• Combine-Music and Thiunife

  • Release Date: 02.22.22 WORLDWIDE (Digital Single)

  • Who am I, I am a Producer / Songwriter,
    and a DJ from Holland (The Netherlands)
    The story began in the late '80s, Orlando Anson was better known as rapper and host Mr. Magic at a company called "Panna Event".
    Mr. Magic was the face of "Panna Event" and host and DJ for almost 5 years. Orlando Anson aka Mr. Magic at that time didn't really had the intention to produce music. Because he was touring as a Rapper and Party Host in The Netherlands, and abroad. Producing music at that time was not really an option.
  • Later however he got the opportunity to buy a set of turntables, which made it possible to start performing in different clubs. By doing so he could combine his skills as DJ/Rapper and Host at parties which turned out to be a very successful combination
    By coincidence in the '90s in Germany, he came in contact with a program called "Cubase" and his love for producing music was born. At first, he was just playing bootlegged songs in different clubs but later he produced his own songs and also produced songs for different artists. 
    In early 2000 he changed his name and performed under the name "Combine-Music" (DJ Cmbine). He built his own studio in the attic and started to experiment by combining different musical rhythms like Sound, Noise, and Musical Rhythms, by doing so he created his own unique style, combining his work to original master pieces.

  • "Gigantesco" will also be featured on the upcoming multi-artist album titled VOLUME XXI. Bongo Boy Records' popular album series started in 2014 in Asia and has been successfully released since Worldwide. The album features open genre music by Independent artists including but not limited to Pop, Hip Hop, Rap, Dance, Rock, and more...
    VOLUME XXI is scheduled for a Spring 2022

  • Music Video winner broadcast on National Television with Bongo Boy TV Contest.
    Orlando aka Combine-Music is no stranger to the Bongo Boy family. His partnership with Senz landed their music video "Rullah" on National Television. There were well over 4000 entries received through ReverbNation.
    Location: The Netherlands
    Winning Video: Rullah