• Homestead Volume Two

  • Americana Music - HOMESTEAD VOL. 2 

    01 Gar Francis - Fast Train 3:12
    02 Barley Station - 4th of July 2:19
    03 Trevor Aaron Carlesi - Ship Without A Sea 2:27
    04 Annemarie Picerno – Bonfire 4:23
    05 Ser Xerri - That Kind Of Man 4:55
    06 Mandy Brooks - Wayfaring Stranger 4:32
    07 Blind Lemon Pledge - The Hills Of West Virginia 4:17
    08 Tom Vicario - Baby Let's Go 2:42
    09 Kelly Caruso - Born Dainty 3:44
    10 Revis Johnson - Bumpin Uglies 4:50
    11 Gar Francis - Constant Turn 4:16
    12 Ser Xerri - Song for Samwise 5:27
    13 Blind Lemon Pledge - Give My Poor Heart Ease 5:06
    14 Steve Morgan - It Ain't Well 3:53
    15 Steve Morgan - Two Wheels (the Motorcycle Anthem) 3:47



  • by some really good players.

    01 Gar Francis - Fast Train 3:12 – Track one to paraphrase Bob Seger, is by one of my main men, Mr. Gar Francis. What is not to like as Gar’s funky side explodes and the listener cannot help but groove. Gar has the perfect voice for this kind of music, Just as AC/DC would not have been the same without Bon Scott, or Humble Pie would have been lacking had it not been for Steve Marriot, Gar has the perfect voice for this song and the rocking guitar does not hurt either.

    02 Barley Station - 4th of July 2:19 – Get ready for a massive Billy Jam, I dig it. That bas is just so rock solid, and those strings are smoking. I tell anyone who blows off Country music in general or picking. The guys rock and they rock hard. Understand this is not Ozzy, this is more akin to “the masters” Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young – great playing and wonderful vocals.

    03 Trevor Aaron Carlesi - Ship Without a Sea 2:27 – Oh yeah, I dig that funky twang on the guitar in the intro. There is no doubt the guitar could open up and steal the show if he wanted to do so. The band plays nice and no one steps on any toes. The vocals take the lead and he sings quite well. I just can’t shake the feeling that the rest of the band, including the keyboards, is itching to bust loose. Let’s hope that during the live show everyone gets an extended solo.

    04 Annemarie Picerno – Bonfire 4:23 -Man, I dig this! The intro guitar is great, and that DEEP voice is fantastic. Then the other singers come in and suddenly I am captivated by a beautiful female voice. I really don’t know what to say. This is stunning song. The strings and drums are spot on, but it is the diverse range of voices that blows me away. They range from a guy so deep he could easily say “You rang?” To a woman who sounds like a young Dolly Parton, to a woman who could have come straight out of Motown. I would vote for this band simply because of their diversity of voices, each one of which excellent.