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  • ALBUM/EP 4.16.21

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    Junior Burke’s songs have been performed and recorded by a wide array of artists, earning him a Gold Record and a Cable Ace Award. His first Bongo Boy release, “Nohin’ But” was produced by the creative team of Billy Panda & Grace McKay.  Besides writing and recording, Burke is also a novelist, whose most recent book, The Cold Last Swim, was published by Gibson House Press. He lives in rural Colorado. 

  • 688130658058 | Worldwide | 4.16.21

    Liner notes EP

    Nothin’ But by Junior Burke
    Produced by Billy Panda & Grace McKay
    Junior Burke: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
    Billy Panda: Everything else
    James Barton (Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar) & Mark Hamby (Backing Vocals, Keyboard) on Black-Eyed Susan
    Recorded and Mixed by Billy Panda at Studio P, Portland, OR USA
    Junior Burke’s Vocals and Guitar (on tracks 1, 2, 4, 5 and 6) Recorded by Max Davies at Bas Couture Bunker, Boulder, CO. USA
    Additional Vocal recording (tracks 3 and 7) by Colin Mahoney, Two Tigers Productions
    Heartfelt thanks to Monique Grimme and all at Bongo Boy Records.

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  • New EP ‘Nothin’ But’ by Junior Burke Out 4.16.21

  • Junior Burke embraces a warm, pastoral sound on the tender tones of “Nothin’ But”. Lyrics here are taken directly from a life lived to the absolute fullest. His storytelling truly serves as the very beating heart of the sound. This is not to say that the rest of the band are slouches, no, they perfectly accompany him on this grand journey, with just the right sort of raw grit and soul that the best of Americana has to offer. Beyond the Americana origin, he brings together folk, country rock, even little hints of pop into play.

  • Glistening guitar by Billy Panda leads the way opening things up on a high note with the sunlit “Vandalia”. A delicate balance of sound comes into the fray on the tenderness of “Any Eyes But Mine” with a sense of intimacy. By far the highlight, the leisurely title track “Nothin’ But” ambles on through with its own stately grace. The togetherness the song radiates has a communal presence to it for it rolls on through with the bass work adding to its jazzy quality. Prickly guitar riffs run through the power that is “Guess I’m Naïve”. Delicate strings intersect on the soulful “Coming Home From Shiloh” which has a devoted, romantic quality to it. Pastoral beauty “Black-eyed Susan” features a beautiful, blissful cadence. Neatly closing everything out is the gentle grace of “Lodi”.

    “Nothin’ But”, produced by Billy Panda and Grace McKay, shows off Junior Burke’s deft skill in exploring a world that truly feels uniquely his own.

  • DIGITAL SINGLE 3.19.21

  • 3.19.21 | 688130658003 | Digital Single | Worldwide | ISRC: USPXQ0319001

    Liner notes Single
    Any Eyes But Mine by Junior Burke
    Produced by Billy Panda & Grace McKay
    Junior Burke: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
    Billy Panda: Everything else.
    Recorded and mixed by Billy Panda at Studio P, Portland, OR. USA
    Junior Burke’s Vocals and Guitar recorded by Max Davies at Bas Couture Bunker, Boulder, CO. USA
    Heartfelt thanks to Monique Grimme and all at Bongo Boy Records.

  • Tantalizing tasty guitar magic Junior Burke – Any Eyes But Mine single review

  • Tantalizing tasty guitar magic Junior Burke – ANY EYES BUT MINE:  Though Junior is billed as a country and Americana artist, I can tell you right now that jazz fans everywhere will fall in love with his tantalizing & tasty guitar magic on this ultra-cool single on our favorite diverse label, Bongo Boy Records.

    Each note is a treasure, and Junior’s languid playing style will help you to “lose the blues“, no doubt… as you know, I listen to a LOT of music, and I can honestly say that this tune is among the most relaxing I’ve heard (yet) in 2021!

  • This tune is part of a soon-to-be-published album titled “Nothin’ But” that will be released on the 16th of April, 2021 … I am truly looking forward to being able to review that soon after the pleasure this single provided.

    I give Junior a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with a (perfect) “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 5.00 – which, of course, means that he also gets a “PICK” from me for “most relaxing guitar single”.  Get more information on the Bongo Boy Records page for the single & the album.                                             Rotcod Zzaj

  • One of the newest releases from the Bongo Boy Records endless vault of talent is a single from country/Americana singer-songwriter Junior Burke. Residing in rural Colorado, Burke’s music has been recorded by a multitude of artists, earning him both a Gold Record and a Cable Ace Award.  In advance of his upcoming release of an album on Bongo Boy Records titled Nothin’ But, Burke has released an absolutely enthralling single that promises big things from his full-length release. The track, titled Any Eyes But Mine, is a stunning example of fresh, well-composed, heartfelt singer-songwriter music.

    Burke’s work on Any Eyes But Mine is reminiscent of hearing James Taylor switch gears into a modern Americana sound. Nuanced but uncomplicated melodies and brilliant lyricism are at the heart of this warm and authentic track. The production is bright and clean, a subtle array of instrumentation that allows the song and its lyrical components to be the main focus. Straightforward and digestible, the message of losing in love is crystal clear and framed in a perfectly relatable way:

  • “Makes no difference what I do or say,
    This is one I wasn’t meant to win.
    Though you left me long before today,
    All that I keep picturing is the way it should have been.”

    Don’t forget the bright and clean guitar solo, a smattering of keys, tastefully doubled vocals, and note-perfect harmonies – this track has it all. For fans of Americana/country with soft-pop sensibilities, Any Eyes But Mine is sure to win you over. With Junior Burke’s first Bongo Boy Records album release slotted for April of this year, this is the perfect time to become a fan and get excited for the full-length project hitting the airwaves soon. Because we’d be willing to be that after three minutes of listening to Burke’s sincere and honest songwriting, you’ll be hooked just like we are.