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    Release Date 04.12.24



    ISRC CZCG32200006 - UPC 783970970176
  • The first single from "Silence of Eclipse" the new album by Simonne Draper.

    "Accordiana" is composed by Simonne Draper.
    All Guitars and Electronic Orchestra by Simonne Draper

    The Sound engineers:
    Mix by Pavel Bohatý (Richman Music), Czech Republic
    Mastering by Tim Debney, (Fluid Mastering), United Kingdom


  • I get so used to talking about guitars in terms of the brash and the bombastic, the effect-laden and the over-driven, that it comes as quite a shock, a pleasant one, naturally,  when I hear the sound of said instrument played in the way that God, and by God, I, of course, mean the Great Segovia, intended.

    Taken from Simonne Draper‘s forthcoming album, Silence of Eclipse, this Czech Composers Society member deftly and delicately pulls and picks cascades of notes from her Spanish Guitar and bids them dance across the washes and waves of strings as they ebb and flow behind her.

    Rather than the usual sound of man and machine battling for a common cause (and indeed effects) to combine human skill and electronic manipulation into a pop or rock sound, here we find the skill all in the human hand, the instrument itself, though finely wrought is merely a tool to be turned to the players will. And the sound, that innocent, pure, and untampered with acoustic sound, is a joy to behold—the sound of the artist playing the instrument when all too often it feels like the instrument is playing the artist.

    Created at a place where the down-tempo sound of the chillout breaks up against more stringent classical vibes, where exploration and discipline work hand in hand, Accordiana is a gorgeous piece of music, meditative and relaxing, ornate in its creation yet somehow feeling spacious and understated (if such a concept isn’t too much of an oxymoron).

    Published Review

  • Simonne Draper’s story is about following your dreams and pursuing your passions. After studying and pursuing a career in law for much of her life, she decided to return to her first love and to the music world to study classical and orchestral music composition. Having been classically trained on the Spanish Guitar from a young age, she later studied under renowned classical guitar composer Milan Tesaƙ at the Conservatoire in Prague. Her further musical studies and performances have seen her collaboration with other guitarists in Prague churches and local concert halls, and her debut album, Portraits In Guitar, was commercially and critically well-received in 2019.

    Accordiana shows just how able Simonne Draper is at blurring the lines between traditional classical sounds and a more contemporary fusion sound, and not so much hopping genres to achieve those ends but rather by creating whole new ones in the spaces between.

    If anyone ever tells you that the classical form is stuck in the past, that unadorned guitar sounds are unexciting, or that the electric version of the instrument is where it’s really at, then just play them Accordiana or anything from Simonne’s back catalogue until they come to their senses.

    TV Spot URL: https://vimeo.com/933482266

    Official Website: https://simonne.info/

    Single Available worldwide: http://linkmysong.com/63988

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  • If Route 66 is an iconic route through the American landscape, offering a procession of changing vistas and extraordinary experiences where memories are made and new adventures await, then this, the 66th FYC album from Bongo Boy Records, is undoubtedly its sonic equivalent. For those wondering about the title, this compilation series features only artists who made it through to the first voting ballot For Your Consideration (FYC), which eventually made it to the nominees of the Grammy Awards®. How much more iconic can you get?

    As this release is a double album, I approach each disc separately.

  • To do justice to all of the great music on this twin album set, rather than presenting the reader with something erring towards the length of War and Peace, two reviews seemed the way to go. So, welcome to part one.


    The Jon Kennedy Remix of Simonne Draper’s Eclipse takes us on a musical journey through blends of arabesque progressions and Middle Eastern spice. It is a slow sonic meander through exotic landscapes captured through equally mystical soundscapes, reminiscent of the sort of magic the likes of Loreena McKennitt weaves through her music.

    Published Review for The 66th FYC Album Featuring Simonne Draper

  • Accomplished acoustic guitar maestro Simonne Draper presents “ECLIPSE (Jon Kennedy Remix).” And with her virtuosity on full display, I would say her playing eclipses the attempts of all others. See what I did there?

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