• Let’s Have Rockin’ Christmas Volume Eight – Holiday Season 2023

  • Coming Friday December 8th, 2023 (Worldwide)

  • Holiday Inspired Music Album

    1. Christmas Must Be Tonight – The NEW Bardōts 3:32
    2. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen feat. Mark Lanoue – Lyia Meta 2:47
    3. Greensleeves – Charles Brown 3:03
    4. Under The Christmas Tree – STUDEO 3:04
    5. Christmas With You – Boys’N’Barry 2:58
    6. Christmas In The Country – Ma Bell 2:13
    7. Let’s Have a Rockin Christmas feat. Myke Scavone – Jackie Kringles & The Elves 2:38
    8. Mr. Santa – Annemarie Picerno 3:30
    9. Santa Don’t Like Politics - The NEW Bardōts 3:33
    10. 2020 Christmas Star – Gregg Wietstock 2:50
    11. Little Child in My Arms (Live Version) – Rita Faye Tanner 3:30

  • Label regulars The NEW Bardots return with two tracks: album opener “Christmas Must Be Tonight,” and later track, “Santa Don’t Like Politics.” The first features big guitar chords, and a sturdy 4 x 4 beat. There’s some orchestra involved, giving the song some classic Christmas song sensibilities. And “Santa Don’t Like Politics”? It starts with a deep, fuzzy bass, a twinkling of sleigh bells, and Santa’s very simple, non-political perspective – a moral tenet built on uncomplicated notions of “naughty” and “nice.” 

    The second track, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” comes courtesy of Lyia Meta with Mark Lanoue. This Christmas standard is given additional strength with Lyia’s powerful vocals, and granted a gray emotional overlay by bending this classic towards something elegantly darker.

    Next up, it’s Charles Brown with his interpretation of “Greensleeves.” It’s beautiful classical guitar over warm, mournful synth washes. An excellent take, and something that, again, prods the music’s oft-overlooked darker bits into visible, crackling firelight.

    And now, it’s label favorites STUDEO with “Under the Christmas Tree.” It’s a great alt-rock track with slightly phasing guitars, and a softly sung positive message.

    Boys’N’Barry return with “Christmas With You.” This is a mellow affair that sounds a little like Don Henley; it’s a positive track with rich guitars, piano, layered backing vocals, and a message of appreciated togetherness.

    And Ma Bell drops by with the perfect melodic present: “Christmas in the Country.” This is an upbeat, banjo-plucked ditty describing the simple joyous activities of those celebrating Christmas in smaller towns with always sizable hearts. With plain singing and old country sway, “Christmas in the Country” is the perfect soundtrack for hanging wreaths on Grandma’s old barn (and doing so, dangerously, atop several unstable bales of hay).

    “Let’s Have a Rockin’ Christmas” by Jackie Kringles & The Elves (feat. Myke Scavone) is a slightly aggressive track dripping with some serious Christmas attitude. With guitar strikes, a steady, uncompromising beat, a squealing harmonica, and slightly diabolical vocals, “Let’s Have a Rockin’ Christmas” implores you to ignore the usual, boring, rock-free Christmas, and embrace a holiday with significantly more bass (and guitar, and drums, and maybe a little moonshine).

    “Mr. Santa” by Annemarie Picerno is a bluesy excursion complete with all the hip-shaking blues fixins. It’s definitely one of the more danceable songs, and one that turns any boring holiday dinner into something slightly more sultry.