• Bongo Boy Rock n Roll TV Show Ep1077 Love Tower

  • S5:E1077

  • Bongo Boy Rock N’ Roll TV Show | Episode 1077 “Love Tower”
    Synopsis by:  Dana Saravia – Life-long rock & roller, current music critic and Girl From Baltimore

    The Bongo Boy Rock N' Roll TV Show is proud to present the latest episode in their Rock N' Roll TV Show series, "LOVE TOWER", featuring 7 talented independent artists in 1 special ½ hour TV show. This latest Bongo Boy TV produced episode premiered on Tuesday, 15th March 2016 in Portland, OR on Channel 29 at 10:30 pm with rotation repeated for 2 weeks on all channels in the Bongo Boy TV National Region. As Bongo Boy TV continues to celebrate their 5th season of bringing independent music artists’ videos back to television, we are featuring some of our viewers’ favourites in this episode.

    As Bongo Boy continues celebrating the Rock N’ Roll TV series’ 5th season, Alabama’s The Wild Fruit begin this episode with the video for their song “Slow It Down”. Strong, stand out drumming begins this track and stays prominent throughout the entire number. A rhythm heavy Southern fried blues and hard rock blend, it’s a fast paced joy ride of a song. The video’s scenes of the band playing in front of a swamp interspersed with a young couple hitting the road work well to enhance the song’s feelings of wild freedom. Video Director: David Harrison Skipper of Reel Team Six
    Web Site: https://www.reverbnation.com/thewildfruit

    Bongo Boy continues celebrating their 5th season of the Rock N’ Roll TV Show with another selection from the archives, this one from the UK’s Rozii Chaos and her song “The Beginning Of The End”, which was also featured on Bongo Boy Records Compilations, Vol 1 in Asia. With a strong backbeat and a metallic-tinged, 80’s chart rock throwback sound, this song is toe tapping fun. Rozii’s powerful vocals have a Pat Benatar influence that helps set this song apart. The video shows the band performing in various locales, allowing the song to take center stage. Video Director: Rolling Vision
    Web Site: https://roziichaos.com

    Next up is Switzerland’s Michael Resin with the video for his latest song “Come Back Daddy”. This is a slower paced electronic song with moody lyrics that describe trying to overcome the pain of childhood abandonment. The atmospheric video features scenes of a young child experiencing both good and bad times with his parents intercut with scenes of Michael returning to these places to help heal the scars and move on. Video Director: Sophie Hernandez
    Web Site: https://michaelresin.com

    Continuing Bongo Boy TV’s 5th season celebration is another favourite from the archives, as well as another song featured on Bongo Boy Records Compilations Vol 1 in Asia, NYC’s own B. Bless featuring The Gipht with “She’s Looking Good”. This modern hip hop song features layered beats under a rhythmic, on point rap. The lyrics are charming & fun and are a real compliment to the woman they are written about. The video is colourful with some great fashions, makes a splash whether playing on a home TV or a club’s video monitor.

    Web Site: https://www.bblessmusic.com

    From the Bongo Boy TV archives in celebration of the Rock N’ Roll TV Show’s 5th season comes this fan favourite from the UK’s The Whitaker Brothers, the video for their song “Good Love”, a track which was also included on Bongo Boy Records Compilations Vol 1 in Asia. A strong backbeat opens and provides the solid foundation for the soulful rock groove of this song. Raspy, lived in vocals fit the laid back vibe of this song that encourages listeners to stand out from the crowd. The animated video is a knockout. Beginning with stark b&w drawings, colour is added to the dynamic and at times psychedelic drawings as instruments are added into the music. Unique and beautifully done, this video truly enhances the song’s atmosphere.

    Web Site: https://www.thewhitakerbrothers.com

    Bongo Boy TV continues their 5th season celebration with another from the archives, Germany’s own Hella Donna featuring US rapper None Like Joshua (NLJ) with “Gimme Lights, Camera, Action”. EDM beats are the centerpiece of this dance pop song. Donna’s vocals flow easily over this upbeat number that celebrates being the center of attention. The modern video features fast cuts of Donna performing in front of several colourful backdrops that add to the playful vibe of the music.

    Web Site: https://www.helladonna.com

    Bongo Boy TV’s 5th season celebration continues with the video from the archives that closes out this episode, Belgium’s Secret Wish with the video for their song “Ivory Tower”, which also appears on Bongo Boy Records Compilations Volume 2 in Asia. Slick, electronic pop music is paired with auto-tuned female vocals on this song with a mainstream chart sound. Heavy keyboards back lyrics about breaking free and wishing to express individuality. The B&W video features dancers in an abandoned factory setting, which matches both the mood and message of the song.

    Web Site: https://secretwishmusic.com