• Kathryn Shipley




    RELEASE DATE:  5.22.18


  • UPC - 680193999406

    ISRC - USPXQ1852201
    Digital Single
    Songwriter: Gar Francis 
    Studio/Engineer: Ben Taylor /BA Studios Ballwin, Mo 
    Photo Location: Watson Lake Prescott, Arizona 
    Photo Credit: Eric Siebenshuh @amazing_views1121
    Album Cover Design: Monique Grimme for Bongo Boy Records, LLC 2018©
  • Bongo Boy Records recording artist Kathryn Shipley won the 2017 Josie Music Award in Nashville for Artist of The Year in the Gospel/Country category and Songwriter/Producer Gar Francis was nominated for Producer of The Year that same year for his song “Shine Your Love.”  Today Bongo Boy Records announces the upcoming new single which is also a collaboration between Kathryn and Gar. The new single titled “Take My Hand (Lead Me Through This Life)”, will be digitally released via Bongo Boy Records distribution channels Worldwide. The official release date is set for February 6, 2018 but an advance copy of the single is digitally available by contacting the label directly today. This single will also be featured on Gospel Blues Volume Two. The Gospel Blues album by Various Artists which is the brain child of Bill Kenton Radio host of Bill and Kat Radio in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    Press Release

  • Kathryn Shipley - Vocals
    Eric Barfield - Organ, Piano
    Gar Francis - Acoustic, Electric and Bass Guitars, Drums and Percussion
    Gar Francis - Vocals
    Tina Tinasera - Vocals
    Tim Keys - Choir Arrangement
    Recorded at - Bongo Boy Studios, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
    API Studio A - North Plainfield, New Jersey
    Engineer - Ben Taylor- B.A Studio Records
    Engineer- Gar Francis - Bongo Boy Studios, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
    Engineer - Tim Keys - API Studio A
    Producer - Gar Francis
    Mixing and Mastering - Gar Francis
    Words - Gar Francis and Kathryn Shipley - BMI
    Music - Gar Francis-BMI
    Album Cover Design - Monique Grimme, Bongo Boy Records

    Photo Shoot Location:
    Glen Mark Farms
    St Charles, MO (New Town)

    BobbyGarner Photography

  • Hej America!
    Today I received a single from my friends at Bongo Boy. I was pretty excited when I saw that Kathryn Shipley won the 2017 Josie Music Award in Nashville for Artist of The Year in the Gospel/Country category. The funny thing is that at one time I scoffed at Country. Now, I have to say I dig it almost as much as good old three chord Punk rock. I have Hank Williams III to thank for enlightening me. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Gospel, despite not being a particularly religious guy. Almost all of the old Motown artists I love so much started singing in the church, so it is logical that the emotion would carry over into their Motown releases.
    Simply put, when I read that Kathryn won the award for artist of the year in the Country/Gospel category, the first thing that went through my mind was “This song is going to rock, soulfully!”
    Folks, it does indeed rock soulfully. There is no doubt that Kathryn has a tremendous voice. The woman has some serious pipes. I also have to give a nod to the background singers. Man, I love soulful background vocals. Naturally, Gar Francis adds a wealth of soul to the song, but what really impressed me, aside from the vocals, was the keyboard work of Eric Barfield. Talk about an old-school nitty-gritty organ jam. Everything together reminds me of the Stones in their most soulful period when Ian Stewart was playing keyboards.
    In conclusion, this is a fantastic song that is going to stay in my personal collection. I look forward to hearing more from Kathryn and would love to see her live show.

    Bottom line: 5 out of 5 scowls on the Grouch scale. - The Grouch | in the Rockies 


  • The Old Country Church comes alive with Kathryn Shipley's "Take My Hand (Lead Me Through This Life)”. This is going to be the next Praise Song every church will be wanting to sing. 
    Kathryn's smooth vocals and easily understandable wording is a song you'll be singing as soon as you hear it! I was singing along before I knew it. The lyrics are simple, but they go from her voice straight to your heart. When a vocal artist can capture this along with her heart in every word, it is a magical thing. Kathryn Shipley does just that! 
    You'll love the sound of the keys in the song and I know you'll be able to picture it in that church.
    All of the vocals and music are pure, clean and to the point. Sometimes that is exactly what is needed to make a hit song such as this one!
    Congratulations to Kathryn Shipley on another great one. This is her best! 
    Get this song and share it with your worship leader, church or pastor. 
    It is something that you'll be singing through the day!
    Thank you, Kathryn, for sharing the God-given talent you have. 
    This is going to take you places where you never thought you'd go! - Patty Spade Cochran


  • Congrats to Kathryn Shipley. Only a few months ago this song consisted of a great instrumental "demo" with some lyrics has been released today on Bongo Boy Records. A few months back Nominated Producer and award winning songwriter Gar Francis (Bongo Boy Records) presented this song Pop song to Bongo Boy Records' artist Kathryn Shipley. She took "the demo" under her creative wings and made it fly by writing wonderful lyrics for it. "The story line of the song was kept pretty simple; about an old fashion way of falling for someone at a glance and a spark, because of ‘Those Eyes”" Kathryn said.
    With that mind-set the lyrics from Kathryn Shipley, Gar Francis creative flow of well played instruments and producing and added wonderful keys from Eric Barfield (Nashville) the song was recorded at Shock City Studios. The song also include a vintage 1967 Hammond Organ, that Eric Barfield recently acquired, totally making THOSE EYES perfect sounding for YOUR EARS.

