• Revolution Volume One – The Punk Compilation Series

  • Release Date: 2.23.18 UPC: 680147205430 USPXQ182231-13

  • By Various Artists - WORLDWIDE

    01. Nick Le Juge - Non, Je Ne Regrette Rein 2:54
    02. Wood Shampoo - Things Ain't Supposed To Be This Way 3:01
    03. The Bumpus Hounds - Release The Hounds 2:07
    04. The Accelerators - I'm Stuck Inside An Episode Of The Twilight Zone 1:51
    05. The Satisfactors - Johnny Commando 2:34
    06. Nick Marr - No Love Without The Glove 4:48
    07. Pixie Tourette - WhensDay 1:34
    08 The Swinging Iggies - Lady Gaga 3:09
    09. Scanner - Living Life To The Emptiest 1:48
    10. DJ Buddy Holly - Shred Habits 2:01
    11. 267 - I Love Girls 3:03
    12. Voice Of Addiction - Rustbelt 3:00
    13. Subtitles - Abort 2:22

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  • Any royalties from Jennifer's song on this album will be donated to the Teton Valley Family Safety Network. If you would like to support the Teton Valley Family Safety Network, please contact Emily Bilcher who is the Director of Client Services & Outreach at (208) 354-8057.

  • Family Safety Network Free, confidential help for domestic violence and sexual assault victims. 24x7 HOTLINE (208) 354-7233 (SAFE)



  •  Ginger Coyote: Rebel With A Cause

    by Susan SurfTone - Surf/Rockabilly Guitarist/Vocalist, Former FBI Special Agent, Attorney, lifelong member of the LGBT community.
    Ginger Coyote is a true punk. Her dedication to punk rock is unquestioned as well as is her dedication to the underdog. Ginger is a life-time fighter for equality for everybody with a firm belief in the value of rejecting of stereotypes. In 1977 while living in San Francisco Ginger started a xeroxed 'zine, pages hand-stapled together, called Punk Globe to give exposure to punk bands who were ignored by local taste-makers. She gave first exposure to Jello Biafra and The Dead Kennedys, Faith No More, and Joe Jackson among many others. She became friends with Joey Ramone and Debbie Harry early on in their
    Susan SurfTone In The Middle at the 59th Grammys Soiree
    musical careers. Jim Carroll, author of "The Basketball Diaries", wrote a poem called "Ginger Coyote". Ginger is much appreciated by the people who know her. Punk Globe is still going strong today as an on-line publication. In 2015, "The Best of Punk Globe" was published in book form to celebrate the longevity of the magazine. It's available on Amazon and in it you will find a collection of insightful compelling articles about talented people who are not household names and many who you have heard of such as Pauley Perrette, Boy George and Debbie Harry. READ MORE