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  • Distribution PLUS Promotions in Asia for Your Music.
    (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, mainland China and more)
    Come join us for the next Volume! One of The Largest and Hottest Music Market Today.
    And still sell your music at home on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon and Others.

    Promote Your Song On The Next Bongo Boy Records Compilation
    Bongo Boy Record is calling out to you ! Have your song available in the Asian market with Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Series.
    The compilation album features 10 Artists

    Not all the people of China Mainland have access to youtube like we do, or can download music at all online retailers like we have in the western world. Government controls most what they can see and what music they can listen to and buy. With Bongo Boy Records distribution partners in Asia we can offer you a whole new market to have your music heard.


    The Promotion is $100.00 per track when accepted. .
    Are you ready for Distribution, Marketing and Lots of Promotions for your Music?
    Step 1: Read this entire email.
    Step 2: Send us an email with subject line:
    "Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Nine"
    Step 3: Write in the email Yourbandname, Song Title, your band contact person, and which method you will use to send us your WAV file. MUST BE WAV
    Step 4: Send all the above to submit@bongoboyrecords.com
    We always reply to all emails and when accepted we will email you a record label contract for this compilation album Volume Series which will explain your income generations, royalty payments with this distribution. Also we strongly suggest to register your music at www.soundexchange.com

    Submission period for this album ends soon!
    Please register at soundexchange for free.
    First Come First Served, So Hurry.
    It Might As Well Be You.
    Submit Your Song Today!


  • Bongo Boy Records can make you a part of this market. There are 1.07 Billion mobile phone users and 800 Million Internet Users in this market and they all looking for Indie Music from Europe and the USA. Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Series will be promoted and digitally made available in that territory. We will receive also marketing for your song with Bongo Boy Records.

    This is what Bongo Boy Records will do with this Album: Digital Distribution
    Through our partner in Hong Kong, Asia, we can provide digital distribution through a dozen online and mobile outlets throughout Greater China (Taiwan, HK, China and Singapore/Malaysia).
    Translation/Communications: Chinese staff will translate our marketing material, write original material and reviews on our Album as well as interact with fans and taste makers through social media, all in Chinese. Social Media/Digital Marketing:
    We will use an active network of social media sites which will make the compilation album available for streaming on sites such as Douban, Tudou, Ximalaya and Sina Music.
    Promote marketing material on China blogs, including DianDian, AliveNotDead, Sina.
    We will also do promotion through Bongo Boy Records on major music site Douban with promotions through Chinese social media sites, including Weibo, Sohu, QZone,...

    If acceptance, all songs must, without exception, be accompanied by a fully completed and signed non exclusive license agreement form* and a promotion/sponsorship payment of $100.00 per song.
    We accept payment via Paypal.com at bongoboyrecords@aol.com eCheck and Credit Cards via Phone Only. (908) 455-1576