• Homestead Volume Seven

  • Release Date: 11.21.23

    UPC: 655469675308

  • Homestead Volume Seven by Various Artists

    1.Todd Barrow – My Girl Crush 3:38
    2.OLYA K – Walking up in Nashville [Eggs And Bacon] 3:06
    3.Lyn_Sey – Mrs. Right 3:19
    4.Coconut Creek – High Fivin’ Hearts 3:46
    5.Paula Boggs Band – King Brewster featuring Dom Flemons 3:04
    6.Boys’N’Barry – Homemade Hero 3:36
    7.Lyn_Sey – Remember You 3:38
    8.Durango McMurphy – The Ghost of James Dean 3:50
    9.Linda Marks – Let There Be Love 4:28
    10.Ann M. Wolf – Johnny Has Gone For A Soldier 3:31
    11.Todd Barrow – West Texas Wind 3:30
    12.Lyn_Sey – Southern To The Bone 3:14

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  • The album cover artwork is by Joe Phalon

    Joe Phalon’s images of Americana have found homes throughout the world. A self-taught painter, he one day picked up a paintbrush he found in a junk drawer and painted a barn on kind of a whim. He liked it enough to want to paint another barn. Then an old general store and another of those. 

    Joe limited exposure of his work to the top shelf of a closet until his future wife, Rose, came across them. She liked them but being only about the second or third person to see his paintings, Joe was not really sure where that bar was set. Rose persuaded him to show his work to actual people and arranged for a show at the local library. It’s all a blur after that. 

    Since that time Joe has sold hundreds of paintings and even more prints of his work. His paintings are mostly acrylic on canvas. He likes acrylic because it’s easier to clean up and Joe hates cleaning up. 

    A career journalist who retired to the country to paint full time, Joe lives in Blairstown, New Jersey, with Rose and their two wiener dogs.

    Joe Phalon’s website: TBA


  • Waking up in Nashville [Eggs and Bacon] -official music video