• Kryp II Knight Volume III

  • Kryp III Knight by Various Artists  Volume III

    Genre: Rock/Hard Rock

    UPC 65546993579 | Release Date: August 5th , 2022 Worldwide


  • Kryp II Knight Volume III by Various Artists 

    1. Unite The States Project – Hey, America’s Burning 3:58
    2. OBLIVEA – The Crash feat. Last Obelisk 4:08
    3. Pretty Blackmore – You Didn’t Call 4:21
    4. MaryAnn – The Outsider 5:13
    5. E.G. Holmes – Warm feat. Dave Edwards (Extended Play) 4:39
    6. The NEW Bardots – (Just) Another Dance in the City 3:33
    7. Clark Ford – I’m Not A Bad Guy feat. Underground Treehouse 3:11
    8.  Monkey Grip – My Baby 3:53
    9. OBLIVEA – One More Try 4:17
    10. Sinner Swing – The Covid Killer 3:07
    11. Grit’s Guitar – Edge of Eternity feat Harold 'Grit' Vondenstein 9:47

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  • If you are looking for some quality rock music to jam to, look no further than Bongo Boy Records’ latest album “Kryp II Knight, Vol III”. The latest release from the famous record label is not your typical music album in fact, it is one of the most unique and creative albums that the music industry has ever heard. Bongo Boy Records never disappoints when it comes to making out of the box music that just sweeps one right off the feet. In this new album “Kryp II Knight, Vol III”, they have featured songs from multiple award-winning international artists and put them together into one mind blowing under the name of one masterpiece that is, this album. If you are a true rock music fan, this album is definitely for you as it features some incredibly moving tracks from a wide ensemble of talented rock musicians. The way that is this album is composed is rare in itself since it is typically unorthodox for an album to have more than one main artist however this Bongo Boy Records’ album does a fantastic job pulling the songs together into one cohesive and remarkable array of songs.

    “Kryp II Knight, Vol III” contains a total number of eleven hard rock tracks all of which are loud, energetic and simply ground breaking. Apart from that, the best thing about this album is that it gives a feeling of nostalgia since all of these songs have the essence of that true 80’s rock music that we all know and love while giving it its own little modern touch.

    Track “Hey, America’s Burning” by Unite the States Project is a great example of that. With the background that will wake your soul up, the lyrics on this one is also penned down ingeniously.

    Next on the album is “The Crash” by Oblivea. This song has to be one of the most herculean songs ever created. It has all the qualities of an incredible and euphonious rock song. Oblivea’s voice just has some power to it that just gives an energy booster to whoever that is listening to the song.

    With the electricity of an electric guitar “You Didn’t Call” by Pretty Black More simply electrocutes the listener in the best way possible. Once you start playing this song, it would be hard to not replay it over and over again. Along with those electric songs, this album also contains songs that hypnotize the audience. 

  • Mary Ann Stefanik’s “The Outisder” is one of those songs. Mary Ann’s sweet and sultry voice mixed with rocking background music makes up for an amazing song that will remain on your playlist forever.

    As the name suggests, “Warm” by E.G. Holmes featuring David Edwards is the coziest song you will ever come across. It catches you by surprise as the soft and subtle tune of drums start playing in the background and the artists’ magical voice just takes you in a different world.

    This song is absolutely beautiful. Although if you are looking for that true feeling of 80s rock, “(Just) Another Dance in the City” by the new Bardots is definitely the one for you. It is like when you are listening to this song, you somehow travel back in the time to the golden era of rock music as it just pumps you up with that a heavy shot of energy.

    “I am not a Bad Guy” by Clark Ford is another one of these masterpieces. This is one of the most wholesome and pure rock songs. It lights up the mood with its soft but cheering tune.

    Next one on the list is “My Baby” by Monkey Grip. The best way to describe this track is that it is the most fitting song for a road trip. In case you ever want a song while cruising around, this one is your jam.

    Another one from Oblivea on the album is “One More Try”. Just like “The Crash”, this one too is extremely powerful but in its own unique fashion. After how much the pandemic has affected us over the past 2 years, this album called for a heartfelt song related to the latest pandemic.

    Therefore, next is “The Covid Killer Song” by Sinner Swing. Everyone can relate to this song as the entire world was in it together which is why this song just hits you in a whole different level. 

