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    Bongo Boy Rock N' Roll TV Show “Black & Purple” Episode 1051 Review by CA Marshall | Starlight Music Chronicles Bongo Boy Rock n’ Roll TV Show Presents Indie Music Videos From Around The World with 7 Indie Music Videos by International recording artists plus a debut promo teaser that will be featured on Television with rotation in The USA starting on June 13, 2015. The episode is also available also on GO INDIE ROKU Channel this summer and always 24/7 online at https://vimeo.com/channels/bongoboytv

    Michael Resin has managed to capture my attention yet again by teaming up with Betty Chrys in the video 'Intouchable'. Chrys, from Lyon, France performs the song in her native tongue and manages to get the message across beautifully with brilliant lyrics and vocals accompanied by Resin's hauntingly seductive voice. The video itself is stunning with period costumes, soft filtered camera angles and emotion that touches the soul of your heart. 

    Music Video Director:Michael Resin   http://bettychrys.jimdo.com  

    Our next video called 'Falling Spaces' is from Carnaxide, Portugal Rock/Gothic band Secret Lie featuring Sara Madeira from the LP 'Pandora'. At first glance, this seems like quite an unlikely pairing, until Miss Madeira begins to sing with the voice of an angel backed by the band and their diverse range from Rock to Gothic all in one fell swoop. This is a band who, on the surface would seem to be pulled from different bands/genres and mixed into one but somehow, they make it work! The harmonies on the whole are consistent and it is clear that this is a band that works very well together creatively. 

    Music Video Director: Ricardo Bravo http://www.reverbnation.com/secretlie 

    This will be Beverly Hills, California Lunden Reign's second appearance with their video 'American Strager'. Having seen this video again, I have to say, I am thrilled to see they are back on this episode. This is a band who brings the heart of the 80's back in a good way for me. This is the kind of thing I would wait up all night for as a young girl with shows like 'Saturday Night Videos' and eventually, 'MTV'. They are quickly becoming a favorite in my collection!  

    Music Video Director: Lora G (Laura Espinozai) http://LundenReign.com/  

    Benjamin Karmer is a Musical Genius. This is an artist with very modern lyrics accompanied by an incredibly stunning video to compliment. Karner is from Lausanne, Switzerland and his video 'MDR" (the title track from his new LP) is modernist to the extreme. The lyrics are delivered in his native tongue but requires no translation: The vocal ability and spice this song has is perfect as is because it is a song (and video) that will relate to the masses in every country in the world. It's just that good! I have to say, finding out that this is a video directed by Michael Resin does not surprise me as it seems these two artists team up to make something 'over the rainbow electric!' 

    Music Video Director: Michael Resin www.benjaminkarmer.com

    Having a closer look at Lunden Reign's second track from the 'American Stranger' LP with the video 'The Savage Line' resonates with the band Heart back in the day when I remember that two woman band giving it with serious 'KICK!". That's 'Savage Line' which is a song dedicated to the lives of many who are fighting for their lives, families, and freedom every day of their lives. This song offers a brief insight into the thoughts and experiences of a 'day in the life' of a soldier and is a brilliantly written piece.  

    Music Video Director: Lora G (Laura Espinozai) http://LundenReign.com/

    Did I mention Michael is my favorite? If you haven't heard this Swiss-born Singer's hauntingly beautiful vocals in 'Only Human' in the last episode, then you MUST listen this time around as Resin has a second appearance with this video on BBTV. I think this is the heart of this Recording Artist and is just the tip of the iceberg in what is to come this fall with his new recordings. I am looking forward to it as a lover of European music, this man has encapsulated the beauty and essence of Modern music with exquisite vocals. This is the first single off the album 'Emotions Sickness' and Proceeds of the single goes to help Children of Africa. Music Video

    Director: Michael Resin http://www.michaelresin.com/  

    Bringing it real from the Bay Area, Black Angel releases their iconic vintage-style rock music video 'I Got My Eyes on You, Baby' from their LP 'O San Francisco. This is truly American Rock and Roll from the nitty gritty classic rock days gone by with some 'old time Rock and Roll' lyrics that will be sure to inspire all generations wanting to delve into the classics! 

    Music Video Director: J.C. Martin  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Black-Angel/358943667513266  

    The final installment on this episode is New York City Artists Conceptz ft MelodiQ once again in their teaser clip promo for their video 'Funky 5'. I look forward to seeing the whole video upon it's release as I am sure it will be a club hit!  Music Video Director: Christian Strickland. http://www.conceptzmusic.co

    *Writers Note: As with all my reviews, I pick my favorite(s) and this time, I can honestly say that my attention goes to Benjamin Karmer and Micheal Resin. I don't know if it's something in the water over there or if it's just Switzerland itself that is breeding a NEW AGE MODERN music genre, but I have to say: Keep up the work gentlemen! Your vocal ability, creativity, and talent exceeds the industry for modern music and creating something this world needs: something new, something brilliant, and something we just never want to stop listening to. Well Done!