• Bongo Boy Records on KKBOX

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  • Music Distribution With Bongo Boy Records in ASIA

    Bongo Boy Records is very excited to celebrate our 3rd anniversary of distribution partnership with KANJIAN/SEE MUSIC CO LTD (CHINA), a store/aggregator of content servicing the China/Taiwan/Hong Kong territories. (KKBox is also available in Singapore/Malaysia/Japan)This distribution partnership is key in our continue commitment to tap into the coveted Asian market on behalf of our artists on our growing label. Reaching the following market territories China Mainland, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. Considering the large population of Asia, we believe this to be one of our most strategic business partnerships. Together with Bongo Boy Records’ extended promotional campaigns; each release will be marketed to its best at home and overseas.

    These stores have been added to the Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume Series. Bongo Boy Records has delivered their back catalog like, Shine On by Gar Francis, Another Mule In The Barn by Plainfield Slim, Bongo Boy Records Out Of The Garage (New/Exclusive, The Garage Rock Compilations Series Collection)In 2016 Awesome Big Hair Bands Volume Series, Gnarly Wave Volume Series, Bongo Boy Beach the Summer Compilation, Backroom Blues Volume Series and many other excited new release by Various Artits and Recording Artists and Bands.

    We prioritize the delivery of new releases. Each release include also PROMOTIONS

    Any questions feel free to send them to info(at)bongoboyrecords.com


  • This agreement will bring the following new stores on board:
    China Telecom  (China – Ringtone/Ringbacktone/Full track)

    China Unicom  (China – Ringtone/Ringbacktone/Full track)

    QQ Music  (China – Streaming/Full Track)

    Duomi  (China – Streaming)JD Music (China – Streaming)

    Xiami  (China – Streaming/Full Track)KKBOX  (Taiwan/Hong Kong/Singapore/Malaysia/Japan – Streaming/Full Track)

    Ezpeer  (Taiwan – Streaming)Omusic  (Taiwan – Streaming)


  • Taiwan Mobile  (Taiwan – Ringtone/Ringbacktone/Full track)

    Chunghwa-emome  (Taiwan – Ringtone/Ringbacktone/Full track)

    FETnet  (Taiwan – Ringtone/Ringbacktone/Full track)


  • PHS  (Taiwan – Ringtone/Ringbacktone/Full track)

    Vibo  (Taiwan – Ringtone/Ringbacktone/Full track)

    APTG-A+  (Taiwan – Ringtone/Ringbacktone/Full track)Walkgame  (Taiwan – Ringtone/Ringbacktone/Full track/Streaming)

    Yoyorock  (Taiwan – Ringtone/Ringbacktone/Full track)indievox  (Taiwan – Streaming/Full Track)Soliton  (Hong Kong/Macau – Streaming)