• Season 5 TV Episode 1075 – This Time For Good

  • Broadcast Premiers March 5th 2016 | New York City |

  • Broadcast | TV Channels Info

    Bongo Boy TV is proud to present the latest episode in their Rock N’ Roll TV Show series, a special half hour presentation featuring 7 talented  artists’ music videos.  This TV episode produced by Bongo Boy TV premieres Saturday, 5th of March, 2016 in Brooklyn via the following TV channels: Channel 34 on Time Warner Cable, Channel 67 on CableVision, Channel 82 on RCN, and Channel 42 on Verizon FiOS in Brooklyn and all the New York City boroughs at 5:00pm. This Rotation repeats on Tuesday March 8th  2016 in Manhattan on the following channels and cable companies Channel 67 Time Warner Cable, Channel 85 RCN and Channel 33 FiOS at 10:30pm