  • Kathryn Shipley - Vocals
    Gar Francis – Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano and Keys and Eric Barfield on Keys
    Recorded and mixed at: Shock City Studios - Luke Ahrens
    Final Mix by Gar Francis
    Produced by Gar Francis
    Songwriters: Kathryn Shipley (BMI) and Gar Francis (BMI)
    Official Release 9.5.17 WORLDWIDE

    This is songs will also be featured on VOLUME XIV the open genre album by Various Award Winning artists (Drops on October)
    And is For Your Consideration for the 60th Annual Grammy Awards© as Pop Solo Performance. #FYC

    60th Grammys© Awards will be held in New York City 1.25.18


    New Gospel Single Out of The Bongo Boy’s Studio Corner

    SHINE YOUR LOVE by Kathryn Shipley written by Gar Francis 

    Release Date: May 5, 2017 | BONGO BOY RECORDS  W O R L D W I D E

  • Kathryn Shipley-Vocals
    Eric Barfield-Organ, Piano, Drums, Guitar
    Gar Francis-Acoustic & Electric Guitars
    Dan Caruso-Bass
    Tina Tinasera-Vocals
    Tim Keys-Vocals & Choir Arrangement
    Recorded at - Shock City Studios-St.Louis. Mo
    Martini Lounge- North Plainfield,New Jersey
    API Studio A-North Plainfield, New Jersey

  • Engineer- Luke Ahrens-Shock City Studios
    Engineer-Dan Caruso-Martini Lounge
    Engineer - Tim Keys-API Studio A
    Production- Eric Barfield &Gar Francis
    Mixing and Final Production - Dan Caruso
    Words & Music - Gar Francis-BMI
    Album Artist Photo: Sharon Atnip Photography
    Album Cover Design – Monique Grimme
    Copyright C 2017 Bongo Boy Records

  • Artist Of The Year Gospel/Country Gospel (Josie Music Awards)
    Kathryn Shipley

  • Bongo Boy Records’ A&R Director and Producer Gar Francis presented back in December a brand new Gospel song to Kathryn Shipley. A few month later the label is excited to announce the official release for said song titled SHINE YOUR LOVE by Kathryn Shipley. 

    St Charles (New Town) Missouri artist Kathryn Shipley and Grammy member / producer / songwriter Gar Francis worked together on a new Gospel song titles SHINE YOUR LOVE. The single features Nashville pianist Eric Barfield and was recorded at Shock City Studios in St. Louis, MO and Martine Lounge in North Plainfield, NJ.

    Kathryn is very excited about the Journey God has taken her on with Music. She loves many Genres, but she have been pulled toward Christian music over the last several years, and for many great reasons that she could write a book about. My Children and her friends keep her humble and her nephew TJ Washington who left this world several years ago at the age of 12 is her constant motivator. This experience/opportunity that is with her right now is far from being some big star or making tons of money. It’s just someone that grew up in a small town (Louisiana, MO) that loves to write and sing music and lets just see what that in turn, will blossom into.

    In November and December of 2016 Kathryn was elated to receive recognition for a Singer/ Songwriting contest out of LA called SingerUniverse. Each time she was named as a finalist in the top 5!! Dreams do come true and they are all because of her obedience to God! He does pave the way!! 

    Kathryn finished recording the song SHINE YOUR LOVE at Shock City Studios in St. Louis back in December 2016. SHINE YOUR LOVE official released date is set for Friday 5.5.17  and this Gospel single will also be featured on HOMESTEAD VOLUME ONE the Americana compilation by Various Artists on Bongo Boy Records on May 16, 2017

    Please become a fan of her reverbnation page www.reverbnation.com/2stepsforward and thank you for liking her page and supporting what she loves.


  • "Shine Your Love" by Kathryn Shipley
    What a spirit filled song by this wonderful Christian artist.
    This song reveals the soul sound of her voice and Kathryn's every word is easy to understand.
    You'll find yourself swaying to the tempo, tapping your feet and just wanting to sing along with her!
    The background vocals are smooth and the music is so fitting. The mix is done expertly as you can hear all of the instrumentals without drowning out Kathryn's vocals.
    I found myself singing along with the chorus and could see this song used in many churches as a wonderful Praise Song.

  • "Shine Your Love" will fill you with a warm, spiritual feeling. Kathryn's vocal qualities are smooth and heart-felt. She brings the church to you!  I love this song and I'd recommend it to everyone.
    It's so refreshing, calming and also brings you into it with the feel of her true gospel sound and roots.
    Thank you Kathryn Shipley for recording this great song! You blessed me with this song and I can't wait to hear more!
    Get this song, close your eyes and Praise God. You'll be singing along before you realize it!
    Music Review by Patty Cochran