• Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Episode 1052

  • This review by CA Marshall; staff member at Bongo Boy Records and editor for Starlight Music Chronicles -

    Episode 1052 'Indie Music Videos from Around the World' We begin Episode 1052 with Beverly Hills, California native Lunden Reign with their video 'The Savage Line' and if you listen closely (and maybe even close your eyes for a moment as I did - just a moment, you wouldn't want to miss watching this intrinsically stunning video!) you will associate Lead Singer Nikki Lunden's vocals with none other than Stevie Nicks. I don't often like to compare one artist’s vocals to another, but let's face it, Stevie has a distinctive sound and Nikki Lunden is right up there in comparison. Lora G completes the package with brilliant sound on guitar, keyboard and synthesizer. 

    Music Video Director: Lora G (Laura Espinozai) Contact info: http://LundenReign.com/ 

    Our next video, 'Troubled Mind' by Berlin based duo Mark Eden and Julia Eden (The Peculiar J) called Under the Tongue is a thrill: almost like looking into a kaleidoscope of visual emotion ranging from Macabre to Sexy. This is a song (and extremely creative video) that pulls at the minds curiosity visually while enticing the thoughts with sensual vocals and a captivating beat.

    Music Video Director: Max Nadolny Contact info: http://www.under-the-tongue.com/ 

    Zombie Garden Club is PURE Psychedelic Rock in the best way: their music video 'Ache of Love' pulls you into a hip-swinging late 60's/early 70's go-go boot happy smile as you listen. The video, all filmed in black and white (my personal favorite) while impeccable and visually appealing, does not distract from what is pure raw talent here. I have to admit, when the video ends, you can't help but think: 'But, I want more!'

    Music Video Director: Zach Eagles Contact info: http://www.zombiegardenclub.com 

    Have you ever overheard someone say 'OH MY _____ (fill in the blank)' and you suddenly turn to see what the commotion is about? That's the best way to describe the video 'I Love Myself' by Kingston, Jamaican recording Artist Da Professor: it's absolutely stunning on all fronts: Lyrical, Visual and IMPACTFUL. The lyrics and dramatic scenes throughout are powerfully introspective, full of hope, and inspirational for all humanity.

    Music Video Director: Chase Friedman Contact info: http://www.daprofessor.com/ 

    In their second appearance in this episode, Lunden Reign's video 'American Stranger' is both meaningful and purposeful in it's presentation and appearance. Once again, these ladies bring it home with strong lyrics that force you to sit back and contemplate life and what is happening in the world around you.

    Music Video Director: Lora G (Laura Espinozai) Contact info: http://LundenReign.com/

    The next spot is New York City recording Artists Conceptz ft MelodiQ and their latest video 'Love Jones'. The two-brother duo: Short Fuze (Fuze 4 Short) and Highrowglyphix (The Penns) exude beautiful harmonies throughout. Their style is unique and recognizable and their video flows beautifully with their sound.

    Music Video Director: Christian Strickland Contact Info: www.ConceptzMusic.net/ 

    The Final video on this episode is an 'Exclusive Debut' from Swiss recording Artist Michael Resin with his music video 'Only Human' which is the first single of the album 'Emotions Sickness' with a release date of June 6th, 2015. Now this...this is a very graphic and compelling piece both visually and audibly. The vocals are both hauntingly romantic and tragic and if you aren't looking when you begin listening, you will be forced to look up: it's that good!

    Music Video Director: Michael Resin Contact info: http://www.michaelresin.com/ 

    CA Marshall’s Own SummarizationThere is a lot of diversity in this episode and I am still reeling from my last review and the gems I heard in episode 1049 from BBTV. However, I feel that Da Professor's 'I Love Myself' is a very engaging song that I could easily ease myself into summer listening to. It is inspiring and soulful and with such conflict in society, we all need reminding of goodness in the world and this song is the ticket. In contrast, I was completely blown away by Michael Resin's 'Only Human' as it touched a chord deep inside with it's dynamic visual and graphic audio. It is not often that I want to listen to a song over and over again and am able to find something magical about it each time I listen, but I do with this song. I grew up with David Bowie, Depeche Mode and New Order on the mind and when I listen to this song, I am reeled right into that deep, emotional sound that can only be found in an era that has long since been resurrected. Very well done sir!