• Kidz and Katz Volume 1

  • 1. Andy Z – Song for My Baby 2:11
    2. Mauro Magellan – Dark Moon 3:18
    3. Gypsy Carns – Peter Pan Man 2:14
    4. Sulinha’s Trio – Elephants in the Jungle 3:06
    5. Fans of Jimmy Century – Rocket Star 4:08
    6. The Cuddly Koalas – Little Hands 2:21
    7. An Vedi – My Piccolo Violin 2:07
    8. Elise Morris – Mother’s Song 5:03
    9. Jim Wilson – Love Will Lead You Home feat. Vanessa Bryan 3:31
    10. Sulinha’s Trio – I Brush My Teeth 2:13
    11.ClarkFord – Spiderwebs In My Hair! feat. Underground Treehouse 3:09
    12. The Cuddly Koalas – Feelings 3:24
    13. William Sherry, Jr. – Guitar Pickin’ Chicken 2:10
    14. Cousins STEEL & Cortez – Trini Nights (Everybody Jumps) 3:54


  • Fantastically fun children’s album BONGO BOY’S KIDZ AND KATZ –  VOLUME ONE:  My sister was a “children’s librarian” in north & central Ohio for many years… we often exchanged songs written for kids… I will tell you right now that each & every song on this fantastically fun children’s album from our friends at Bongo Boy Records would have gotten instant approval from her ears.

    Each of the songs is full of the joy of life, and aimed at the children who bring that joy into our life… Lyia Meta designed a fantastic cover for the album, and you’ll hear great tunes from the following various artists…

    Andy Z opens the album with a quite jazzy tune called “Song For My Baby“; superb clarinet makes the tune really move, and will have your kids dancing in seconds!

    Mauro Magellan’s “Dark Moon” isn’t nearly as glum as you might think from the title… another fine example of how to introduce your children to the delights of well-played jazz.

    The 2:41 “Peter Pan Man” from Gypsy Carns uses some very nice guitar work to tell the babes about the magic of one of our favorite childhood heroes!

    Rocket Star” by Fans of Jimmy Century will assist you in transporting the children high above the fray of every day life… this tune has some very soulful movements that will make it easy for the kids to move and sway to the song.

    The Cuddly Koalas created the quite entertaining “Little Hands” with a light & airy mood that will hold kids from 7 to 70 totally enchanted!

    If you’d like to inspire the little ones to enjoy something along the lines of opera and orchestrals, you’ll find “My Piccolo Violin” from An Vedi to be a very nice choice for doing just that.

    Being a pianist myself, I was especially attracted to the beautiful keyboard work on “Mother’s Song” from Elise Morris… truly a beautiful lullaby with a very human message!

    Another piano gem on “Love Will Lead You Home (feat. Vanessa Bryan)“, from Jim Wilson, is a totally tasty exploration of the beauty that love can bring to our lives.

    Clark Ford’s “Spiderwebs in My Hair! (feat. Underground Treehouse)” serves as perfect background music for scary campfire tales on Halloween… kids of all ages will enjoy this tune in a big way!

    Ha! ha!  One of the cutest country rockers I’ve listened to (yet) in 2021 is “Guitar Pickin’ Chicken” from William Sherry, Jr. – an absolute hoot… you’ll all be laughing in a big way.

    Cousins Steel & Cortez close the album with “Trini Nights (Everybody Jumps)“… and, just like the song title says, EVERYBODY will be jumpin’ to this superbly crafted musical fun-fest!

    It was easy to make my choice for personal favorite… “Elephants in the Jungle“, by Sulinha’s Trio puts the focus on musical adventures from other cultures in a very gentle, yet powerful, way… I loved this song.

    All-in-all, this is one of the best children’s music albums I’ve ever listened to, and it gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98.  You can purchase this album direct from Bongo Boy Records… it’s also important that Bongo Boy’s Kidz and Katz Volume Two is open for submission! submit@bongoboyrecords.com                         Rotcod Zzaj

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