• Backroom Blues Volume Ten

  • The Featured Artists

    1. Sheba the Mississippi Queen - Keeping What I Got 4:07
    2. MUTO - Kentucky Bourbon Warms Me More Than You Do 7:22
    3. The L&M Project Band - Blues Magoo feat. Mark Ervie De Jesus 4:09
    4. Ann M. Wolf - I Feel a Song Comin' On 5:08
    5. Doug Byrkit - Don't Call Her Mama 3:05
    6. Big Bone Daddy - Crazy 3:05
    7. The L&M Project Band - You and I feat. Kissey Mae 4:16
    8. Lyia Meta - Daylight 3:34
    9. Bible Belt Blues - Down the Rabbit Hole 2:26
    10. Rev. Yolanda - A Man Ain't Supposed to Cry 6:15
    11. Jonah Whale - My Tattoo 5:05
    12. Charles Brown - Six Pack Blues 2:06
    13. Bible Belt Blues - Are You Ready? 4:36
    14. Grit's Guitar - No Man's Land 9:36



  • Bongo Boy Records is a record label that has been persistently promoting and presenting blues performers for a decade, most of whom are not so well known or well-established. And, well, my little one follows it and tries in some way to give at least a small contribution to that effort so that it is heard and the audience recognizes and is convinced that there is material to be promoted and performers that should definitely be supported.

    '' Backroom Blues, Vol. Ten '' is a new compilation released by Bongo Boy Records on July 16th. We are offered 14 songs performed by 13 performers that I believe only a small number of people in this industry have heard. And thanks to Monique Grimme, we all have the opportunity to enjoy together with blues musicians, who I am convinced will surprise many with their musical offer. It is undeniable that over the years it has been shown that more and more people are stopping in front of such releases. The reason is simple: compilations like this are great material for the audience to get to know a certain number of musicians, so now, if something interests you then go ahead and look for more material from each individual musician. In this way, the story spreads only slowly, but surely, and that is the only thing that matters.

    On the new compilation many names are true unknowns, but time is on their side and that is the only and true truth. The radio show "Blues for You" is just one of the places that promote this music genre.

    Their music deserves wider attention and stands out for its quality and very expressive way of presentation. Globally unaffirmed names versus others are a great combination that always works. Exactly such names "plunged" a little deeper into the blue ocean of blues. In the end, the third group of performers consists of those who, with their musical work, will sincerely and deeply believe that they will leave a significant mark in the future. This is what I call good and quality material, the so-called '' next generation ''.


  • Not all performers are too well known to a wide population of blues consumers, simply, it is the right path that will "open the ears" of many and attract more and more fans, but also all those who are engaged in the music business in one way or another.


    It is for these above reasons that I will always welcome and recommend editions like this. This is the tenth continuation of the presentation and promotion of blues performers offered by Bongo Boy Records, which will give you almost 66 minutes of great blues. Like previous compilations, this one gives you new information and it's up to you to choose your favorites and that's it. It's all up to you. Listen and see for yourself what it's all about!

    In the end, just so you know, the 11th "Backroom Blues" is already being prepared, so go ahead, be a part of it and sign up!

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  • Down home blues blast Bongo Boy Records – BACKROOM BLUES, VOL. TEN BY VARIOUS ARTISTS:  For listeners not acquainted with what the blues is all about, I’ll tell you right now… it’s NOT something you can “requisition“… you either know what they’re about, or you don’t… the down home blues blast our friends at Bongo Boy Records have put together for you will help you understand, to be sure… starting off the lineup is Sheba The Mississippi Queen, with her stunning “Keeping What I Got“…

    MOTU (Music Of The Universe) is up next, with “Kentucky Bourbon Warms Me More Than You Do“… excellent guitar leads into the tune, and a scorching blues vocal emerges with all the soul you need for your bluesy Sunday morning… this tune will be getting a LOT of airplay, I predict!

    Ain’t nothin’ expresses the blues better than heavy-duty guitar, and “Blues Magoo feat. Mark Ervie de Jesus” from The L&M Project Band takes you down DEEP into it; Mark’s vocal is an instant hit here in my Zzaj Review studios (in fact, it was this track that prompted me to add the entire album to my iPhone player – only reserved for the very BEST, folks).

    Ann M. Wolf knows exactly the laid-back groove you’ve been searchin’ for, and on “I Feel A Song Comin On“, she bares her very soul for you… this is one of the best blues songs I’ve listened to (yet) in 2021!

    Doug Byrkit is a brand-new name here, but he won’t be a stranger any longer… on the 3:58 “Don’t Call Her Mama“, the rhythm is right ON, folks… solid bass lines comp against great lead guitar lines – this one will have you up on your feet & dancin’ in seconds.

