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    skinsNbones is a collaboration of Aussie muso’s featuring the powerhouse voice of Jason Kafoa, forming in December 2019. From diverse backgrounds and experience but all with a love of rock music.

    Together we've created a sound all of our own, based around thumping rhythms, in your face brutal guitar and soaring melodies, sung with one of rock's most dynamic voices. Keeping it simple, all feel and no frills. By sicking to this formula we've produced new 6 ball Aussie classic rock anthems which appeal to all generations. Our songs have meaningful and thought-provoking lyrics written about real life issues that extend to social issues and the questions these issues raise.

    One reason our logo is a “?” is skinsNbones like to raise questions and/or issues to get people to think, to question, to use their discernment, even with what we’re saying. Increasing awareness and perception, being able to discern what is and is not, is vital these days.

    We are not about self-promotion but the promotion of the issues our songs raise.

    Using skinsNbones oldSkool rock with nuSkool roll.


    Two things. skinsNbones songs rarely have 1 storyline.

    1. skinsNbones feel strongly about reducing stigma associated to mental dis-ease, or what Bones the lyricist calls “mental difference” and asks: “What would the world be like without mental difference?” Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Beethoven, Van Gogh, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, we could go “Forever On”, all had mental dis-ease/difference. Without them thinking and seeing the world so differently where would we be? No E=mc^2! No understanding of electrical energy that we're now only just using! and the art! Where would we be without such beauty?! Such inspiration! The world's greatest minds had mental dis-ease/difference which is why they thought DIFFERENTLY, in ways others couldn't even dream. The world would be very bland and backwards without mental dis-ease/difference. Plus, mental dis-ease/difference is linked to higher IQ and also helps develops a higher EQ, an ability to empathise & care. So, “What would the world be like without mental difference?” Without seeing “new views” from being “around the bend”? This song is an Ode to Mental Difference, to help change perception, to learn it has all-ways added beauty and greatness to the world, been a huge part of the progression of the world. Learning about, and embracing your difference, makes a difference.

    2. Keeping it short, the 2nd story is finding the inner light within Self, or from a higher Source, from tough experiences and using them to become more enlightened, a better person, fully accepting that mistakes will be made, “wrongs”, that will be used to grow and not to put one’s Self down but help lift them up. Use “the rocks that tripped (you) up” as stepping stones for others. Use all ways to learn, grow and burn brighter and brighter in Spirit “Forever On”. skinsNbones promotes how beneficial Self growth is, especially from hard times. That becoming a better being, not a bitter being, is healthy for not just your Self but also the world around you.

  • Also Featured on KRYP II KNIGHT VOL. I by Various Artists

  • 1.Danny Ferreira - Doctor, Doctor 6:10
    2.David LaDuke - Psychedelic Sandwich 2:46
    3.Chris Scheler - Deal with the Devil 3:57
    4.E G Holmes - Pills & Chardonnay feat David Vanden Enden 4:15
    5.Lyia Meta - We Are Lords 4:13
    6.3 Days in the Grave - My Love For You 4:37
    7.OBLIVEA - Awakened feat. Last Obelisk 3:45
    8.Calamity Jack - My Little Town 3:52
    9.Rykers Law - Get Real 4:08
    10.Imran Ahmed - Trapped Within feat. 3 Days In The Grave 4:38
    11.Charles Brown - Blood of the Sword 2:26
    12.David LaDuke - Hey There, Who Am I? 3:27
    13.Candlelight Chaos - Crush of Innocence 4:27
    14.Rykers Law – Change 5:53
    15.OBLIVEA - Watch the Fall 3:36
    16.Gregg Wietsock - Crushed with the Cross 3:02
    17.skinsNbones- Forever On 3:57

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