's fin'lly warm outside
    The grass is green, the clouds have blown away
    It's so fun to see ev'ryone
    Who's come outside to play

    Oooh, it doesn't get any better than this
    Oooh, this is a day I don't wanna miss

    I just wanna share the way I feel
    I'm walking on air, dancing in the street
    I just wanna shout out to everyone
    Come on outside, let's celebrate the sun!


    It's been cold long enough
    I've had my fill of grey skies
    Stuck inside I felt barely alive
    Doin' nothin' but watchin' TV

    But I'm ready to go
    I got my tunes and a tube of sunscreen
    I got our blanket laid out on the grass
    With a place for you next to me

    Oooh, it doesn't get any better than this
    Oooh, this is a day I don't wanna miss

    I just wanna share the way I feel
    I'm walking on air, dancing in the street
    I just wanna shout out to everyone
    Come on outside, let's celebrate the sun!


    We don't need a crowded beach or a swimming pool
    We'll have fun in the backyard just me and you
    Don't want to waste another minute of this perfect day
    Come on let's get outside and catch some rays!

    I just wanna share the way I feel
    I'm walking on air, dancing in the street
    I just wanna shout out to everyone
    Come on outside, let's celebrate the sun!

    Let's celebrate the sun!


    Bongo Boy Record‘s resident multi-genre songwriter Clark Ford is becoming a fast favorite of ours. His previous two singles In Your Eyes and I Won’t Give Up On You were full of high notes, but this most recent work might be his best yet. Now releasing his third single on the label, Ford gives us the sweet, bright pop track Celebrate The Sun that’s absolutely perfect for the upcoming change of seasons.

    Celebrate the Sun is the essence of summer in a 3-minute package. Everything from the strummy guitar and the tropical percussion to the saccharine female vocal just radiates that carefree energy that is endlessly reminiscent of the season. It’s light, airy, and warm – the quintessential summer mix. As always, the musicians bringing Ford’s work to life are expert level, bringing a polished cohesivity to the track that makes it effortlessly easy to listen to.


    Often times Ford’s songwriting appears as the highlight of his work, and this new release is no exception. He’s managed to fully capture the feeling of the shift into summer weather in his lyrics, bringing thoughts of that first warm day after a long winter immediately to mind. The imagery is uncomplicated and extremely relatable, leaving plenty of room for you to imagine fond summer memories of your own as you listen:

    “We don’t need a crowded beach or a swimming pool
    We’ll have fun in the backyard just me and you
    Don’t wanna waste another minute of this perfect day
    Come on let’s get outside and catch some rays”

    This is the perfect track to take us out of winter and get us ready for the warm weather that’s on its way. Bongo Boy Records has a winner in Clark Ford, whose songwriting never ceases to impress, no matter the genre he chooses to work in. Get ready for summer by adding Celebrate The Sun to your favorite playlist now, or look for it appearing on Bongo Boy Records Volume XXI, set to release later this year.


  • SINGLE REVIEW published in France

    Le soleil et la douceur s’invite dans nos oreilles grâce au titre que nous écouterons en boucle cette semaine : « Celebrate the Sun »magnifiquement arrangé et enregistré par Underground Treehouse.

    Dans un monde de grises nouvelles et dans lequel tout va vite, le morceau nous offre un moment de détente musical de toute saveur. L’instrumentation folk et les lignes de chant colorées de pop nous emporte hors du temps, nous plonge inexorablement dans les accords relaxants et les voix chaleureuses qui nous rend accros au passage.

    « Celebrate the Sun » attire l’été de la plus belle des façons et est le résultat d’un excellent travail d’équipe, honorant la créativité mais aussi la qualité musicale.


  • Clark Ford - I Won't Give Up On You

    New Digital Single 2.11.22 


  • 02.11.22

  • Feat. Underground Treehouse, Jonah Folsom, Glen Ford


    ISRC: USPXQ2202111

  • Clark Ford

    Clark Ford is a songwriter from California, now living in Iowa.  He writes in multiple genres including country, pop, and retro rock.  His songs in several albums are widely available online. 

  • Clark Ford wrote this song for all the people in his life who are in pain that he doesn't want to give up on, even if they're pushing him away.  It's a song encouraging people to howl at the moon if they need to, it won't drive him away, he just hopes they don't give up on themselves.   


  • Release Date 1.8.21 | UPC 687051870730 | ISRC2101081| Digital Single | Worldwide

  • In Your Eyes feat. Underground Treehouse and Michael Lusk

  • Official Music Video

    Romantic country love (wedding) song about falling in love, getting married, and connecting deeply. Music and lyrics by Clark Ford, 2019. Arranged and recorded by Underground Treehouse Studio, Nashville, featuring Michael Lusk as singer, 2020. This song was included in "2020 The Musical" (book, music, and lyrics by Clark Ford).

    Release Date: November 2020

  • Music Review

    Richly rewarding romantic single Clark Ford – IN YOUR EYES:  We don’t get a lot of country tunes in here for review, but that may be about to change… Clark Ford has produced a richly rewarding romantic single that shows clear understanding of how to grab your ears… watch the video first…


    Read Full Review Here

  • If you enjoyed Clark’s stellar lyrics and vocal mastery on that song, you should be sure you SUBSCRIBE to Clark’s YouTube channel, where you’ll find many more singles and albums to enjoy.

    To listen to only the audio, go to Clark’s page for the single… many readers here know me for my reviews of jazz and world music, but I spent several years (an even dozen) in the heartland of country soul, down in Huntsville, Alabama… I can tell you right now that this tune ranks right up at the top of the country charts… I predict it will be getting infinite spins on stations of all types around the globe!

  • What was most impressive to me about Clark’s song was the video production… deeply moving and full of all the emotions that love can bring… it has a real “down home” feel, and you’ll be watching it over & over again, folks.

    I give Clark and his players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98.  Get more information on Clark’s page.          Rotcod Zzaj\

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