• Homestead Volume One

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  • 1. Kathryn Shipley - Shine Your Love 3:53
    2. Hunter Sealy - One Family Strong 3:06
    3. Tammi T & Klyve with Keith Hines Production - The Runaways 3:09
    4. Bobby Rue - I Like The Days 3:06
    5. Gar Francis - Step X Step 3:10
    6. Deborah Henriksson - Trains 3:34
    7. JD Carroll - I Guess I'll Never Know 3:47
    8. Nick Marr - Hold Over Me 3:59
    9. Paul Michael Tondreau - Keep The Fire Burning 2:54
    10. STEEL - Love Is 4:23
    11. Bobby Rue - Country Living 3:09
    12. Greg Guba - Only Me 4:27
    13. Barley Station - Just Begun 3:53
    14. Michael Resin - Send Me To My Grave 3:40
    15. Lisa Coppola - Stuck To My Shoe 4:12
    16. Bobby Rue - Come Along Baby 3:26

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  • Belvidere, New Jersey - USA
    May 16, 2017
    For immediate Release.
    Music Review by The Grouch 

    Hej America!

    The good folks at Bongo Boy are soon releasing a new album called HOMESTEAD VOLUME ONE. The name intrigued me and when I read that this album is comprised of tracks that fall under the genre of Americana I knew I had to give this a listen. When I think of Americana I think of The Band (even though I do believe some of their members were Canadian eh). Songs like Simon and Garfunkel's The Boxer also come to mind. The icing on the cake was when I read that a couple of tracks on this LP are by Gar Francis. Gar is a killer player. So with hopes of songs reminiscent of The Band and the brilliance of Sir Gar I cued up the MP3s in my trusty audio player and sat down to enjoy.

  • So folks, what is the bottom line? Simply put this is one of the best albums Bongo Boy has released to date. I hope to hear full length albums from many of these artists in the future. This album is a worthy addition to any collection, I know I will be listening to this in the car. - The Grouch 

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