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  • Extremely excited to see four Raider songs included in Quentin Tarantino's new blockbuster movie, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. When you go watch the movie, you'll find Good Thing (written by Mark with Terry Melcher), which is also used in the movie trailers extensively. Plus, Hungry (Mann-Weil), It's Happening [Happening 68] and Mr Sun Mr Moon (both written by Mark) are also all featured, with the latter two tracks being part of a classic Raiders' performance video clip from the Happening TV show co-hosted by Mark. Also three of the songs (Good Thing, Hungry, and Mr Sun Mr Moon) are included on the official movie soundtrack.

  • The movie soundtrack CD is available now HERE, with vinyl coming out in October (pre-order regular pressing HERE and limited edition audiophile tequila sunrise swirl, with posters, etc, HERE .)  

    The movie DVD will also be out in October, and can be pre-ordered HERE.  

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    Mark Lindsay, former lead singer/songwriter/producer and co-founder of the seminal 60’s Garage Rock band Paul Revere & the Raiders has released “Like Nothing That You’ve Seen,” the first single from his upcoming. The song was co-written and produced by Gar Francis, songwriter/guitarist of New Jersey Garage Rock veterans, the Doughboys. “Like Nothing That You’ve Seen” features backing vocals by Myke Scavone (Doughboys), Kurt Reil (Gripweeds), and special guest, Little Steven Van Zandt. The single follows in the butt-kickin’ footsteps of Lindsay’s classic 60’s tracks with the Raiders like “Kicks,” “Stepping Out,” “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” and “Just like Me.” 
    “I first met Mark Lindsay when I was recording the new Doughboys album Shakin' Our Souls,” explains co-writer/producer Gar Francis. “I had asked Kurt, the owner of House of Vibes, if he knew of anyone who could add saxophone to a track I was working on called ‘It's A Crying Shame.’ Kurt mentioned that he was doing some sessions with Mark Lindsay, the singer from Paul Revere and the Raiders, who was also a great sax player. 


  • “Mark came down and added the sax parts and also sang background vocals for the track. As he was leaving the session, I had casually mentioned that if he ever wanted to collaborate on some songs to give me a call. Well after he returned home to Florida, he gave me a call and we started working on songs via e-mail for the next three months, producing a boat-load of tunes for a new Mark Lindsay album. 
    "’Like Nothing That You've Seen, is one of the first songs we came up with, and we decided to go into the studio to cut and release it as a single before the album. I wanted Mark to return to his Garage roots and I think we did a good job of capturing that spirit. I hope you dig it as much as we do. ““Coolest Song In The World” Underground Garage Radio Show – Steven Van Zandt Channel 25 Sirius/XM and affiliates


  • Mark Lindsay, former lead singer of Paul Revere and the Raiders who sang every hit song the Raiders recorded, became every girl's Teen Idol of the 60's and they began plastering his photos on their walls! Mark Lindsay is back and better than ever! His unmistakable voice will transport you back in time to the 1960's again, but this is 2016!  The magic began in May of 2013 at the House of Vibes, Highland Park in New Jersey. “Life Out Loud” is something that every Mark Lindsay and Raider fan should have and for those of you who have not had the opportunity to hear something that will rock your world!

    Mark Lindsay Has Done It Again!An album review by Patty Spade CochranIs this the 1960's again? Where am I? What year is this? It just doesn't get any better than this! Everyone involved in this project put everything they had into it and it is a hit!“Life Out Loud” is an amazing variety of musical tempo. The musicians are tight (all 4 members of The Doughboys) and the vibes will fill your speakers! Mark Lindsay has the ability to sing any song and turn it into his own. The combination on this cd is like 'Nothing I've EVER heard before'! This is the best music project that Mark Lindsay has EVER done.

    I am speechless! 

  • “Baby Come Back” - This was a fantastic choice for the very first song on this winning cd! It's a toe-tapping, sultry, garage rock style that kicks butt! Mark's vocals are sizzling and so clear. Let's go! This song will get your motor running and you will want to keep listening to the entire recording!
    “Easy Street” - The driving beat of the drums added with a little bit of ZZ Top sound will have chills going up and down your spine! Add a large amount of gnarling, clear recognizable vocals of Mark Lindsay and there it is! Totally rockin.
    “Everything About You” - I love everything about this one! This song blends it all together with the right amount of rhythm that will move you to get up and dance. The tempting sounds and calling out to someone bring some mystery to your mind. Singing a picture is hard to do but Mark did it! I could see the girl on the street who was street sassy, savvy and sexy sultress enticing those who saw her.
    “Rainy Day Children” - A dash of a slower tempo along with a large scoop of Mark Lindsay's raw vocals, gives you a round trip ticket to traveling to many destinations. I'm sure I heard the rain in the background! I would compare this song to the albums “Alias Pink Puzz” and “Hard and Heavy with Marshmallows, but much better!

