• Consecration Revival Volume I

  • Seeking Christian Music. Bongo Boy Records presents - Consecration Revival Volume I by Various Artists. The record label is seeking Christian Music for this album project. The album series has been inspired by Radio DJ/Rev Gary E. Hubert of WHR FM radio https://whrfm.com/ . Concept created by Monique Grimme of Bongo Boy Records and Bongo Boy Television. To submit email your best Christian song (MP3) email to submit@bongoboyrecords.com + your contact information. Write in the subject line: Consecration Revival Volume I by Various Artists This is a non exclusive with DIY sponsorship when accepted by label. Bongo Boy Records is an independent record label with their HQ in Blairstown, New Jersey and offices in London, Ont Canada, London, The UK, Rotterdam The Netherlands and Hong Kong, China. Bongo Boy Records provides distribution worldwide with tons of promotions. This album project will be supported by Bongo Boy iSpin Radio and WHR-FM as well as many others as a complete radio campaign is included with your DIY Sponsorship and tons of promotions. Physical and Digital Release Date: TBA All music is always Non Exclusive and Bongo Boy Records never takes any publishing. Website bongoboyrecords.com Office email: bongoboyrecords@aol.com Contact: Monique Grimme Phone (908) 455 1576

  • Now accepting submissions for Bongo Boy Records Christian Music Album    Genre: Open to All Christian Music Styles

    Step 1. Email direct link to your track to info@bongoboyrecords.com  Step 2. Subject Line: Consecration Revival Volume I by Various Artists

    Non Exclusive Music Agreement Details

  • Step 3. Incl.Band Name, Contact Name, Band Web Site. Submission is free, when accepted DIY sponsorship is $149.00