• Kidz and Katz Volume 2

  • 06.16.23

    Bongo Boy’s Kidz and Katz by Various Artists Volume 2

    1. Let’s Be Friends – Wayne Olivieri and Gar Francis 3:14
    2. Blue Cadillac – Gar Francis 4:22
    3. Crickets – Tiki Cowboys 4:22
    4. Happy Today – Monique Grimme 3:04
    5. Froggy – Greg Guba 2:11
    6. Dog On the Rooftop – Libra Sun Club 2:34
    7. How It’s Supposed to Be – Gar Francis 4:25
    8. Grace – The Corridors 3:56
    9. Looking Back – Kent Hanwell 3:50
    10. Baby Don’t Cry – Studeo 4:13
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  • About LYIA META
    Lyia Meta is a multi-award-winning International singer, songwriter and an exhibited contemporary visual artist. Some of her works have been exhibited at Young Art Taipei- Taiwan, AHAF(Asia Hotel Art Fair)-Hong Kong, Twitter Art exhibit-Orlando(U.S.A), Creative Space, National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, International Women's Art Exhibit 'RRRAWRR' and many other group art exhibits across the peninsula. 
    Lyia has been commissioned to sketch portraits for the covers of two books, one of which was the Top10 bestseller in Kuala Lumpur in 2018. The 2nd book will hit the stores in mid-2021. 
    She works with various mediums some of which are acrylic, pen, pencil, chalk, glass art painting, charcoal, silver art clay and cosmetics(drawing using cosmetics as the medium).
    "This piece is the start of a series that I've been meaning to work on. As I have been often approached to illustrate children's books or more recently to create a series of book covers, I thought I should give it a go and see if it'll turn out the way I envision it. Only one word kept me inspired throughout the process-'HAPPY'. I sought to translate this through the simplest of lines and vibrant colours" -Lyia Meta.