• The WeeGees

  • The WeeGees

    Band Members:

    Vocals - Wayne Olivieri,
    Guitars - Vinnie Melito
    Drums - Vincent Brnicevic
    Bass - Tony Prochilo
    Farfisa Organ - Gar Francis
    Harmonica - Wayne Olivieri
    Saxphone - Vic Cappetta  

  • The WeeGees

    Bongo Boy Records recording artist The WeeGees from Plainfield, New Jersey 

    Debut single "You Gotta Work"

    Released on Bongo Boy Records Out Of The Garage Volume One

    In Asia as of December 2015

    USA as of January 2016

  • BIO

    Exclusive new song by The WeeGees - a garage rock track "You Gotta Work" ( Nathaniel Mayer 1944 -2008).  A churning funk-dance rhythm slice with the hardest-edged Southern R&B and vibes of Garage Rock flavors produced by Gar Francis. (the Doughboys/Mark Lindsay) and mixed by Danny Caruso.

    Band Members:
    Vocals: Wayne Olivieri, Guitars: Vinnie Melito
    Drums: Vincent Brnicevic, Bass: Tony Prochilo
    Farfisa Organ: Gar Francis, Harmonica - Wayne Olivieri,
    Saxphone - Vic Cappetta        
    Recorded at Sonic Boom Studios, Raritan, NJ


    The WeeGees tear it up on the second track with "You Gotta Work". A high energy blast featuring some fabulous sax, it sounds like a lost 60s gem. It's impossible not to turn this up and dance.

    Out Of The Garage Volume 1 is one of the best current garage rock compilations I've had the pleasure to hear recently. There were strong songs from a variety of bands and the songs included let each band's style and personality shine through. An excellent compilation from start to finish. -  Dana Saravia |  Life-long rock & roller, current music critic and Girl From Baltimore | Steel Notes Magazine Feb. 2016


    The WeeGees - You Gotta Work 3.07
     Punk rock rules! The energy never fails to rejuvenate and get my antagonist going! The lyrics are every bit as simple as always they were, and THIS message is an American theme now! Anarchists gather and help stop the “entitled idiots”!
    Bongo Boy Records-Out Of The Garage Vol. 1 Review by Rusty for Crankit - Up Magazine Jan 12 '16
    Album review - This is one helluva fun album. Super quality groups giving outstanding, often unique efforts to get us up and moving! I have found the flow as wonderfully engineered, beginning punch song to ending encore. The insides are an excellent blend of all forms of punk/party rock. I put my strongest stamp of endorsing this, the most excellent Indie ‘Various Artists’ album given me yet! Strong Six-and-a-half FlashBomb (first) ALBUM rating.