• C’mon Everybody

  • C'mon Everybody by Rockids

    ….1973 Gar Francis had just returned to New Jersey after a 52 hour drive from California. Gar was staying at his parent’s home in North Plainfield. In typical Rock & Roll fashion he was still asleep at one o’clock in the afternoon when he was awakened by a constant knocking at the door by a very persistent singer Gar had heard about in town. He said his name was Wayne Olivieri and wanted to know if Gar would come down to jam with him and some friends… well out of that friendship they formed the Rockids.

    In a dense area of cover bands, the Rockids were only going to perform their own original songs and the only place to do that was New York City. So off they went by the grace of God and the balls of Wayne O (that persistent singer) to become one of the regular bands at CBGB’s and Max’s Kansas City, playing alongside other up starts such as the Ramones, The Talking Heads, Blondie, Television, Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers, etc. After a few years of making no money and watching the above mentioned bands all get recording contracts Gar handed over the keys to the machine known as the Rockids to Wayne and left to pursue who knows what as Wayne went on to conquer the New Jersey club scene.

    Fast forward to 2012… Gar does not sleep to one in the afternoon anymore, and actually he don’t sleep that much at all, he is a very hard working songwriter/producer for many different recording artists. Recently he had just finished putting his 1970 Stratocaster back together and had a strange urge to call his old buddy Wayne O. Gar wanted to record a song that they did back in that first jam session in 1973.

    So from the guys that were there at the center of the burgeoning punk rock movement here is the Eddie Cochran classic “C’mon Everybody” as done by the original Rockids, Wayne & Gar. Available as a single Bongo Boy Records as a download on all major download outlets by the end of July 2012.


  • Tracklist

    01. C'mon Everybody

    Released: July 25th, 2012