  • Crazy“, from Big Bone Daddy, has some super harp woven right into the fabric, but since I’m an organ player myself, it was that rockin’ organ that made it one of my all-time favorites!

    The L&M Project Band is back again with “You and I feat. Kissey Mea“… Kissey’s vocal is strong and the lyrics will bring you many memories of those you’ve been in love with… again, the organ (though not right out in front) is superb.

    Lyia Meta is an international multi award-winning singer and songwriter, and her deep-toned vocal on “Daylight” will show you why… be sure and listen to this one with your headphones on, folks!

    A big part of the blues is that feeling of being down, and Bible Belt Blues takes you THERE, folks, on “Down The Rabbit Hole“… bone-chillin’ belly-crawlin’ blues that will stay in your head for days.

    I’m a BIG fan of harmonica when it comes to blues, and Rev. Yolanda leads off “A Man Ain’t Supposed To Cry” with some sweet, sweet harp… this is another song that blues DJ’s will be adding to their playlists often!

  • Jonah Whale tells you the story of “My Tattoo” with pure passion; a powerful vocal that hips you right away to what those ol’ blooz are all about.

    It’s often the shorter tunes in the blues realm that totally blow you away, and “Six Pack Blues” from Charles Brown is surely one of those… because it’s only 2:06, I will be hitting “replay” often – and you will be, too!

    Bible Belt Blues  returns with “Are You Ready?“, and they treat you to some of the tastiest lead guitar you’ve ever listened to… absolutely SMOKIN’.

    The closing track of this 14-song blues bonanza is “No Man’s Land“, from Grit’s Guitar, and I knew as soon as I listened to the first two bars of this blues guitar gem that it was gonna’ be my pick for personal favorite… just over nine minutes of exquisitely soulful pickin’!

    I give Bongo Boy Records a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating for this excellent collection of bodacious blues, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99.  Get more information on the Bongo Boy Records site for the album.                            Rotcod Zzaj

  • by MUTO, a twangy and soulful blues ballad driven by raw electric guitar solos and tied together with a strong, melancholy voice.

    The L&M Project Band gives us Blues Magoo feat. Mark Ervie De Jesus, and this uptempo number provides a welcome layer of sonic texture and a modern feel, and hints of funk and R&B at times. Ann M. Wolf brings us back down to the somberness we know (and love) the blues for, her jazzy voice serving as an ethereal focal point of this slow, swinging ballad I Feel a Song Comin’ On.

    Don’t Call Her Mama by Doug Byrkit is a standout in this collection. Byrkit’s voice is clear and emphatic, and the track is tastefully laden with guitar riffs and a punchy bassline. It’s a decidedly uptempo number but still clearly holds a blues foundation, and the intricate drum fills are the cherry on top of this vibrant track.

  • Big Bone Daddy‘s track Crazy has ’50s energy, with hints of surf rock peeking out between its bluesy harmonica runs and vocal rasps. Lyia Meta pulls us shortly thereafter in the opposite direction, a jazz-pop number Daylight full of soft, warm moments and gentle rhythms. Down The Rabbit Hole by Bible Belt Blues feels a little alt-bluesy, a definitive edge and bite in its execution, heavy on the vocal effects, slow, and intentional its minimalistic production choices.

    A Man Ain’t Supposed To Cry by Rev. Yolanda is yet another standout on this project. This track puts the harmonica on a brilliant display. The vocals are rooted in alt-rock tones, and the guitars have that same crunch and rhythm that one might expect of that genre, but every time that harmonica riff comes back around, the song feels blues to the bone.

  • Jonah Whale‘s My Tattoo has plenty of rock influence above its soulful foundation, but it’s Whale’s raspy, textured voice that makes this track a natural selection for this collection. Charles Brown takes us back to the roots of the genre with Six Pack Blues – as an instrumental track, we’re treated to blues riff after blues riff by a handful of players with some serious chops. Closing things out is Grit’s Guitar with No Man’s Land, another instrumental track that personifies this genre to the core – slow and cutting blues riffs over a sober, subdued beat; it’s everything we love about a classic blues track.

    If you’re a fan of undiscovered blues artists – this compilation was practically tailor-made for you. But anyone who can appreciate some impassioned, soulful vocals, dynamite guitar solos, and a great spread of songwriting skill will find plenty to like on Backroom Blues, Vol. Ten. You should know by now that when Bongo Boy Records is on a mission to find and combine great indie artists of any genre, they are extraordinarily likely to succeed, as well as surpass all expectations – and Backroom Blues, Vol. Ten is most definitely their latest smashing success.