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  • Album Release 11.02.18 Worldwide. Download Album $9.99 at CDBABY, iTunes ect...

  • LoungeZotica 3000 goes for a timeless sort of cool with the sophisticated jazz-pop musings of “Martian 9”. Sly grooves reign supreme as the whole of the album has a swinging, retro vibe to it. The dry delivery works wonders for the collection, as they conjure up imagery of Dick Dale, Bossa Nova, and a bit of swing into the mix. With all these divergent approaches they create something that has a vibrancy to it. The band’s interplay feels particularly satisfying for each instrument knows exactly when to dial it back, resulting in a group play fervor that has such grace to it.

  • With “Martian 9” LoungeZotica 3000 explores an otherworldly space, one where the arrangements have so much room to roam in just the right way. Album Review by Beachsloth for Skope Magazine

  • With “Ignite” LoungeZotica 3000 goes for a noir-like exploration. The jazziness of the track works to its advantage, giving it a thoughtful quality. Guitar playing has a limberness to it while the whole of the piece feels so vibrant.

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  • LoungeZotica 3000 gets a bit of attitude infused into “Thunderwear”. Flexible grooves reign supreme while the track has a spy-like quality to it. Nearly cinematic at times, the way the piece explores such a wide swath of territory feels beautiful.

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