• OUT OF THE GARAGE – A Compilation series for 60’s Rock


    A Digital Album released in Asia and Worldwide.

    Genre: Garage Rock, Punk Rock, 60's Rock, Psychedelic Rock



    1. Like Nothing That You've Seen - Mark Lindsay -  3.27 
    2. You Gotta Work - The WeeGees - 3.07
    3. Nothing To Brag About - Rage Of Angels 3.23
    4. Take It Or Leave It - The Accelerators 2.59
    5. Half A Mile Away - Rage Of Angels 3.46
    6. Spin - KickBend 2.42
    7. Broken Records - The Catholic Girls 3.34
    8. I Can't Let Go - The Chords UK 3.03
    9. Hey Little School Girl - Zombie Garden Club 2.59
    10. Sweet Sunshine - The Satisfactors  3.38

  • A knockout great record from start to finish, compiled by Monique Grimme and Gar Francis (Bongo Boy Records). You will not be disappointed with this release which includes Mark Lindsay, The WeeGees, Rage Of Angels, The Accelerators, KickBend, The Catholic Girls, The Chords UK, Zombie Garden Club and The Satisfactors; as they're bringing it Out Of The Garage with Volume One.
    This digital release includes songs that are only released on this album.

  • 01. Mark Lindsay  - Like Nothing That You've Seen 3.27  Mark Lindsay has had two Coolest Songs In The World on The Underground Garage" syndicated radio show hosted by Steven Van Zandt (Bruce Springsteen) – It is the leading track on this release. Mark Lindsay is the 60's pop icon and former lead singer of the 60's band Paul Revere & The Raiders (Columbia Records/Bongo Boy Records).

    02. The WeeGees You Gotta Work 3.07 Exclusive new song by The WeeGees - a garage rock track "You Gotta Work" (Nathaniel Mayer 1944 -2008).  A churning funk-dance rhythm slice with the hardest-edged Southern R&B and vibes of Garage Rock flavors produced by Gar Francis. (The Doughboys/Mark Lindsay) and mixed by Danny Caruso.
    Recorded at Sonic Boom Studios, Raritan, NJ

    03.Rage Of Angels Nothing To Brag About 3.23 In the mid '80s, Mia Moravis (vocals, guitar) and Nancy Catedral (vocals, bass) started a DC/Baltimore area garage band rock duo, called B*I*S (derived from a joke about their apparel). They proceeded to the studio to record three of Mia's original songs, one of which was Nothing to Brag About, which features guest guitarist John Jennings (Mary Chapin Carpenter, BeauSoleil, Iris Dement, Indigo Girls, et al.). The song garnered regional radio coverage and then a Billboard Songwriting Top Ten nomination.  It became obvious to Mia and Nancy that they should expand the band, and they auditioned and brought aboard Anna Shauer (guitar, backing vocals), Lori Dale (lead guitar) and Shirley Purvis (drums), and RAGE OF ANGELS was born.
    Lori had written music for a song, but had no lyrics or name for it. Mia provided both, and that song is Half A Mile Away. The band moved into a bigger, better performance-ready garage, where crowds gathered to watch the new all-girl band. They proceeded to a friend's small home studio to record the song. This song, too, garnered a Billboard Songwriting Top Ten nomination.  Both songs were recently rescued from dusty analog tape and converted to the digital medium.  (John passed away in October 2015, and Mia and Nancy are grateful to Bongo Boy Records for the opportunity to pay him homage).

    04.The Accelerators Take It Or Leave It  2.59 They released a number of self-produced vinyl records and cassettes and were featured on comps such as the Weird New Jersey collections with standout titles such as "Shades of Death Road". Their brand of fast and loud "power pop" music made them local club favorites throughout the late 1980s.

    05.Rage Of Angels Half A Mile Away 3.46

    06.KickBend  Spin  2.42  "What sets us apart from most bands is we don't try to sound like the latest fad. We draw upon our musical sensibilities to create honest and moving songs." - KickBend

    07.The Catholic Girls Broken Records 3.34 The Catholic Girls were born when schoolgirls Gail Petersen and Roxy Andersen put their guitars together to form the first all-female band from New Jersey that would be signed to a major label. With Doreen Holmes on drums, The Catholic Girls released an album on MCA both in the USA and Australia as well as a special Armed Forces Edition. They embarked on 2 national tours, received widespread commercial airplay and debuted on MTV to the music of their new wave anthem, Boys Can Cry. In 1999, the original album was revived and released in CD format, and fans from the 80s were thrilled to have the girls in plaid back, as were many new fans they were making along the way. 

    08.The Chords UK I Can't Let Go 3.03 The Chords UK are a 1970s British pop music group, commonly associated with the 1970s mod revival, who had several hits in their homeland, before the decline of the trend brought about their break-up. They were one of the more successful groups to emerge during the revival, and they re-formed with the four original members for a UK tour during 2010 

    09. ZOMBIE GARDEN CLUB Hey Little School Girls 2.59 Fuzztones. Eternal Garage of the expanding mind. Fenders. Vintage tube amps. Vox Continentals. Yardbirds. Seeds. Standells. Blues Magoos. Did I mention fuzztones? Thumping kicks. Cracking snares.
    Retro/modern. Kinda loud. Kinda now. ZOMBIE GARDEN CLUB is Johnny Douglas. From Toronto. Nashville now by way of L.A. 
    Up from the dust and the dirt. Interstates snaking across the great, throbbing heart of America. And big guitars. Plugged in. Turned up. Hearts full of rain and eyes wide open. Fast cars. Late nights. Deep diamond veins to mine. Storms and the mornings after. Two lane black top over the edge of the world into a breathless sky. Girls smile. The band plays on.
    ZOMBIE GARDEN CLUB  Dig it if you wanna.  

    10. The Satisfactors Sweet Sunshine 3.38 The last on this release and also The Satisfactors 2nd official single that climed in De Ned Top 40 to No 10 in The Netherlands on NED.FM. The band is from New Jersey and their members include rockers Kenny Aaronson (Joan Jett/The Yardbirds), Gar Francis (The Doughboys/Mark Lindsay), Kurt Reil (The Grip Weeds) and Bruce Ferguson (The Easy Outs)




  • "The Best Garage Rock Compilation I Heard in Years"

    - Steel Notes Magazine | Dana McGillcuddy Saravia 

  • "This Release Feels Retro With Energy and Great Harmonies and Guitar Riffs"

    - Skope Magazine

  • "Bongo Boy Does It Well - ROCK HARD"

    - Don Campau KKup FM Radio

  • Bongo Boy Records has some of the best garage-punk rock artists and on this first volume, they showcase an eclectic selection of musicians, including legend Mark Lindsay and but mostly lesser known bands that deserved to be heard.

    Lindsay’s opener “Like Nothing That You’ve Seen” is a top notch rocker, other highlights include Rage of Angels female-led rocker “Nothing To Brag About,” the stadium friendly “Spin” by Kickbend which could be sports show theme. Veteran rockers The Catholic Girls and The Satisfactors round out this decent collection. - PowerPopaholic - Aaron Kupferberg | July 2016