• Tom Vicario

  • 1. Baby Let's Go 2:43
    2. Heartbreak Hotel 2:10
    3. Take A Rose 3:26
    4. Ring Of Fire 2:59
    5. Looking To The Future 2:53
    6. Mystery Train 2:06
    7. All The Good Things 3:00
    8. That's Alright 2:07
    9. Folsom Prison 2:53
    10. I Walk To Line 2:40
    11. Sangria 3:21
    12. Reflection – by Tom Vicario

    Official WebSite: Songwriter Gar Francis

  • ASIA RELEASE 9.12.17 Tom Vicario - Baby Lets Go - EP

    Featuring the following songs 

    1. Baby Let’s Go   2:43
    2. All The Good Things   3:00
    3. Take A Rose   3:26
    4. Looking For The Future   2:53



    available in Taipei, TW

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  • Full Album Released on 11.15.16

    Lehigh Valley recording artist Thomas Vicario signed with Bongo Boy Records for his debut album which includes 11 songs.

    The album slatted for release this Fall will have 7 covers by American favorites like Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Blake Shelton also this release will feature 4 original songs written by Grammy member and producer Gar Francis (The Doughboys, Mark Lindsay, Plainfield Slim, Mia Moravis).

    The album recorded at Showtime Studio will be available for digital release in the USA with physical cds available at live shows and concerts this Fall

    Release Date: 11.15.16

    Artist Official WebSite


  • Album Review by Jenny Cat | Steel Notes Magazine

    "BABY LET'S GO," a new release from Bongo Boy Records Recording Artist, Tom Vicario is a definitive must-have CD/download for any self-respecting, old school country and rock and roll music fan. Tom's smooth yet earthy country voice does each song justice.

    Track one, "Baby Let's Go" is an original penned by Bongo Boy Record great, Gar Francis. The song has that good old Memphis tone and it is a composition that would have been most certainly recorded by Carl Perkins for Sam Phillp's on Sun Records. It's just that good of a song with a simple message of marrying the one you love. Tom's warm vocal tone really sends the meaning home with the listener and you'll find yourself tapping your toes as this song will get stuck in your head.

    Track two,  "Heartbreak Hotel," the classic Elvis Presley song is expertly interpreted and sung by Tom. The arrangement here is true to the roots of the original and does not fail to please even the most discerning critic.  It's a really enjoyable rendition of this classic Elvis favorite.

    Track three, "Take A Rose" is another Gar Francis original expressively sung by Tom in a very beautiful way that truly portrays the sentimental feelings of the song. What's great about Gar's music and Tom's voice is that these original compositions fit so perfectly with the more widely known early rock/country standards that one could assume these tunes were also huge hits from way back when. That high caliber songwriting is clearly seen with "Take A Rose."

    Track four, "Ring of Fire" starts with those iconic trumpets as Tom takes us through his own interpretation of this famous Johnny Cash tune. Tom never strays from the original form and his voice is hauntingly similar to Mr. Cash's. If I had to vote for my favorite rendition of this song by an up and coming artist, it would be this version sung by Tom Vicario.

    Track five, "Looking To The Future" is a great old tune with a honkey-tonk feel that will make you want to dance. Do people even dance anymore? Well they should when this song is playing. The guitar work on this song is inspiring and will make you want more. Tom makes his hilarious plight for an old-fashioned girl highly palpable with this one. A fun song for all of your honkey-tonking activities.

    Track six, "Mystery Train" – yes yes yes yes. I'm glad Tom added this tune to his release because it is a must have for any self-respecting singer. Once again, the arrangement is true to the original style and that's important. Tom's earthy voice, complete with slap-back echo make one long for fast hot-rods and rolled up jeans, for sure. Maybe some more guitar licks in this one?  Everyone loves hot guitar licks (especially me).

    Track seven, "All The Good Things" reminds me of a good old country ballad song. The acoustic guitars really set the tone and I can already picture the sea of lonesome souls drinking at the bar as they remember their happier days. This is another Gar Francis tune that competes well with these better known hits. Francis is no slouch as a songwriter and is a mastermind of the guitar. Tom Vicario's voice does this song the most justice as he encompasses that honest and warm tone associated with the big country and western classics. This is a song to sit back with on the porch while you're sipping beer.

    Track eight, "That's Alright" is an ode to Elvis once more. Tom delivers a strong vocal performance. The guitar solo is effortless and when combined, all of these elements bring the listener back to a simpler time when cars were fast, boys could be bad and no one played on their cell phones all day. Awesome work on this one, fellas. Keep it up.

    Track nine, "Folsom Prison," Tom nails this one. He's got that iconic warble to his voice and Johnny Cash tone. The arrangement is spot-on and it's most certainly the best rendition of Folsom that I've heard, and I get out a lot. Really. Great guitar work, too. I love how this release has true to the original arrangements and that's a big reason why this version of the classic Johnny Cash hit is such a smash.

    Track ten," I Walk The Line," I was wondering if this was in the cards for us on this release. Thankfully it is and it's great. Tom really has a knack and understanding of Johnny Cash's voice and music and it really shows.  The guitar work is true to the original and I could listen to this version of this classic all day and I implore you to do the same. If you haven't bought this music yet, then what are you waiting for?!

    Track eleven, "Sangria" is a much different tune than what we've seen on the rest of this album but it's a good sort of different that adds variety. Tom proves that he cannot only sing classic rock and country but he can add a contemporary vibe, proving his versatility as a vocalist. Great tune but could have used more lead guitar somewhere, maybe in the intro or as a solo (but then again, I'm biased because I'm a guitarist and I love guitar – so judge for yourself – BUY THE ALBUM ALREADY).

    Track 12 is an honest thank you from Tom to us. I think it's awesome he decided to add this thank you section because it is important to remember those who have influenced us musically. Not only does Tom thank his influences, but also he gives some love to Gar Francis and Bongo Boy Records. How cool is that?

    If you haven't bought this album yet, do me a favor and get a copy. You'll thank me later.   - Jenny Cat | Steel Notes Magazine

  • There’s a really comforting warmth to this song, it’s one that softens the high energy of the melody and the rhythm a little bit and makes for a very classic sounding recording. The folk rock and blues vibe comes forward in every possible way, but that softness is something that is present in everything from the rhythm to the guitar sound, to the melody, and indeed the vocal performance itself. The feeling is of it being a very natural performance, which reinforces the independence of the track, the artist, and the individuality that thrives as part of the creative process.
    The melody of the song is a very vintage kind of blues-rock melody. The notes have a familiar sound to them, the writer knows the genre well and has written a song accordingly, and everything does what it should. The melody definitely stays with you, whether it’s an original take on a scale or just the familiarity – that innate desire to learn and mimic a joyful melody such as this. Whatever the reason, it’s a strong effect to have on an audience.
    Structurally the whole track works beautifully. The instrumental breaks are well placed and long enough to really let you wind down and relax in between lyrics, plus the subtle yet addictively happy sounding guitar solos that drive these breaks add even more to the enjoyment of the track in general. Musically, it’s a whole lot of good vibes that would be perfectly suited to a Saturday night gathering – the kind where a little bit of country rock and blues has the power to bring everyone together, letting them relax and unwind after a hectic week of work.
    Gar Francis is the songwriter, Tom Vicario the artist performing. Visit Tom Vicario’s Website to find out more about him and his music. Follow him on Facebook to stay updated.