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  • This service provides same anti-piracy service and protection used by major companies like Universal, Big Machine, Wu Music Group, Freddie Records, etc. at a special discount price for you.
    24/7 the system monitors thousands of sites that illegally download your songs.

    24/7 searching for your content
    Database of over 9 billion piracy related web pages
    Search by track, album or artist
    No long term contracts
    Signup and setup within minutes
    24/7 customer support
    Fully automated takedowns for verified content
    Human verification process
    Instant and priority removals, with real time status
    Google takedown system to push legal download options to the top
    Instant takedowns, the primary host for the majority of MP3 streaming sites
    YouTube and all major sites supported
    Add additional links at any time
    Fully transparent system, with one click to view hosting sites and source sites
    24/7 monitoring of removed content to ensure it remains unavailable
    Behind the scenes compliance team ensuring fast removals
    The artist will be provided with their unique credentials to look at all the activity with their own portal access. (24/7 for 5 months )

    Also include are detailed stats on all YouTube channels to be reviewed for monetization. 
    You have control which videos should stay up or should come down using your music titles. 
  • $20.00 per Month per Album
    (Min. 10 songs for 5 Months)



  • The artist will be provided with their unique credentials to look at all the activity with their own portal access. (24/7)
    The system assigns you a password after you sign up
    Bongo Boy Music Guardian®

  • Everyone gets to protect what they create. As a recording artist, specialist record label or manager, Bongo Boy Music Guardian® provides protection for your content from online piracy just as effectively as the world's largest record companies.
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  • The browser based Anti-Piracy Dashboard is a simple and effective real-time platform which automatically discovers, validates and removes infringing links and search results from billions of pages online.

  • Our low cost alerts service, specifically catered to pre-release, enables you to get piracy information in real time.


  • Contact: Monique Grimme at info@bongoboyrecords.com

  • The new standard in music anti-piracy for rights holders.

    Bongo Boy Music Guardian® provides producers, record labels, artists, DJ's and digital download stores with the most cost-effective, rapid and accurate way to protect their releases from digital piracy and maximize revenue.


  • Phone Recordings of Concerts Are More Than Just Annoying, They're Potentially Illegal. Don't let others make money on YouTube of your live concert performances. Sign up for Bongo Boy Music Guardian® Anti-Piracy Prevention | Let Us Help Protect You! Bongo Boy Music Guardian® Is Here. 
  • Photo Credit Michael Tullberg/Getty Images - Atmosphere shot of a cluster of cell phones at the 'LA' concert in Downtown Los Angeles on May 16, 2015 in Los Angeles.

  • Fans may have mixed reactions to an artist banning video camera use during concerts, but most concert goers don’t realize that recording a live musical performance without the consent of the artist is illegal. Although artists usually have no interest in suing their fans, musicians actually have a legal right to expressly forbid audiences from recording their live performances. Musicians and fans have generally been unaware of such laws because they are rarely enforced. The unlawful activity that concert goers engage in when recording footage is called "bootlegging."  READ MORE BILLBOARD.COM