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  • Rocket by Gar Francis

    I remember the sixties when we had the draft and as my number came closer I was getting a little scarred.  The war ending before my number was picked, but I remember friends and family that came back and they didn’t seem to be the same. My father never spoke much about landing on Normandy Beach during World War II.  I knew it was an experience he would never forget and something he could never put into words so that I could fully understand what he went through. I came to the conclusion that the only thing I really knew how to do was write songs to get his words out. So I sat down with my guitar one day and started strumming a few chords.  The first song that came out, was a song about how a lot of people complain about the way things are, but never realize they have the power to change things. One of the lines in the song was taken from a Woody Guthrie song that says “this land is your land (speak to be heard)“.I titled this song “Raise A Hand”. 

    After I finished the song I was watching a news clip about the soldiers coming home from Iraq. I began to wonder what these men and women felt about going off to war and how they were affected when they returned home and I was  thinking about my father. We as Americans are very proud of the men and women protecting us and the troops always looked very brave and confident on the news, but I couldn’t help but imagine what other emotions they must feel. 
    I have great respect for the men and women who serve our country and I wanted to, in my little way, pay tribute to the soldiers past and present for keeping us, the American people, safe and protected. The song is called “Rocket”. 

    I will debuting “Rocket” at Fort Dix on August 8th 2009. I am scheduled there with my bands. Plainfield Slim & The Groundhawgs, which is my garage blues band and The Doughboys , which I am their new addition to the band on lead guitar. The Doughboys is the coolest band in New Jersey that can gives you Garage Rock with a 1960 flavor. We are all playing that day for the troop at their Flash Back from the 60tis Fun Family Day. I know, it is only a small contribution to the large task that our men and women have done for us so far. I hope that you all will like “ Rocket” and that it will bring some comfort and peace in your heart and soul like it did for me. I never fully understood what my father felt, but I know he loved his country and I love him. 
    I’ll run through the nightWith the stars and stripesLike a rocket through this world.

    Copyright 2009 Gar Francis


    Later after its release Gar Francis received 2 personal letters from Pete Seegar and also one personal letter from The White House from President Obama for his song Rocket. 

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    01. Rocket

    Released: Aug 11th, 2009