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    They started in 1964, 4 raw teens with musical ambitions to make their mark on the music scene. At the time, the Brit Invasion was invading America and coupled with standard Blues/Rockabilly/Rock influences, Garage Bands, such as The Doughboys, were sprouting up everywhere. Hailing from Plainfield, NJ and having access to the exploding music scene in NYC, they embarked on a 40 year journey that saw them gain influence as a local act and rise to the lofty heights of Rock N Roll Stardom. Passion, creativity, drive and perseverance are the descriptives I would use to describe their long path that they took to reach this point in time. Myke Scavone on vocals/harmonica, award winning guitarist/vocalist Gar Francis, Mike Caruso on bass/vocals and Richard X. Heyman on drums/vocals are the core of this successful entity today. Together they create music that resonates with a full raw rockin' sound that continues to capture their faithful listeners in the new millennium with the same dedication that was born over 40 years ago. 

    The first part of this double set is a DVD, directed by Rob Adams, that chronicles the path they have taken, the stories that have emerged and live concert performances that are legendary! The video opens with a basic History of Rock N Roll and the Folk Music Explosion in New York City. The Doughboys, dressed in World War I Army attire burst onto the scene in Greenwich Village playing at the iconic Players Theater to crowds of beatniks and hippies. They started playing and attending shows at legendary venues such as Bottom Line, Max's Kansas City, Cafe Wha, The Night Owl, The Bitter End, The Cafe A Go Go and The Underground. The players were all there from Hendrix to the greats of the Folk and Rock N' Roll scene at the time. The history behind their birth and growth are minutely detailed from their influences, to how they got their start, their primitive equipment and those first gigs. The process they experienced during these formulative years is very descriptive and chronicled. Their early years as The Ascots had them achieve their first major award in 1966 as winner of a yearlong Battle of the Bands Contest on the Zacherly Disco-Teen TV Show receiving a recording contract with Bell Records. The Hullabaloo Club was one of their stops twice per week. Their big gig was opening for the Beach Boys which turned into a fiasco as was described by Richard. 

    They had a new single “Rhoda Mendelbaum” which was being played on the Mutual outlet WMCA and they were part of the weekly “Good Guys” program where they played live concerts. “Everybody Know's My Name” was the 2nd single written by Bob Gordio and Bob Crewe of The 4 Seasons. Still changing, they moved to a power trio format in 1968. They ended up playing the summer of '68 at the Cafe Wha sharing digs in the same hotel with The Blues Magoos. Splitting in '69, They played in many different bands and pursued individual projects Decades had passed, but they reformed in 2000 to a phoenix-like resurrection that has taken them to new heights which continues today. Their musical maturity over the years played a major part in the reunion and reformation of the band. Tragedy struck the band in 2005 when one of the original players, Willie Kirchhoff, the driving force behind the act, passed away. This was the beginning of the Gar Francis era with his bare-bones guitar style with absolutely no pedals! Creativity started to emerge as they began to write new originals in 2006. Those tracks set the stage for their first full length album in 2008. “Black Sheep” was voted the #2 Coolest Song in the World. “Is It Now”, their 1st album, received rave reviews from the media. The LP, “Act Your Rage” was released in 2009 and their newest single, “I'm Not Your Man” was voted the #3 Coolest Single of the Year by the listeners of Little Steven Van Zandt's Underground Garage.

    In 2010, they toured with the likes of Robin Trower and The Pretenders and they were the opener on tour for the legendary 60's act, The Yardbirds. Their live sound rivals their studio sound and projects so much high energy that captures their fans and holds them hostage! “

    This DVD is an awesome autobiography of a band, their history, their transitions and how they achieved greatness through perseverance and dedication to their love, the music!”

    As we move on to the 2nd part of this live double set, the 19-track CD, an all-original effort, which opens with “Hear Me Moan” brings back memories of the 60's blues/rock influences of the band that is instrumental in this collection of tracks. “Too Little Too Late” is a guitar-driven monster! “Black Sheep”has to be one of the best tracks on this CD! It was named “Coolest Song in the World” by Little Steven’s Underground Garage station on Sirius/XM radio. “Until The Clock Strikes Doom” has that signature New Jersey sound. She Comes In Colors” has a 60's Kinks feel to it. “Out of the Night” sounds like the American version of Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones, how cool is that! “ Turn Your Love On Me” hears Mike Scavone give it up on the mouth organ and vox! “Carmelina” is a nice change of pace with a bluesy flavor. “Early Morning Wake Up” pins you to your seat from the door with bangin' guitars. “Sidetracked Again” just plain wails! This upbeat rocker kicks ass! “Queen City” has a great full sound made possible by those fat horns and keys. “Slip Back” hears a rockabilly influence that is way cool! “Why Can't She See Me” has that Brit sound enhanced by those tight harmonies! “ Nobody's Girl” reminds me a lot of early Eric Burdon & The Animals. “12 Bars and I Still Have The Blues”would have made Stevie Ray Vaughn proud to hear this track! Wishful Thinking” is a tune I could envision Mick Jagger performing live. “I'm Not Your Man” is a killer cut that would energize any venue. Awesome guitar work! “Maybe I've Gone Crazy” has party song written all over it. This track will blow you away!“I'm That Kind Of Man” will raise the blood pressure of a listener in a heartbeat! WOW! I was floored by this awesome collection of music!

    If you are into Garage/ Brit Invasion/The Stones/The Kinks/Eric Burdon/The DC5/Rockabilly/Blues-Rock, this is perfect for you! This has to be one of the best collection of Garage Rock music I have ever heard!

    The Doughboys have earned their status and this CD proves that point in spades! 

    This DVD/CD is most definitely a MUST LISTEN & MUST HAVE!!

    I give this my highest rating ever, A ROUSING STANDING OVATION!!

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    FAN RECOMMENDED - For the inquisitive music lover out there that is always on the look out for something new, I highly recommend getting NJ’s finest on the east coast music scene, The Doughboys Rock n Raw live dvd. Not only do you get to watch a great live set but it’s also a documentary piece of the history of the band as they tell their stories & visit parts of their old stomping grounds when they were teenagers with huge musical aspirations. I was so blown away on the 1st time I watched during the live set that I was (and still am) so addicted; it was probably in my dvd player for a month or so. Everyone brings their talent to the table & no overshadowing one another. I tend to get mesmerized at Gar Francis’s
    guitar playing, I don’t know what it is, but it just pulls you in. My all time fav on the dvd is the last song of them performing Bo Diddley. The setup & execution of the song will blow you away. If I had to pick a fav part during that song is when Ritchie uses his drumsticks on Gar’s guitar strings. And if you ever get a chance to see a live Doughboys show, DO IT!! You won’t regret it. I seen them twice & they always put on one helluva show. What you see on that dvd don’t lie. In fact it makes you want to take a trip to NJ (if you aren’t near by) just to see The Doughboys perform - Becky from Texas

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