• Chand K Nova



    1. El Chando
    2. Kingdom Come
    3. The Cost of Freedom
    4. Uncuffed
    5. The Beginning Of The End

  • Chand K. Nova - Uncuffed                      9.26.17  W O R L D W I D E 

  • R E V I E W S


  • The video for KINGDOM COME is the brain child of creative graphic designer Vijay Chand, a London (The UK) based artist who is a close personal friend of Chand K Nova and coincidentally they share the same name! They had previously worked together on videos for some of Chand K Nova older songs, Solar Bliss and N.V, which have the same characters in both videos, But for this video, Vijay wanted to head in a new direction with new characters and a new story...

  • In creating the video and the characters, he took inspiration from the actual song itself and came up with the concept for the video, visualizing how he felt the music sounded. As he came up with the story for the video, a heartless man goes in search of his heart, the characters and scenery came into life on their own he says. He also wanted the video to pay tribute to some of the artists and songs that inspire him, and you can see these littered throughout the video, some obvious, and some not so obvious. Vijay Chand created the whole concept and all artwork and editing entirely on his own from start to finish, and he has stated that there is more to come!!