  • “Ghost of a Girl” - Get ready for a huge dose of head bopping rockabilly, energetic, playful and sing-a-long song! I love the chorus and started singing. Don't just sit there, get up and dance to the music and fast paced voice of Mark!
    “Like Nothing You've Ever Seen” - This is like 'Nothing I've EVER heard before'! From the clever changes in the tempo, the hard driving guitar solo and and energizing vocals, this is guaranteed to blow your mind! The song title says it all!
    “Let's Fly Away” - Sway and groove to the sounds of true rock and roll in the raw! Leave it all behind and let the music take you to where you've never been before! Soar with Mark Lindsay's vocals and you'll never be the same!
    “I Can't Slow Down” - This jazzy bop and catchy song takes you back to the sock hops. Close your eyes and there you are on the dance floor! Mark's wailing sax solo brings all the ingredients together for a juke box good time! Before listening to this one, be sure to get up off of your seat and get ready to go!
    “Don't Stop” - Turn your air conditioner on and get ready to be seduced. Mark Lindsay will hypnotize you with his sexy vocals and those heart pounding breaths. Who would want to stop the fast, moving music with that sensual song? Turn out the lights, close the shades, light the candles and pour the wine. Don't add ice, it will melt!
    “Rush on You” - The garage rock sound will take you back to when it was real! Mark's vocals are nothing but raw with his growling sounds. Rock on!

  • “New Thing” - That “voice”, you remember it, it's Mark Lindsay! I love the blues-style rock and hard vocals which are somewhat demanding and tempting. It reminds me of “Mr Sun, Mr Moon” but this is a totally new song which does not disappoint. You'll have flashbacks of the 60's!
    “Show Me The Love” - Get ready for love with a fast paced beat along with Mark's superior vocals! Be sure to listen for “that scream” at the end and have the ice water ready!
    “Poco Loco Crazy” - It's upbeat, energizing, hand clapping, twisting and sing it LOUD! This will remind you of the early Raider daze. You can't sit down!
    “Merry Go Round (Christian's Song)” - An astonishing sound that will remind you of Mark Lindsay's Solo Albums! I love this slower tempo and the clear Mark vocals. Combine all of his solo albums and this song is the best! 
    This is a MUST for any ML/Raider fan and 60's fans. If you love great music done the right way, get your copy now! I'm so glad I did. I've been a Mark Lindsay fan for years. Now to play those songs again!
    Through the expertise of the amazing team in the studio, and the raw, rock and roll vocals which only Mark Lindsay can provide, this powerful “Life Out Loud” recording was completed in 7 days! If you don't have this, why not? Turn it up and rock on dudes and dudettes!
    I'm loving this - Patty Spade Cochran

  • REVIEW | JUNE 2016

  • Hey Folks,

    The good people of Bongo Boy Records asked me if I would give a listen to the comeback album by Mark Lindsay “Life Out Loud” and jot down my thoughts.  You may have heard the name Mark Lindsay from his time singing with Paul Revere and the Raiders.  Regardless of (or despite, depending on your point of view) his history with the Raiders, this is a new album that I think should be listened to.

    Track 1 - Baby Come Back - I dig the tongue in cheek growl at the beginning.  It reminds me of something David Lee Roth would do.  That starts me thinking that just perhaps Mark Lindsay was the proto-Roth... Now regardless of what you think of David Lee Roth’s vocal chops, there is no denying that the man has a sense of humor and is, more than anything,  a showman.  What does that have to do with this song? Everything, actually.  Just as Eddie Van Halen amazed the world while David Lee Roth winked at the camera, this song is one massive jam.  In fact the groove is just so primal and the guitars so emotion filled the listener finds him or herself nodding in approval.  Lindsay’s howls about peaches and cream and turning a girl into a woman seem to float over the top.  Just as Diamond Dave commanded the listener to “check out his good side” Mark Lindsay proclaims to whoever is listening that he is “coming”.  Mark, man, you made me laugh.  You rock Dude.

    Track 2 - Easy Street - Mark reaches back for this one. He goes all the way back to the dark undertones of Rock and Roll.  Now, for the record, all of that nonsense about Rock and Roll being Satan’s music is, in my opinion, just that, nonsense.  There is no denying however that in the folklore of Rock and Roll the Devil plays an important role.  Most of this can be traced back to the Blues and the idea of going to the Crossroads.  Granted, such folklore has been turned into schtick, but, a really good Rock and Roll song can’t go wrong with lyrics about riding in the Devil’s car all the way down to easy street.  I mean it’s just dangerous enough to make the Pentecostals freak out (on second thought, though what isn’t that dangerous?).
    The thing that is really cool about this song is not just that it will definitely bug some of the more uptight members of society, not just that the proto-Roth is back when he describes a young woman who is 15 going on 25, but the music is just so smoking hot. The harmonica I hear rocks - it is the kind of rock that just says “Back up and watch me do my thing.”  The guitar jam that starts at 1:55 is stellar.  How can anyone not dig this??
    So is Mark talking about the literal Devil or is he talking about Cocaine and Heroin?  Does it really matter? Not in the least.  However the lyrics are interpreted, the song rocks.


