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    Gar Francis wastes no time getting down to business and releases the next single "Ballerina Of The Bowery" on Bongo Boy Records.

    Through it all Gar Francis’ durable song craft and creative lyrics are woven through a Bo Diddley Beat on this new single. Resulted in a song, that with no wonder to us all, created a powerful La Femme Garage Rock tune. This has been unseen for quite some time.

    The music arrives buffeted to immaculate studio sheen, of course, with mastering, engineering done by The House Of Vibes’ Kurt Reil of the Grip Weeds.

    Exceptionally vocal talents were used to record this new single written and produced by Gar Francis.

    The alluring voice is coming from New York Rocker Jana Peri. Ms Peri brings a sophisticated style to the Rock & Roll table. Along with backup vocals by Jacob Callis both show no musical boundaries.

    This gem “Ballerina Of The Bowery” immediately reveals her charms after just one spin. It is to nobody’s surprise that you will proudly wear this song as it sticks to your skin. You can easily see a whole New York street scene, as this Ballerina of the Bowery gets a hold of you with her daily dedicated passion for dance. It sets up a perfect movie scene!

    There is a cathartic fade-out, featuring stinging guitar lines from Gar Francis, drum beats by Kurt Reil and fat thick bass licks from Jacob Callis concludes this rockin' track.

    Get it today and hear what they are talking about, without it you don't know Diddley !

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  • Review - Grouchy Gaijin - Sweden

    The name of this track is Ballerina of the Bowery and tells the story of a staunch individualist.

    The first thing that came to mind when I heard the opening drum beat was Bo Diddley. Then I heard the guitar and I had to smile. I'm a fan of Bo Diddley; he was really one of if not the first bad ass rock and roller.

    Jana's vocals come in after four bars and what pleasant surprise they are. She sounds good. She can sing well. Her voice alternates from gritty on the verse to smooth on the chorus. I like it. The backing vocals by Jacob Callis definitely add to the song. His voice is suited to this kind of tune.

    The only thing this song is missing, in my opinion, is a killer slide solo, but I'm a sucker for slide guitar.

    This song gets 3.5 Scowls out of 5 on the Grouch scale. I dig the beat, like the guitar and the voices sound good. 

  • Review - Wildy Haskell - New York

    Written and produced by Gar Francis, "Ballerina Of The Bowery" is a vibrant rock n roll song that sounds distinctly familiar on first listen. New York City vocalist Jani Peri uses her warm, sultry alto to illuminate the song and act as an ultra-cool foil to the party-time feel of the song. Peri has a voice you could listen to all day, and the catchy nature of the song make "Ballerina Of The Bowery" a likely candidate for continuous repeat no matter your listening platform. The arrangement here is built around a classic early rock progression, but the feel of the song is modern enough to have some chart potential. Don't be surprised if "Ballerina Of The Bowery" gets a lot of licensing action and a fair amount of airplay from rock and pop stations in major markets (particularly New York City). 

    Rating: 3.5 Stars (Out of 5)

  • Review - Bobby Gottesman - Canada

    Jana Peri, the New York City rocker with power pop and punk influences, delivers a knock out tune with “Ballerina Of The Bowery“. Written by Gar Francis, the song has a great surf-pop groove, great harmonies and a wonderful bridge and chorus. The choppy guitar  rocks and the riff, subtly great. Terrific opening track on any album.

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