• Queen Of Your Dreams

  • Queen Of Your Dreams by Jeanne Lozier

    Jeanne Lozier released her first original self produced CD entitled "Queen of your Dreams".

    "Queen of your dreams" is the result of Jeanne Lozier collaborating with Bongo Boy Record's recording artist/ songwriter Gar Francis.

    The CD includes songs that speak too the different “changes” a single woman goes through and sad tales of relationships lost, including a song called "Mama Blues" which is a song that is close to her heart.

    There is also a lot of humor in this cd.

    Jeanne Lozier sings songs she can relate too but does not take herself too seriously either. 

  • New TV episode from Bongo Boy Rock n' Roll production team. TV show host Wayne Olivieri interviewed Bert Brandsma a professional saxophone player from The Netherlands. Bert and his band, The Dixieland Crackerjacks, toured North America and stopped in the studio in Belvidere, NJ. The Dixieland Crackerjacks are from a small town in Friesland, The Netherlands and played live at the Shippen Manor in Oxford, NJ (Warren county).
    The studio, SHOWTIME, hosted an after-party for the band members and their fans, where Wayne O was able to sit down and casually talked to Bert Brandsma.
    Also in this episode you will be introduced to the new web tv series from Gelber and Manning in Pictures called "Gintown" director James Lester. Their new TV web series takes placed in the 1920's where live music, hot dancers and interesting characters ruled the night live at their nightclub called SHOWTIME. You will see their web series footage edited into an original song titled " I'm Keeping What I Got" from blues diva Jeanne Lozier and songwriter/Blues guitarist Gar Francis aka Plainfield Slim.