• Gnarly Wave Volume Two

  • 1. Los Surfer Compadres – Eyes On The Market 3:05
    2. Dylan McGuire – Hang 11 2:28
    3. Susan SurfTone - Subduction 2:20
    4. The SpyTones – Somewhere in Siberia 3:52
    5. Les Fradkin – Kick Sand 2:30
    6. TarantinosNYC - Shindig 2:03
    7. 9th Wave –Surfin’ with Poseidon 2:47
    8. Agent Octopus – The Sun Chasers 2:42
    9. Tsunami Of Sound – Blue Fonda 3:17
    10.Avante Gar  - Apache 3:24
    11.The SpyTones - Rocketball 3:30
    12.The Derangers – Revenge of Chupacabra (!La Venganza!) 3:08
    13.Susan SurfTone – Mint471 2:49
    14.The SpyTones – The 57 2:59
    15.Los Surfer Compadres – Nairobi 4:37




  • Gnarly Wave Volume Two

  • Meet Unsteady Freddie A&R President at Bongo Boy Records

  • Unsteady Freddie, known throughout the trade as “The Ed Sullivan of Surf", together with Bongo Boy Records are presenting a new Compilation Package release and we are now looking for music submissions.

    The “GNARLY WAVE” SERIES will be digital Compilation Albums that will include exciting and exceptional international contemporary instrumental surf music. The birth of the genre of Instrumental Surf music was around 1960, where at first the sounds of the Surf were emanating from Southern California. It eventually spread to all over America and made its way to various music markets all over the world. Suddenly, we were “invaded” from bands in the United Kingdom, such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Yardbirds, the Zombies, to name a few, who brought to the marketplace another new sound. Plus a whole new set of bands sprung up in the USA too!! The 1960’s was when music changed dramatically, bringing us Pop, Rock, Motown, Psychedelic, Garage Rock and others). All of these new artists, which essentially did vocals, became so popular that instrumental Surf music appeared to quietly fade to oblivion. Yet in fact, it never went away. When the motion picture “PULP FICTION” was released in 1994, the Instrumental Surf genre was back in vogue. And it has grown by leaps and bounds. There are more bands today from all over the world then when Surf music first got its start.

    Thus, Bongo Boy Records is official opening to all artists an opportunity to be considered for inclusion in “GNARLY WAVE VOLUME ONE”. Please submit your music to Bongo Boy Records, noted for its Worldwide Distribution including in the marketplaces of Asia and Africa.

    If your music is chosen, you can expect to receive a mother lode of Promotions; and there will be Reviews of the Instrumental Surf Compilation album. Bongo Boy Records, besides its Worldwide Distribution, also has highly successful National Radio and Television campaigns which are all included in this Compilation Package.