  • Last but certainly not the least, the last song on this album is “Edge of Eternity”. Once again, an electrifying song with the rocking tunes of an electric guitar; this song is absolutely spellbinding. It is also the shortest song on the album and is only an instrumental yet equally as powerful as all the other songs on this ingenious album.

    Whether you are a rock music fanatic or you are not; this album has something for everybody. Although these songs have different artists but they are all curated with immense cohesiveness in mind and once you listen to the album, it is pretty obvious. Bongo Boy Records has never disappointed with their albums in the past but this time around, they really outdid themselves and took it to whole another level. The composition, lyrics and tunes of these tracks are perfection. One just cannot have enough of them and it is hard not to keep replaying them. There is also a song for almost any kind of mood you are in that is why this album is going to be on the top of our playlist for sure!

    This album is available on all your favorite streaming and download platforms worldwide so what are you waiting for? Check the links given down below out to listen to these rocking songs and have the experience of a lifetime.


    Review by Content planner from Pakistan WORDS are MAGICIANS

  • Hey, America’s Burning is the intense and opinionated single from Unite The States Project kicking off this compilation album. Gritty vocals, thumping bass, and choir-like harmonies enter the mix one after another, creating a rich arrangement that pulls in both traditional and contemporary rock elements. Between the powerful vocals and the memorable hook, this is no doubt a stand out on the collection. Next we revisit the fiery, powerful work of OBLIVEA on their single The Crash (check out our full review of this single here).

    On this album we’re happy to see quite a few of the artists we’ve previously recognized be included on this high-level compilation. This includes the show stopping vocals featured in You Didn’t Call by Pretty Blackmore, the fun and confident work of MaryAnn on The Outsider, and the classic/modern rock hybrid work that is Warm by E.G. Holmes.

    But then it’s time for some work that’s new to us, and we find the included artists more than live up to expectation. We’ve heard from The NEW Bardots before, but (Just) Another Dance in the City is not something we’ve heard before. Mirroring some of our favorite attributes from this compilation’s opening track, we find a voice with plenty of rasp and a rhythm section with plenty of energy. This track walks an intriguing line between blues rock and hard rock, blending especially distorted guitars with driving drums and classic blues-influenced riffs. Then we’re treated to a track from Bongo Boy’s resident prolific songwriter Clark FordI’m Not A Bad Guy is a great showcase of Ford’s pop-rock writing sensibilities. This song combines intense, emotion lyric writing – as we’ve often come to expect from Ford – with clean, easy-listening instrumentation, proving that there is truly something for every type of rock fan on this project.

  • If you’re looking for the best there is in undiscovered rock, look no further than Kryp II Knight Volume III. As always, Bongo Boy Records has put together a remarkable collection of artists and orchestrated them into a cohesive and entertaining project. This is the kind of album that will keep rock fans across all the sub-genres – from classic rock to pop rock to hard rock – coming back for more and eagerly awaiting the next iteration of this iconic collection. Get a copy of this impressive project for yourself below.


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  • Bongo Boy Records deliver epic collaboration album II Knight Volume III

    Updated: Aug 9


    Kryp II Knight Volume III is the latest collaboration album curtesy of Bongo Boy Records


    The album is an eleven track collection of variating hits and heavy Rock jams. Covering a wide depth of alternating genre tones and intensity levels, the variety on display here is undeniably impressive.

  • Opener “Hey America’s Burning-Unite The States Project” is the perfect opener, setting the tone for what is to come. With electric guitar flicks and crisp husky vocals. Follow ups “The Crash feat. Last Obelisk” is a hard hitting step up with a stunning drop and a more dark orientated vibe.


    “Pretty Blackmore -You Didn’t Call” and “MaryAnn -The Outsider” offer a nice mid point interlude over the course of the album. They both halt the brakes from an instrumental perspective allowing the glistening vocals to shine through and take centre focus a nod to more Indie influences here with some of the best lyrics showcased across the entire body of work.


    The rest of the album progresses well, feeling like a cohesive well put together album whilst each artist featured brings there own unique and distinct style, nothing feels out of place. Songs such as “Clark Ford- I’m Not A Bad Guy feat. Underground Treehouse” and


    “OBLIVEA- One More Try”are definite highlights on the album before closing out with the grand and well earned instrumental finale. “Grit’s Guitar-Edge of Eternity feat. Harold Grit”