  • Track 3 - Everything About You - This is a love song with a really heavy rhythm.  The bass and drums just lock in and grind.  Combine the hypnotic grind with the fuzz guitar solo and the intense licks on the edges of the song and you have a very enjoyable 2:56 worth of music.  Lest you think Mark is showing his sensitive side on this track, we learn that one of the things he loves most about this girl is her supermodel walk.  Dude, I must applaud.  If singing about wanting to hear a girl’s trashy talk helps you make headway with women, all I can say is, well done my brother, well done.

    Track 4 - Rainy Day Children - Well, not every song on an album can be a killer jam.  This song is not my favorite, although it was interesting to listen for the name of different geographic locations.  Now, to be fair, the song seems to be talking about drug addiction among young people.  So, anything that brings the plight of people who, for whatever reason, are addicted and need help to the forefront of society’s consciousness  should be considered a good thing.

    Track 5 - Ghost of a Girl - This song has a bit of a Rock-a-billy feel to it.  The highlight of this song has to be Mark’s voice.  Granted, the guitar in the last 20 seconds is nice, but the thing that really stands out is his voice.  It sounds so good.

    Track 6 - Like Nothing That You've Seen is WICKED. This tune makes me want to go back and relisten to some of the Raiders’ stuff.  The point is, this song is great!  Mark's voice is good - really good.  Combine his voice with the guitar riffs  - the lead that begins 10 seconds into the song really makes me smile.  All I can think is "Damn, this guy is cool!"
    This song is an infectious groove that sets the pace for the rest of the album - and the two string solo that starts at the 2 minute 10 second mark is just smoking hot.  This has to be my favorite song on the album.

    Track 7 - Let’s Fly Away - Do you like fuzz guitar?  If you do, you will dig this song.  The guitar jam that comes in at the 1:27 mark makes me smile - a big smile.  The vocals are good and the backing vocals sound really good.  I like the combination of the vocals.  The guitar also makes me smile. That walk down lick is just so cool.  Mark could be singing Watermelon watermelon watermelon and this tune would still rock - it’s about the sound and it sounds good.

  • Track 8 - I Can’t Slow Down - OK this is an OLD school 50s rocker.  This song is what it is.  The horn and the guitar save this song from becoming a parody of ancient Rock and Roll. 

    Track 9 - Don’t Stop - The proto-Roth meets Bo Diddley - The sigh in the middle of the track has Diamond Dave written all over it.  The come on baby child refrain must make Bo Diddley look down and smile.  Aside from the dangerously playful attitude, the guitar is simply loud and on fire.  I really like this tune!

    Track 10 - Rush On You - one word: JAM!  This reminds me of something our band instructor back in Jr. High school would say.  If we had managed to make some particularly soulful noise Mr. Case would look at us, grin and say in his cigarette damaged voice: Sometimes you cats can wail. Well folks, this track wails!

    Track 11 - New Thing - What a funky laid back groove.  This song is just hypnotic and then at the 3:07 mark all hell breaks loose.  It is at that point that the guitar opens up and flashes lightning until the end of the track one minute later.  I really want to see this song live.  This is a live band’s dream song; the groove is cool, hypnotic and can be extended as long they want.  That opens up all kinds of possibilities for the guitar to pop in and out with flashes of magic.  All in all, nice guys, very nice.

    Track 12 - Show Me The Love - nice heavy rhythm.  I dig the Steve Winwood Spencer Davis era keyboards.  Combined with the guitar and the vocal growl, this song is a mood changer.  Want to feel better, take a listen.

    Track 13 - Poco Loco Crazy - Up until now, the drummer has been doing his job.  On this song, he breaks out a bit and channels his inner lead drummer.  I dig it!  This track reminds me of the Animals.  I have a vision of guys wearing turtle necks and sunglasses while the guitar player blasts out licks and the drummer turns into some sort of drum pounding bigfoot.  The energy on this track is amazing (and believe me I hate that overused word, but in this case amazing really is the correct word).

  • Track 14 - Merry Go Round (Christmas Song).  Simply put, do you like the Kinks?  If you do, you will like this song.  I happen to really like the Kinks and no matter how many times I listen to this song I can’t get the Kinks out of my head.

    So what is the bottom line?  Listen to this album, you may be surprised, you will be pleased.
    I say may be surprised because if, like me, your knowledge of Paul Revere and the Raiders was limited to a bunch of guys in tacky blue suits and fuzzy three-cornered hats then this album will surprise you.  In any case, this album will please you.  This is a collection of really good, really soulful, well played rock songs.

    Mark, I have become a fan.  - The Grouch in Sweden

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